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November 7, 2016


One of the privileges we enjoy as Canadians is the right to free speech, something we take for granted but, was won for us by those who fought for our country and prevented those who stifle free thought from taking it from us. My blog exists because of the sacrifices made by those before me and hopefully we can protect this privilege in the future. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and were denied the benefits we now cherish. Take a moment to consider how lucky we are that we can spread the truth so easily. Some still try to stifle the truth through lawyers and bully boys but, we as Canadians, will continue to protect what has been earned for us. Take a moment this November 11th to respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you what you have now.



In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Colonel John McCrae



January 10, 2014

Order of Canada – Now Peter Gilgan & ex-con Conrad Black have one.

I once had a very senior person of our organization attend a meeting and as he left, he let us know just how he felt about the future.  His statement, “The job is f#@ked” spread like wildfire and we then realized just how rough a road we were to drive.  You see, he was totally involved in the job and gave everything to making sure things happened.  I guess he realized, there were things out there beyond his control that limited his ability to further the occupation. With the recent Order of Canada awards and the indecision concerning Conrad Black, I can see why he said it.

I recently saw that Mattamy’s Peter Gilgan became a “Member of the Order of Canada“.  Now, he has given millions to various charities and had the appropriate photo-ops with the local politicians, thus furthering their careers.  He also had a very warm working relationship with former Oakville Mayor Ann Mulvale (United Way donation queen as well), which I have pointed out in the past.  A relationship that might have had some bearing on my case that was before Oakville town council.  She did push Peter for money during my case but, who knows,  hard to actually prove that she made a deal so, I’ll just point to the facts and let the reader read between the lines.

In the end, a very worthwhile organization, Wellspring, benefited.  Funny, but they didn’t thank me for the donation, which I think was probably made up of some of the shortcut money Gilgan saved by putting in illegal wiring to my house.  Sorry, he did not personally put it in – some employee of Mattamy or a sub-contractor actually did the deed but, it was Mattamy management that got it through with the building inspector.  As they say, the buck stops at the top – usually.  Oakville has done well ever since in the donation department.

So, if Peter Gilgan is getting his award for his donations, then it is well deserved.  It was given by a Governor General who can’t make a very easy decision regarding ex-con Conrad Black.  I mean, there are other cases that have been dealt with.  One lost his medal due to anti-semitic remarks and another for being a con.  I guess some get the royal boot while others seem to be able to hang on, no matter what they have done.

Truth hurts but is not libel.  Mattamy has tried to close me up with threatened law suits, bully boys and even meetings where supposed concern was expressed.  I did have one Mattamy management type approach me once and actually commended me for what I was doing – showing the truth.  He is a man I respect.  He had no power but, at least he understood honesty and good construction, unlike others in the organization.

So, the moral of the story.  As long as you keep donating the money and giving the politicians a photo-op, they will cover up illegal wiring and other things.  They don’t care that my children were put at risk.  The Town of Oakville covered their tracks – original report can’t be located and they have no interest in doing the honourable thing – maybe an apology for doing something wrong that could have harmed children.  They are hiding behind the skirts of their lawyers, along with Peter Gilgan.

Hope you enjoy the medal Peter.  If you ever go bankrupt, you will be shoved aside like moldy cheese by the same people giving you praise for your donations.  For those of us who have suffered the Mattamy lack of quality – we understand the truth and it certainly isn’t an Order of Canada.

Maybe a “Rotten Tomatoes” award.

P.S.  Don’t worry Peter, I won’t personally throw the award at you at your next appearance.  But then, I could wear a black shirt and pants and show up behind you for a photo-op.  Steven Harper didn’t seem overly unhappy about that technique.

August 27, 2013

Hard to argue on Twitter -But it doesn’t make Town of Oakville or Mattamy any less guilty.


Yesterday, I had a very interesting exchange on Twitter.  I assume the person did not agree with my thoughts on the Town of Oakville and their response to my issue.  As you know, my blog is to bring forward issues within the building industry.  I use Mattamy Homes as an example as I can prove all the points.  Those which were inflicted upon myself and my family and, researched incidents of less than acceptable behavior – again, all documented.  It seems that my case is old history and should be forgotten.  Forgotten by whom?

Well, the Town of Oakville has certainly forgotten they had an obligation to fully investigate the matter and do something worthwhile about it, instead of moving it off to the province, knowing full well nothing would be done.  Even one of the councilors who voted to do so and became an MPP, did nothing at that level.  Right Mr. Flynn?

