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November 7, 2016


One of the privileges we enjoy as Canadians is the right to free speech, something we take for granted but, was won for us by those who fought for our country and prevented those who stifle free thought from taking it from us. My blog exists because of the sacrifices made by those before me and hopefully we can protect this privilege in the future. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and were denied the benefits we now cherish. Take a moment to consider how lucky we are that we can spread the truth so easily. Some still try to stifle the truth through lawyers and bully boys but, we as Canadians, will continue to protect what has been earned for us. Take a moment this November 11th to respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you what you have now.



In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Colonel John McCrae



July 29, 2013

Mattamy ponies up to the Liberals and Conservatives – differently. Future favours or just a dual supporter?



Why do people donate to political parties?  Is it because they know the person running for office and want to help out a bit as a friend.?  Or, do they truly support the political platform that the person is running on and want to help that person come into office and make the changes they talk of during their political speeches?  Or, do they want to ensure that whomever gets into power knows just how much money you gave and will help you when the time comes to push through something at council or Queen’s Park?  Who really knows except the guy shoveling the money to the politician.

In the business world, in order to make a profit, the government has to be supportive of measures that allow one to  make a profit.  On the other hand, government has a legal and moral duty to protect the citizens that live in the municipality, province, state or country.  It is a fine balance to ensure we all prosper but that no one really gets shafted too bad.

In my case, I tried to get the Town of Oakville to pass a by-law allowing a homebuyer to hire a house inspector for NEW BUILDS.  The then mayor of Oakville seemed to lead the charge at town council to have such a by-law quashed and passed on to the province, who really didn’t give a rat’s ass.  Odd, but the mayor was spearheading a donation campaign for Mattamy Homes to finance Wellspring, a charity of interest by the mayor.  Since then, Mattamy has graced Oakville with large sums of money.  Yes, Mattamy is the same company that bused in loads of workers to protest Development Charges.  Which I understand were put through but then reduced later (when the press furor died down).

Mattamy, the same company that began construction on land covered in human waste (sh*t, for those less refined) and they were only stopped due to the vigilance of a local resident.  No fines but they did stop.  Workers were sent for testing fortunately.

Yes, Mattamy does seem to live a favoured life.  Political awards for the owner Peter Gilgan, no charges for illegal wiring that put children at risk and not much done when they built homes that flooded.  Things are kept quite by the government in terms of Mattamy.  How many knew about the charges being laid for illegal berm work in Ottawa or read about it in the Toronto Star?  You know, where all the advertising money goes.

Speaking of money.  Seems that Mattamy is supporting the Ontario Conservatives, if we read it right.  They ponied up the max ($9300) to Hudak’s coffers on the 28th of February.  The Liberals, a perceived perennial favourite only got $5,000 on May 24th and $1350 on July 8th.  I understand this may now be the max of $9300 due to recent contributions, but I stand to be corrected on that.  So, big bonus to Hudak but a slow dribble to Premier Wynne.

Wonder why they did it that way?  And don’t forget, if an election is called, Mattamy can grace the candidates with even more money.

But still, why the drawn out donation schedule?  Was there some bargaining going. on?  Paid out money to Hudak for the “just in case” scenario while holding off while bargaining for benefits with the Liberals?  Who knows except the “back room boys” (Maybe “girls” in Whynne’s case)

And, we really don’t know just how all the bargaining does go.  Maybe $million to a Liberal riding hospital for the photo-op? or $$$ to the local YMCA.  Just put the Mattamy/Gilgan name on it and it is yours for the asking.

Just a thought Peter – tell me who to vote for and I’ll name an outhouse after you – “Gilgan’s World”.

I know a lot of people’s lives went to sh*t due to your construction practices so it would be fitting.

P.S. I have heard a rumour that Mattamy may be part of a cabal of house builders who are stifling any attempt to have an agency list house issues.  Haven’t confirmed it but, it would be in character based on their treatment of house inspectors.

I just wonder what the Town of Oakville had to worry about in regards to passing the by-law.  It seems that having money given to them is more important that protecting homebuyers – taxpayers and voters.

