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July 29, 2013

Mattamy ponies up to the Liberals and Conservatives – differently. Future favours or just a dual supporter?



Why do people donate to political parties?  Is it because they know the person running for office and want to help out a bit as a friend.?  Or, do they truly support the political platform that the person is running on and want to help that person come into office and make the changes they talk of during their political speeches?  Or, do they want to ensure that whomever gets into power knows just how much money you gave and will help you when the time comes to push through something at council or Queen’s Park?  Who really knows except the guy shoveling the money to the politician.

In the business world, in order to make a profit, the government has to be supportive of measures that allow one to  make a profit.  On the other hand, government has a legal and moral duty to protect the citizens that live in the municipality, province, state or country.  It is a fine balance to ensure we all prosper but that no one really gets shafted too bad.

In my case, I tried to get the Town of Oakville to pass a by-law allowing a homebuyer to hire a house inspector for NEW BUILDS.  The then mayor of Oakville seemed to lead the charge at town council to have such a by-law quashed and passed on to the province, who really didn’t give a rat’s ass.  Odd, but the mayor was spearheading a donation campaign for Mattamy Homes to finance Wellspring, a charity of interest by the mayor.  Since then, Mattamy has graced Oakville with large sums of money.  Yes, Mattamy is the same company that bused in loads of workers to protest Development Charges.  Which I understand were put through but then reduced later (when the press furor died down).

Mattamy, the same company that began construction on land covered in human waste (sh*t, for those less refined) and they were only stopped due to the vigilance of a local resident.  No fines but they did stop.  Workers were sent for testing fortunately.

Yes, Mattamy does seem to live a favoured life.  Political awards for the owner Peter Gilgan, no charges for illegal wiring that put children at risk and not much done when they built homes that flooded.  Things are kept quite by the government in terms of Mattamy.  How many knew about the charges being laid for illegal berm work in Ottawa or read about it in the Toronto Star?  You know, where all the advertising money goes.

Speaking of money.  Seems that Mattamy is supporting the Ontario Conservatives, if we read it right.  They ponied up the max ($9300) to Hudak’s coffers on the 28th of February.  The Liberals, a perceived perennial favourite only got $5,000 on May 24th and $1350 on July 8th.  I understand this may now be the max of $9300 due to recent contributions, but I stand to be corrected on that.  So, big bonus to Hudak but a slow dribble to Premier Wynne.

Wonder why they did it that way?  And don’t forget, if an election is called, Mattamy can grace the candidates with even more money.

But still, why the drawn out donation schedule?  Was there some bargaining going. on?  Paid out money to Hudak for the “just in case” scenario while holding off while bargaining for benefits with the Liberals?  Who knows except the “back room boys” (Maybe “girls” in Whynne’s case)

And, we really don’t know just how all the bargaining does go.  Maybe $million to a Liberal riding hospital for the photo-op? or $$$ to the local YMCA.  Just put the Mattamy/Gilgan name on it and it is yours for the asking.

Just a thought Peter – tell me who to vote for and I’ll name an outhouse after you – “Gilgan’s World”.

I know a lot of people’s lives went to sh*t due to your construction practices so it would be fitting.

P.S. I have heard a rumour that Mattamy may be part of a cabal of house builders who are stifling any attempt to have an agency list house issues.  Haven’t confirmed it but, it would be in character based on their treatment of house inspectors.

I just wonder what the Town of Oakville had to worry about in regards to passing the by-law.  It seems that having money given to them is more important that protecting homebuyers – taxpayers and voters.

2013 Liberal Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution 2013 Liberal Contribution


2013 Conservative Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution

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