My purpose is not to gratuitously embarrass the Town of Oakville, its former mayor nor in fact, MR. Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes.  No, my blog is to show how people have profited on the backs of others who suffered something due to their actions.  In fact, I calculate that Mattamy Homes saved more than $100,000 with the illegal sale of the home to me.  Illegal sale? Yes, it was wired illegally, something the Town of Oakville allowed and thus the house was sold, although a Town of Oakville building director stated he would not allow the home to have an occupation permit based on what happened.

So, why do I continue?  I think it is paramount that new home buyers be aware of the issues they are facing so that they can put together a team to assist them.

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer, an honest real estate agent and a house inspector to monitor their investment while it is being built.  Back in the day, we viewed a house we were going to buy.  Now, you view artist conceptions and floor plans (which can be changed by the builder on a whim) and maybe a well-built model home.

So, back to my tweets.  Twitter allows the truth to come out and that is why I inform the public via Twitter of my case and cases like it.  I also use it to pass on useful links and the tweets of others.  Some don’t like the truth though.  It hurts their reputation – a reputation built on costly advertising and donations.  It is hard to bring out the truth when politicians and others receive large donations.  Hard for them to actually look behind the donations and see if the wealth was built on shortcuts, ripping off people and basically being a person not worthy of the cult like adoration put forward in ads, articles and whatever.

I cannot prove my case on Twitter.  140 characters is way too short.  Although Andre Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, recently libeled a Durham Regional police officer through Twitter.  All it took was a 140 character Tweet and a news release and a man’s life and career was jeopardized.  Turns out someone else used his name to call Marin names on Twitter.  How can we trust an investigation by the Ombudsman when they make a simple mistake such as this.

This is why I am very careful to check the facts and make sure what I say is the truth.  I respect the Town of Oakville and Peter Gilgan/Mattamy Homes enough to ensure I only print the truth.  A truth they made, not me and none is fabricated.  To the person tweeting me, the truth is already on record with the Town of Oakville in council minutes and the agendas of various committee meetings.

Yes, it may be old but, if we all gave up on old atrocities, the people who did it would live on without fear or repercussions.  And, all it would have taken from the Town of Oakville was a simple apology, instead of hiding behind their lawyer’s skirts.

Interesting aside – I as a taxpayer, pay for my portion of Oakville town expenses, including legal fees.  I in fact am paying the Town of Oakville lawyer to shaft me and not look after my interests but the interests of those who did wrong. At my next meeting, I’ll bring the KY.

Twitter is a new social media that is a double-edged sword.  You have a responsibility to ensure that only the truth is put out there.  Otherwise, the system will collapse and you will end up with the issues I have had with the Town of Oakville over the years.  Some people don’t like the truth – it hurts their bottom line and power moves.  Twitter can keep them honest.

P.S.  I am still awaiting a response re the monitoring of construction north of Dundas Street West to ensure quality control on the building code standards (little that they are)

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August 22, 2013

Would Peter Gilgan/Mattamy use Facebook to listen to complaints? Tarion has a page.

COMMUNICATION.  This is imperative in a marriage, any kind of relationship and just anytime you wish to interact with someone else.  Many a person has found themselves on the divorce end of the stick due to a “failure to communicate”.  Some have fine-tuned the art of communicating with no substance – they can talk the talk but not walk the walk.  Just read some builder’s ads.  They offer all sorts of things but, in the end, produce little of the world they told you about.

Do you notice that Mattamy communicates a lot of things but never “Quality“.  They have ruled the print world in advertising in Toronto for quite some time – two page ads in the Saturday Toronto Star.  Recently, Mattamy has decided to get involved in “Twitter” to pass on the word.  I hope they realize it is a two way street.  As they said – “The truth is out there”, you just have to get it there.

I recently have been communicating with a like soul who has received the rough end of the stick from Ballantry Homes, a battle involving lawyers, Tarion and other interested parties.  I will not go into the details except to say – it has been  a long hard battle they have been fighting.

We both agree on Tarion – the voice of the construction trade.  Funny how newspapers like the Toronto Star go against the police investigating themselves but have no issue with Tarion being controlled by the construction industry but investigating complaints brought forward by shafted homebuyers.

As I said, COMMUNICATION is an important aspect of fixing things.  While working out the issues with Ballantry Homes and Tarion, they have found out that FACEBOOK has their own page and you can comment on that page and give advice and support to those utilizing this format.  Myself, I am a Twitter kind of guy but glad that there is an avenue of COMMUNICATION available to homeowners in expressing their concerns.  Now, there is no guarantee that Tarion will even consider the comments but, at least you have a chance to share your experiences with others who FACEBOOK.

