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August 22, 2013

Would Peter Gilgan/Mattamy use Facebook to listen to complaints? Tarion has a page.

COMMUNICATION.  This is imperative in a marriage, any kind of relationship and just anytime you wish to interact with someone else.  Many a person has found themselves on the divorce end of the stick due to a “failure to communicate”.  Some have fine-tuned the art of communicating with no substance – they can talk the talk but not walk the walk.  Just read some builder’s ads.  They offer all sorts of things but, in the end, produce little of the world they told you about.

Do you notice that Mattamy communicates a lot of things but never “Quality“.  They have ruled the print world in advertising in Toronto for quite some time – two page ads in the Saturday Toronto Star.  Recently, Mattamy has decided to get involved in “Twitter” to pass on the word.  I hope they realize it is a two way street.  As they said – “The truth is out there”, you just have to get it there.

I recently have been communicating with a like soul who has received the rough end of the stick from Ballantry Homes, a battle involving lawyers, Tarion and other interested parties.  I will not go into the details except to say – it has been  a long hard battle they have been fighting.

We both agree on Tarion – the voice of the construction trade.  Funny how newspapers like the Toronto Star go against the police investigating themselves but have no issue with Tarion being controlled by the construction industry but investigating complaints brought forward by shafted homebuyers.

As I said, COMMUNICATION is an important aspect of fixing things.  While working out the issues with Ballantry Homes and Tarion, they have found out that FACEBOOK has their own page and you can comment on that page and give advice and support to those utilizing this format.  Myself, I am a Twitter kind of guy but glad that there is an avenue of COMMUNICATION available to homeowners in expressing their concerns.  Now, there is no guarantee that Tarion will even consider the comments but, at least you have a chance to share your experiences with others who FACEBOOK.

I suggest you visit this page, if you are a FACEBOOKER,  and make known your concerns.  Reading about the troubles of others can prepare you for what you might experience or, you can give advice or support to those already suffering the failure of the system.

Can’t hurt.

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