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January 10, 2014

Order of Canada – Now Peter Gilgan & ex-con Conrad Black have one.

I once had a very senior person of our organization attend a meeting and as he left, he let us know just how he felt about the future.  His statement, “The job is f#@ked” spread like wildfire and we then realized just how rough a road we were to drive.  You see, he was totally involved in the job and gave everything to making sure things happened.  I guess he realized, there were things out there beyond his control that limited his ability to further the occupation. With the recent Order of Canada awards and the indecision concerning Conrad Black, I can see why he said it.

I recently saw that Mattamy’s Peter Gilgan became a “Member of the Order of Canada“.  Now, he has given millions to various charities and had the appropriate photo-ops with the local politicians, thus furthering their careers.  He also had a very warm working relationship with former Oakville Mayor Ann Mulvale (United Way donation queen as well), which I have pointed out in the past.  A relationship that might have had some bearing on my case that was before Oakville town council.  She did push Peter for money during my case but, who knows,  hard to actually prove that she made a deal so, I’ll just point to the facts and let the reader read between the lines.

In the end, a very worthwhile organization, Wellspring, benefited.  Funny, but they didn’t thank me for the donation, which I think was probably made up of some of the shortcut money Gilgan saved by putting in illegal wiring to my house.  Sorry, he did not personally put it in – some employee of Mattamy or a sub-contractor actually did the deed but, it was Mattamy management that got it through with the building inspector.  As they say, the buck stops at the top – usually.  Oakville has done well ever since in the donation department.

So, if Peter Gilgan is getting his award for his donations, then it is well deserved.  It was given by a Governor General who can’t make a very easy decision regarding ex-con Conrad Black.  I mean, there are other cases that have been dealt with.  One lost his medal due to anti-semitic remarks and another for being a con.  I guess some get the royal boot while others seem to be able to hang on, no matter what they have done.

Truth hurts but is not libel.  Mattamy has tried to close me up with threatened law suits, bully boys and even meetings where supposed concern was expressed.  I did have one Mattamy management type approach me once and actually commended me for what I was doing – showing the truth.  He is a man I respect.  He had no power but, at least he understood honesty and good construction, unlike others in the organization.

So, the moral of the story.  As long as you keep donating the money and giving the politicians a photo-op, they will cover up illegal wiring and other things.  They don’t care that my children were put at risk.  The Town of Oakville covered their tracks – original report can’t be located and they have no interest in doing the honourable thing – maybe an apology for doing something wrong that could have harmed children.  They are hiding behind the skirts of their lawyers, along with Peter Gilgan.

Hope you enjoy the medal Peter.  If you ever go bankrupt, you will be shoved aside like moldy cheese by the same people giving you praise for your donations.  For those of us who have suffered the Mattamy lack of quality – we understand the truth and it certainly isn’t an Order of Canada.

Maybe a “Rotten Tomatoes” award.

P.S.  Don’t worry Peter, I won’t personally throw the award at you at your next appearance.  But then, I could wear a black shirt and pants and show up behind you for a photo-op.  Steven Harper didn’t seem overly unhappy about that technique.

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