I suggest you visit this page, if you are a FACEBOOKER,  and make known your concerns.  Reading about the troubles of others can prepare you for what you might experience or, you can give advice or support to those already suffering the failure of the system.

Can’t hurt.

July 29, 2013

Mattamy ponies up to the Liberals and Conservatives – differently. Future favours or just a dual supporter?



Why do people donate to political parties?  Is it because they know the person running for office and want to help out a bit as a friend.?  Or, do they truly support the political platform that the person is running on and want to help that person come into office and make the changes they talk of during their political speeches?  Or, do they want to ensure that whomever gets into power knows just how much money you gave and will help you when the time comes to push through something at council or Queen’s Park?  Who really knows except the guy shoveling the money to the politician.

In the business world, in order to make a profit, the government has to be supportive of measures that allow one to  make a profit.  On the other hand, government has a legal and moral duty to protect the citizens that live in the municipality, province, state or country.  It is a fine balance to ensure we all prosper but that no one really gets shafted too bad.

In my case, I tried to get the Town of Oakville to pass a by-law allowing a homebuyer to hire a house inspector for NEW BUILDS.  The then mayor of Oakville seemed to lead the charge at town council to have such a by-law quashed and passed on to the province, who really didn’t give a rat’s ass.  Odd, but the mayor was spearheading a donation campaign for Mattamy Homes to finance Wellspring, a charity of interest by the mayor.  Since then, Mattamy has graced Oakville with large sums of money.  Yes, Mattamy is the same company that bused in loads of workers to protest Development Charges.  Which I understand were put through but then reduced later (when the press furor died down).

Mattamy, the same company that began construction on land covered in human waste (sh*t, for those less refined) and they were only stopped due to the vigilance of a local resident.  No fines but they did stop.  Workers were sent for testing fortunately.

Yes, Mattamy does seem to live a favoured life.  Political awards for the owner Peter Gilgan, no charges for illegal wiring that put children at risk and not much done when they built homes that flooded.  Things are kept quite by the government in terms of Mattamy.  How many knew about the charges being laid for illegal berm work in Ottawa or read about it in the Toronto Star?  You know, where all the advertising money goes.

Speaking of money.  Seems that Mattamy is supporting the Ontario Conservatives, if we read it right.  They ponied up the max ($9300) to Hudak’s coffers on the 28th of February.  The Liberals, a perceived perennial favourite only got $5,000 on May 24th and $1350 on July 8th.  I understand this may now be the max of $9300 due to recent contributions, but I stand to be corrected on that.  So, big bonus to Hudak but a slow dribble to Premier Wynne.

Wonder why they did it that way?  And don’t forget, if an election is called, Mattamy can grace the candidates with even more money.

But still, why the drawn out donation schedule?  Was there some bargaining going. on?  Paid out money to Hudak for the “just in case” scenario while holding off while bargaining for benefits with the Liberals?  Who knows except the “back room boys” (Maybe “girls” in Whynne’s case)

And, we really don’t know just how all the bargaining does go.  Maybe $million to a Liberal riding hospital for the photo-op? or $$$ to the local YMCA.  Just put the Mattamy/Gilgan name on it and it is yours for the asking.

Just a thought Peter – tell me who to vote for and I’ll name an outhouse after you – “Gilgan’s World”.

I know a lot of people’s lives went to sh*t due to your construction practices so it would be fitting.

P.S. I have heard a rumour that Mattamy may be part of a cabal of house builders who are stifling any attempt to have an agency list house issues.  Haven’t confirmed it but, it would be in character based on their treatment of house inspectors.

I just wonder what the Town of Oakville had to worry about in regards to passing the by-law.  It seems that having money given to them is more important that protecting homebuyers – taxpayers and voters.

2013 Liberal Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution 2013 Liberal Contribution


2013 Conservative Contribution

2013 Conservative Contribution

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June 16, 2013

Some like it hot and illegal while others go the extra mile to protect your family. Ads versus reality in Mattamy land.


Mattamy Homes seems to feel that large two page spread ads in the Saturday Toronto Star are what will attract buyers.  Cutsey ads that say it like it should be, not necessarily how it will be.  They don’t mention quality (may be held accountable) but give you titles like “Prestigious Living is Coming Soon to Aurora”.  One would assume they mean Mattamy, not some other builder.  They talk about “parks where neighbours can gather and enjoy the surroundings” and, “walking/biking trails for families to enjoy“.  Like it is their idea and plans that give you all this.