2013 Liberal Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution 2013 Liberal Contribution


2013 Conservative Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution

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June 12, 2010

Elections – is it your vote or dollar that makes the world go around?



Don’t you just love them.  One of the taboo items not to be discussed at certain venues because of the emotions that can be aroused when differing viewpoints are brought forward.

Some people get involved in politics from a true sense of wanting to help their community better itself and, that, with the right leadership, will develop an environment conducive to bring up your family and enjoy your life.

But, there are those who see it as an opportunity to better themselves – financially, power, etc.  I won’t bother to list names or incidents but I think we are all aware of the corrupt and dark side of politics.  The newspapers report about it every day.  Pick a date and there will be political corruption of some sort.

We’ve read about the corruption in Vaughan and the power that the developers weld up there.  Allegations of favouritism will be in the print on a continuous basis in Vaughan.  Other jurisdictions have fared no better when honest people have come forward to show how some seem to benefit more than others.

One reason I push for you to hire an independent house inspector is that political machine doesn’t always protect your interest and you need someone who knows their stuff – construction and regulations, to help you get what you pay for.

I read the following on a forum that shows the political donations given to Milton politicians who ran in the last election.  The only developer/builder that seems to be listed in multiple terms is Mattamy.  Kaneff and Shipp did give some to Kantz, who was running for mayor though.

Hmmm, and they are the ones who whined the most about development charges here and in New Tecumseth and got changes made.  They are also the builder that had illegal (code) wiring put on my furnace and ex-mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale buried the report and did nothing about it.  Yes, and she got a donation as well.

After you read the following list of donations, be very careful how you pick your elected official in the upcoming elections.  Just who gives them money and just who are they accountable to and, of course,  what does their council votes show in terms of supporting those wishing change. 

You the electorate or, the donator?

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FINANCIAL Statements Municipal Elections Act,1996 ( Section 78 )

2003 Election

Corporate Political Contributions
Should this be a Conflict of Intrest?

Citizens Town of Milton

Judge your elected officals   

Mayor Gord Krantz Campaign Expenses Total $ 8,966.77          

Director Conservation Halton
Contributions Received
Angelo Capozzi Thornhill, Ontario $ 750
Macprince Holdings Inc. Markham,Ontario $750
M.Durante Ltd. Milton,Ontario $750
Heathwood ( Miltron ) Inc. $750
Allied Plastics Weston,Ontario $750
First Development Corp. Mississauga,Ontario $750
Mattamy Homes Ltd. Oakville,Ontario $750
Kaneff Capital Properties Inc.Brampton,Ontario $750
South Derry Developments Ltd. Toronto, Ontario $500
Shipp Corporation Ltd. Mississauga , Ontario $200
Vidya Aggarwal Brampton,Ontario $600
995860 Ontario Inc. Halton Country Inn $500

Total $ 7,550.00
Surplus from Previous Election $ 1,583.25
Total Campaign Expenses $ 8,966.77

Councillor Richard Day Ward # 1 Campaign Expenses 
Total $2,818.63
Contributions Received $ 0

Councillor Mike Boughton Ward # 2 Campaign Expenses Total $ 4,492.06
Contributions Received

Community Fund Raiser Barbeque $2550
J&D Tire Sales Milton,Ontario Funds for Flyers in-kind $ 488.75
PCS Financial Services Milton,Ontario $ 400
Mike Boughton $ 907.09
Total $ 4,650.84
Election Campaign Surplus $ 158.78
Total Campaign Expenses $ 4,492.06

Councillor Brian Penman Ward # 1 Campaign Expenses $2075.30
Chair Conservation Halton
Contributions Received
VidyaSalgal Aggaiva Brampton,Ontario $600
St Lawrence Cement ( Dufferin Aggregates ) Mont Royal ,Quebec $ 500
Mattamy Homes Oakville,Ontario $400
Brian Penman $ 300
LaVodette Vaughn,Ontario $250
Total $ 2,075.30
Election Surplus/Deficit $ 9.70
Total Campaign Expenses $ 2,075.30