They don’t mention that they are required by law to “reserve land as part of a subdivision approval.”  They can of course arrange a cash payment in lieu.  In Alberta, this can be up to 10 percent of the land that must be put aside for the community use.  As well in Alberta, “Reserve land and land for road requirements are taken without compensation. The Subdivision Authority may require land for roads and public utilities up to a maximum of 30 percent of the area of the parcel of land less the area taken as environmental reserve or environmental reserve easement.”

Mattamy Protester knows the score

Mattamy Protester knows the score

Land like ravines, etc become trails, etc for the community.  So, Mattamy isn’t doing this from the goodness of their hearts.  They do this because they have to in order to build their sub-divisions.  Oakville has a by-law that has been instrumental in the development of the lakefront pathway.  Started by ex-mayor Harry Barrett, this by-law requires that if any large estate along the waterfront is sold to a developer and they wish to increase density, they are required to give the land along the lake to the Town of Oakville.  When Peter Gilgan sold his mansion “Edgemere” for development, they all found out even his donations couldn’t stop that process.  Now, to sweeten the planning pot, developers might foot the bill for some of the landscaping etc in these lands but, in the long run, you the taxpayer will fork out for improvements, maintenance etc.  So, we don’t get a free ride.

Now, we all know the illegal stuff Mattamy has done in the past (and in the future??) and they try to show how good of a builder they are by making it seem they are responsible for the walkways/pathways, ravine nature areas etc.  So sorry Gilgan but, I would suggest it was planners and some of the more enlightened councilors in Oakville who have made the area what it is.  Of course, I stand to be corrected if Aurora needed your somewhat suspect help.  Remember Aurora – there is a cost to every gift.  Just ask Milton.

The 2006 Ontario Building Code was amended on June 18, 2008 (O.Reg. 205/08) to include for the requirement to sprinkler residential buildings higher than 3 storeys.  I only wish they would also include the right for homeowners to hire a house inspector for new builds but, at least this is a move in the right direction.

What does Mattamy do?  Follows the Building Code to the letter – to the minimum.  Some have had that thrown at you when you mention something.  Hey, it’s to code.  I asked why my garage door didn’t have an automatic closure.  Theft was the answer and they’d have left it at that until I mentioned it was illegal.  This I knew – the illegal wiring, well it had a Town of Oakville seal of approval.

There is a builder who has looked beyond the MINIMUM and instead of wasting money on ads telling you about parks, which even this builder must put into place, Townwood Homes is the first builder to install, as STANDARD equipment, sprinkler systems into their newest sub-division at Mackenzie Ridge Terraces, Vaughan.  They weren’t forced to by some town by-law nor did they fight to only do minimum code.  They recognized the dangers of fire in residential homes (81 lives lost in 2006) and went the extra step.  Mattamy – they do illegal wiring instead.  Probably would tell you to piss off on the fire.

Mattamy’s true colours came out when they trucked in a lot of workers from various job sites (was your home late in being constructed) to argue that the Development Charges were too high.  These are the charges that pay for the infrastructure costs that developers create with their developments.  Otherwise, the existing taxpayer would be paying for new sewers in open fields while builders like Gilgan became billionaires.  Yes, I forgot, he did get to be a $1.8 billion builder.  Oakville and Burlington got stung big time having to pay for the Milton pipeline that lined a few builder’s pockets.  We’re still paying for Milton water.

So, when you read the ads, compare a builder who talks the talk while some actually walk the walk.  What is more important to you?  A safe house with legal wiring and sprinklers to protect your family or, a shallow lifestyle promised in the Toronto Star?

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May 15, 2013

Mattamy/Gilgan rule: Bullshit PR Toronto Star 2 page spreads, along with donations, will beat “word of mouth” TRUTH.


A reputable businessperson understands the value of a positive reputation if they want to attract customers.  Others, use different methods to get people to buy.  Some will undercut the competition because consumers always like a bargain.  We don’t always consider the fact that cheap means CHEAP – cutbacks, paybacks, screw you and F*** off sometimes.  Some businesspeople understand that “word of mouth” is a very important method for gaining other customers.  We trust our friends and when they recommend someone, we tend to go there instead of somewhere else.  But then, some friends have been buffaloed and like sheep, we follow their advice and get the shaft.  Some people are ashamed to admit they got duped and will continue the fraud to save face, thus allowing less than desirable businesspeople to flourish.

Some develop a cult attitude, with line-ups etc that will draw in the unknowing.  Add the cheap prices and voila, another sucker is born.  Some will use a large PR budget to spread the gospel (like the 2 page Toronto Star Saturday edition Mattamy ads – only builder to use this I believe)  A good builder shouldn’t have to do that to attract a following, unless “word of mouth” spreads a different picture.

Back in the day it was hard to spread the word – usually just close friends got the message.  Now, with Social Media, you can tell the world.  Something companies are understanding and setting up their own social media links.  I notice Mattamy is a little shy on the Twitter – afraid the truth will come out more?  Truth staves off the lawyers – they hate it like garlic.

My blog allows those of us who have received the “Mattamy Shaft” to express ourselves.  I pride myself that I have stuck to the truth.  I’ve been threatened with law suits and bully boys but, they know that there is little they can do in terms of the “truth”.  Even the Town of Oakville is trying to stop the truth coming out with their lack of response to my requests.  Do I need to request an audience at Town Council – the right of every taxpayer?

Here are some of the truths, as experienced by some of my readers.  Shows I’m not the only one who has been shafted.  Only some get the flowers and extras and that’s due to the survey maybe.  Truthful surveys rarely get the flowers.

7 1/2 years later I have a leak in my roof and Mattamy basically told me to go F$$$ myself.  Tarion is part of the problem as well.  How do you get better warranty with a car then a house.  I had a roofer go up on my roof and was told I had a leak from day one because the guy mattamy sent up cut through one of the shingles.  My shingles have been shrinking as well so I have gaps everywhere, so plywood is expose.  I thought shingles had a warranty as well, oh thats only if they are crumbling apart.  I recommend anyone who buys a house of Mattamy think twice because the obviously do not care about their customers.

Comment by J — May 14, 2013 @ 8:32 am  | Edit This | Reply

I guess I will add to your list of total dissatisfaction with my own tale of woe. We purchased a Mattamy Home in Bracebridge in May of 2010. We  have had numerous calls to what they deem to be Customer Service. The basement leaks, we can’t use the expensice shower upgrade in the master bedroom and we again need a window replaced. I would never again entertain a thought of buying a Mattamy Home. A first year trade student could do a better job and a grade student would probably have better communication integratey.

Comment by Jennifer – April 2013 — April 29, 2013 @ 1:51 pm  | Edit This | Reply

I’ve got more scattered over the blog but I think you get the picture.  Not all Mattamy owners got the promise given in the 2 page Toronto Star spread paid for by Mattamy.  If you buy in Oakville – like The Preserve”, don’t expect the Town of Oakville building inspector to be your friend.  According to my last letter from them, they will only inspect if they are called.  Now, for Mattamy to call is a legislated requirement but, Mattamy has a history of not following all legislated requirements.  Illegal wiring, building on human waste and illegal berm building, just to name a few.  We have a history of illegal construction practices (did I mention the illegal burning) and the Town of Oakville has a history of not doing things or, if demanding building code changes, not checking to make sure it was done properly. (all can be proven, so hold your horses legal beagles)  The Town of Oakville building department won’t even tell us how they will do the inspections – their plan in case Mattamy doesn’t call.

So please, if you learn anything from my blog, make sure you have a PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE LAWYER AND A PROFESSIONAL HOUSE INSPECTOR on your team and ,DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT.

It is all that will stand between you and the potential Mattamy shaft, backed up by the donation rich Town of Oakville.  And, this advice is for all builders actually.  They are out to make money, not necessarily lose money to give you a place they might have underpriced to begin with.  (Remember: Cheap isn’t quality, just quantity)

Think I am wrong?  Just ask yourself – why is the Town of Oakville afraid to pass a by-law giving the homebuyer the RIGHT to hire a professional house inspector to monitor the build of your house.  Every commercial build has a right to self-monitor.

P.S. Observation.  Mattamy hires their own lawyers, using the money they get from the sales of homes – your money.  When you ask for something from the Town of Oakville, they use their lawyers – paid for by your taxes, to stop you, a taxpayer,  from progressing.  Seems no matter what, it is YOUR money they use to shaft you.  Not a bad system.

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April 28, 2013

Brian Burke does the lawsuit route. Mattamy knows – truth comes out.