Councillor John Challinor II Ward # 4 Campaign Expenses $2,981.05
Contributions Received
Ed Mcphail Milton,Ontario $25.00
Peter Burian Milton ,Ontario $100
Rick Greves Milton,Ontario $200
Hamilton & District Heavy Construction Association $200
Joseph Sciabbarrass Vaughn,Ontario $250
Greater Toronto Sewer & Watermain Contractors Association
Mississauga,Ontario $375
John Challinor II Milton ,Ontario $ 1,531.05
Election Surplus/Defict $ 0
Total campaign Expenses $ 2,291.05

Councillor Barry Lee Ward # 3 and Regional Councillor

Campaign Expenses $ 0
Surplus/Deficit $ 0
$ 0

Councillor Ron Furik Ward # 2 & 4 &
Regional Councillor Campaign Expenses $ 3,375.00

Contributions Received
Greater Toronto Sewer & Watermain Contractors Association Mississauga ,Ontario $ 375
Remax Blue Springs Reality ( Halton ) Corp Halton Hills Ontario $ 200
Ben Tac Realestate Vancouver B.C. $ 300
Campaign Expenses $3,375
Surplus/Deficit $0

Councillor Mark Curtis Ward # 2
Campaign Expenses $ 9,781.78
Contributions Received

Mark Curtis $9,009.42

St.Lawerance Cement ( Dufferin Aggregates )Concord ,Ontario $ 250
Walt Elliot $ 250
Paul Martin Milton,Ontario $ 200
Campaign Expenses $ 9,921.99
Surplus/Deficit $ 57.43

Councillor Wendy Schau Ward # 4
Campaign Expenses $ 2,256.85
Contributions Received

Bruce Schau Milton,Ontario $1200
Bev Wolf Milton ,Ontario $ 300
Campaign Expenses $ 2,256.85
Surplus/Deficit $ 0

Councillor Cindy Lunau Ward # 3 Campaign Expenses $ 1,339.99
Contributions Received

Hamilton District Heavy Construction Association Hamilton,Ontario $ 200
Mattamy Homes Oakville,Ontario $ 200
Vicents Arts Antiques Campbellville,Ontario $ 200
Tracy lamb Campbellville,Ontario $ 125
Campaign Expenses $1,399.99
Surplus/Deficit $ 0

Councillor Jan Mowbray Ward # 3
Campaign Expenses $3,030.18
Contributions Received

Wards 1 and 3 Councillor Barry Lee was the top-spending candidate in November’s 2006 race for municipal council, according to financial statements recently filed with the Town.
The documents, which are required from election participants under the Municipal Elections Act, showed Lee’s campaign expenses totalled $19,200.82, of which $19,145 was contributed by local individuals, businesses and developers.
While Lee’s financial statement is dated April 10,The Town clerk actually had his pre-signed documentation on time. But since the statement has to be signed in front of the clerk and Lee was away in England, it didn’t become official until he returned.Was this a breach of Election law?

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May 29, 2009

Mia Jarlov * 1976-2009


When doing research for a blog like this, you come across a lot of material.  For my May 26th Blog on being denied advertising space, I came across an article written by Mia Jarlov.  A very interesting article that, in part, mirrored my thoughts on how the Press had lost its bite to advertising and I quoted part of it.  What I didn’t know was that this 33 year old dynamo had passed away to cancer on May 22nd.

Although I never met her, nor knew who she was prior to my reading her article, from the links on the internet, it is obvious that she made her mark on the world.  Hard work, strong values and honesty caused her to be loved by many and this was reflected in her writing.

My informing the world of the corrupt practices in the Mattamy world pale in comparison to the battles she fought but, I feel inspired by what she has done.  I’m glad I met her, albiet briefly, through an article she wrote and that this article was of value to me.

I feel that if I’d been a part of her world, maybe I could have accomplished  more in stopping builders from doing what they are doing to the consumer.  But then, Mattamy will continue in its ways while people like Mia pass on.  At least she can put her head high and know she accomplished things of value through ethical methods.

For more on her life, visit “The Mia Abides”.

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