When you do a blog, or even comment on a blog, there is a certain social responsibility that most normal people would have no issues with.  Blogs have allowed the “common” person to get their message out and we have certain freedoms of speech accorded to us.  Oh, some try to stop us through threats, screaming, bully boys and even threatened lawsuits but, the powers that be are usually in support of those who wish to publicly write their thoughts.

The “Responsibility”?  You really need to stick with the truth.  Recently, as reported in the Toronto Star former Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has decided to ferret out those who may be abusing this responsibility.  Seems that some have written about a rumour that Brian Burke was fired from his job for getting broadcaster Hazel Mae pregnant and “that he was the father of her child”.  I make no comment on that tidbit of gossip.

But, I totally agree with him going after those spreading these supposed lies if in fact they are lies. I myself was a victim of being called a liar in a case involving the Toronto Star and I wish I had stepped up to the plate and gone after them and the judge.  Considering I would have had a Prime Minister back me up would have strengthened my case.  But, that is under the water now.  But, if the lies are actually true, can Brian Burke stifle the truth through threats of the lawsuit?  Some have tried that.  How often do you hear about homeowners bringing out the truth about their home’s lack of quality construction, only to be threatened with a lawsuit by the powerful builder and everything disappears.  We don’t even know if the faults are actually repaired or , has the threat of a lawsuit silenced the homeowner.

I have had people contribute to my blog, along with other forums and they have asked that certain information be removed as they were “threatened” by the builder.  I comply with these requests from the homeowner only to protect them.

Myself, Mattamy Homes has threatened me with lawsuits, even to the point of serving me papers.  Unfortunately, their own lawyer was possibly guilty of defamation, according to their own website.  But, if they want to do this, they will eventually have to prove your statements are false.

That is why you “DOCUMENT” everything you do with your builder.  Photographs, documents and names are important.  With this backing you up, let them take you to court.  You are not speaking with a “forked tongue” but have the evidence to back up the “truth”.  Lawyers hate the truth – hurts their case when they sue you.  Almost like throwing a bucket of water on the old wicked witch when you bring out the documentation backing up your side of the story.

Mattamy Homes, Peter Gilgan and the Town of Oakville have allowed me to continue this blog because?

It is the TRUTH.

And, they know it.  I have been trying to get a document from the Town of Oakville with little success.  Why?  Either it has been lost or, it proves my story.  The Oakville lawyers would hate to see that one out.  Why?  It proves I was right and we all know, lawyers don’t like to see that (unless you are in fact paying them).  We shall see if the Town of Oakville has the balls to step up and say yes -“we were wrong”.  I’m already on record stating I would not sue – unlike your Mattamy friends who keep up the donations.

By the way Peter – about time you g0t another photo-op with a donation.  I can give you some suggestions that would help the community if you want.

So, good luck to Brian Burke and if the slander is not right, then you should win.  As we know, sometimes we are lucky and the truth does come out.  In my case, it seems that Mattamy and the Town of Oakville really don’t care about homeowners being shafted and, continue in their ways.  Good luck to those who bought in “The Preserve”.  Remember, your safety and welfare depends on building inspectors from the Town of Oakville who, in the past, will pass illegally wired furnaces, etc.

Maybe you should rethink hiring a house inspector to protect your safety.  Part of the “DOCUMENTATION” safety net.

P.S. One point to remember – Tarion may require your municipality to declare work done under a work permit illegal or not up to code or, being the issue that caused the problem. But, if it was the municipality which OK’s the original work under the permit, what are the odds they will do that?  They will protect their butt and leave you to the wolves.

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April 2, 2013

Town of Oakville – why are you frightened of passing a bylaw to protect homeowners? Might lose the donations from Mattamy????


Monday, April 1st.

Never know when you might get an April Fools Day joke thrown at you.  Social media, friends, large companies and the media all share in the day and try to show some ingenuity in making you laugh at your own expense.  One headline screamed: “McCallion faces conflict of interest heat again.” in the April 1st edition of the Toronto Star.  It was no joke.  Hurricane Hazel was back at it again.  I think they will have to change her non de plume to “Teflon McCallion”.

Seems she has more excuses than Carter has Little Liver Pills and, she has added the usual – “her actions were inadvertent” in her response to the charges.  Much like the Town of Oakville’s action in my case I guess.  Letting Mattamy Homes sell a house without electricity and illegal wiring.  I wonder if the donation to former mayor Anne Mulvale’s “Wellspring” project were “inadvertent”?

Think you won’t have problems with a house.  I mean, you have your lawyer, the builder’s reputation and, the omnipresent building inspector from the municipality?  You know, the guy who gives you a hard time when you want to build a deck out back.  Deck bad – illegal wiring good.  And, you know the union will guarantee the quality of labour for their workers.  Yeah, right.  They only argue for more money so the union bosses can make more.  If your builder hires non-union like Mattamy, then who knows the quality of these guys.  I know some are dedicated professionals who do good work but, they have to work with the unlearned and non-caring as well as the occasional unwashed.  Only the builder can truly control the quality, if they so desire.

A Winnipeg family had the luxury of two, count em, two builders screw up their custom house.  What went wrong?  For the full story go to this link but a few of the issues were as follows:

This from Beach Rocke Engineering Ltd.

Rock report

As well, it was stated they had the following issues, which is not the complete list:

“The couple said they were being billed for added electrical circuits, beyond what was called for in the original plans.

A few months later, the Schadeks found water several feet deep in the crawl space below the basement floor.

The Schadeks hired an engineer to examine the problem. He found damage to joists from excessive moisture and discovered the vapour barrier in the basement wasn’t sealed.

The engineer also cited violations of the National Building Code unrelated to the water problem.”

If you read the article, you will note they have little government protection.  Obviously municipal inspectors don’t always cut it.  And, the insurance program was screwed up.

I have been trying to get the original report done by a Town of Oakville employee (Building Department) on my issue and all I get are copies of the “waste of skin” council reports, of which I have had copies for years.  I’ve sent 3 letters explaining what I want.

Maybe if I used some “Idle No More” tactics I might have better luck.  Camp out at town hall?  Block their access to the local Timmies?  Stop the donation trucks?

Also asked for a report on how the building department was going to handle inspections at the new Mattamy “The Preserve” sub-division.  So far, I got a quote from the Ontario Building Code, which I already knew.  Funny thing.  According to this regulation, the town building department won’t inspect any of the new homes unless Mattamy notifies them things are ready.  Now, it says “shall” but we all know that Mattamy has failed in the past regarding “SHALL”.

They shall not begin construction on land fertilized with human waste (Milton), they shall not do terra-forming without permit (Ottawa) and they shall not sell a house with illegal wiring (Oakville).  Seems they don’t understand the word “SHALL”.  Except I understand Mr. Gilgan uses the word “SHALL”  in reference to using any tactic to build on his $1.8 BILLION net worth.  Some of which is probably due to shortcuts that made him money and might have had some bearing on the quality of your home.  At least I can prove it in my case. (for the Gilgan lawyer trust)

So, based on this past experience, and lots more, I would think the Town of Oakville building department would be a little more pro-active in ensuring the rights and safety of homeowners was protected.  I mean, they do pay the taxes.  Mattamy only gives donations to the Town and gives politicians photo-ops.  What is more important – safety or photo-ops?  Seems I have already answered that question.  Anyways, Mr. Tutert at the Town of Oakville building department will shortly be getting another letter asking him to expand on his strategy to protect the citizens of Oakville from bad building practices.  If he only waits to be notified, he might be waiting a long time.  Show some initiative and make sure the Building Code is followed.  The Building Code doesn’t really cut it, according to Mike Holmes, but it is all we have.  So, when you don’t enforce the bare minimum, god only knows how bad the house really is.

You see, your elected representatives won’t pass a by-law to protect you by ensuring you have the right to hire a house inspector to monitor the building of your new home.  I mean, we’ve already proven the town can’t do a perfect job.  Maybe they could tell me why they won’t do it.  They state the “Building Code” is not legislated by them.  Yes, we all know that.  But, look at the small print guys.


Got the picture.

Pass a by-law that allows homeowners to hire a house inspector to monitor the build and ensure the building code is followed.  Have the by-law state that the building inspector must report all infractions to the homeowner and, THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING INSPECTOR (for follow-0up).  This will increase the “eyes on the street” (kind of like CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and make the Municipality more effective in enforcing the Building Code, which they are responsible for.

Hey!!!!  It’s a win/win/win for the Building department, homeowners and, HONEST, QUALITY BUILDERS everywhere.  Only a corrupt and poor builder would argue against it.  Right Mattamy?  Matter of fact Mr. Gilgan, why not tell your political flunkies to pass the by-law because Mattamy is a quality builder who wants the homeowner to receive the best protection they can have.  According to your PR, you build quality – sorry, I forgot, you now advertise lifestyle not quality.  Anyways, anyone would make all those donations for a good cause can’t really be against this by-law and, considering you are the big guy in the home building market, your word would have sway.  Unless you are using that “sway” to stop it.  Hmmmmmm.  What’s up Gilgan, except your $1.8 Billion lifestyle?

So, why are they so reluctant to let a homeowner protect themselves?

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March 26, 2013

Oakville building department uses power when convenient? Not when it should?


“Town was ready to block plant” – so read the headline on the front page of the “Oakville Beaver”. They are referring to the infamous power plant that was stopped in Oakville on the eve of an election. (Also Mississauga)

Liberals started the plant – Liberals stopped the plant – a Liberal was re-elected.

What can we say except that this political maneuvering may cost all taxpayers in the 3 digit millions. And, someone is going to pocket that money as well. Friends of the Liberals?

But, I like Mayor Burton’s comment: “Oakville was on track to block the building of a controversial power plant when former premier Dalton McGuinty’s government decided to cancel it amid strong community opposition.”

No building permit was to be issued based on pollution and safety concerns. I guess things have changed under Burton’s leadership. Under former mayor Anne Mulvale, a building inspector passed my furnace even though it had illegal wiring. Power plant gets stopped at great expense to the taxpayer while my house is allowed to be sold with illegal wiring.

At my expense.

I guess the building department only uses its authority when it is politically expedient. Oh, yes, I have mentioned that Wellspring received a donation from Mattamy Homes and Billionaire Gilgan (1.8B) at the request of Anne Mulvale.

For some reason we pay our taxes and trust the system, a system that is manipulated by those who use it for their own gain and hide behind the trust of those who believe in it.  The Town of Oakville tells us to trust the Building Department when it comes to the construction of our homes.  They don’t make the regulations but supposedly enforce the Building Code.  But, just how well do they enforce it?  My blog has shown they aren’t that good about it.  I know people who have been in court for years in regards to the Town of Oakville and certain environmental issues that have occurred.  Like human waste flowing in the Sixteen Mile Creek.  My kids swam in that creek, not knowing about the sludge overflowing into the watershed.  So much for standards.

You trust the Mattamy name?  For the full version, read the comment at the bottom of this blog.  This is how a builder will screw you.  The Town of Oakville was given a chance to correct the issues.  They state that they don’t have enough inspectors but refuse to pass a by-law stating that a new homeowner could hire a house inspector to monitor their build.  What better way to enforce the building code.

And, what professional and honest builder would balk at that?  How could they argue against a licensed professional and insured house inspector monitoring the build?  In commercial builds, the owner has people helping them so, it has been established practice in some construction.  Lets just expand the practice to protect homeowners.

Do not assume you have an occupancy permit.  Have your lawyer ask for one before closing.  Make the municipality work for those added charges to the price of your house.

Here is what our elected (and sometimes supported by donations from developers) officials would be protecting us from.  In this case, it just happens to be Mattamy.

“I have found so many little issues in our Mattamy home. On their own, it’s trivial, but added up, the sum is just stupid. From suspected insulation issues around the living room bay window, master bedroom overhang, and garage, to hot air that just won’t reach the farthest room in the house (the master washroom) that results in a freezing master, to odd air flow where the upstairs can’t be cooled in summer. Wicked condensation in winter on ALL windows in the house that can pool and lead to mould if not kept up on. The carpet is just disgusting- the little living room carpet was made from two pieces!!!! The seam is very obvious. The pile is so flat and pulling up at the same time. The mortar in the bricks is like sand in some isolated areas. Caulking is already deteriortating and the house isn’t even 10 years old! The casement windows are a bitch to open and close and are already showing signs of falling apart. The spalling (spalling???) cement along the parimeter of the porch has all but crumbled away. I just had to replace the sump pump that comes on maybe 6 times a year. The yard landscaping is like a lumpy field of little hills.

All and all, I would never buy a Mattamy (or Devonleigh) or possibly other cooky cutter home from a large developer again. I really think basic workmanship is pissed away for speed. And it’s funny because this is the LARGEST purchase a person will make in their lives, and we have NO real way to get these mistakes corrected.

One person in our community had the wrong bricks and colour put up. Mattamy offered them something like 10000 in upgrades, but refused to let them out of the contract for the house, or correct the bricks. And really, that’s BS because of how much money we pay for homes. I give someone $350000, and I expect what I pay for.

But home consumers have zero rights in Canada.”

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