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October 11, 2013

Does Boss Hogg live in Oakville? Maybe Bubba knows.



Some talk the talk while others walk the walk.  Some use donations and advertising to show their worth while others depend on word of mouth via quality products.

Some people will surf the web and visit forums and other sources to help determine a course of action.  Myself, I use Tripadvisor.ca before picking a hotel/motel on any trip.  You need to take all comments with a grain of salt (# bad occurrences, too high standards for what they intended to pay, etc) but, on the whole, I have found them to be very useful.

Where do you go if you want to buy a home?  A real estate office (who want to make money selling the joint), newspaper articles on housing (who make money off the advertising by builders), Tarion (builder/developer dominated agency), people on the street (who want to keep values up, especially if a speculator) or friends (which you could lose if the advice turns sour)?  Very few resources that you could fully trust.

But word of mouth and forums at least let some of the truth come out, although it too can be biased.   But, so are the surveys you read.  Seems that builders might give some kind of “extra” service to those they know will be filling out the forms.  Seems Mattamy has been accused of this practice.  Some regret taking the bonus as they find the “extra” service only extends to the time the survey was submitted.

Yes, Customer Service means more than some companies are willing to give.  I notice Mattamy has joined Twitter social media, hoping to pass on their message.  Two way street though – allows the truth to come out.

On my last posting (#600 if you are counting) I basically said that the Town of Oakville and Mattamy were an unbeatable pairing.  One gets the donations and the other gets to illegally wire houses, at least in my case.  My blog has illustrated many other things Mattamy has done in Oakville and elsewhere.

Funny how things that go around come around.  MPP Kevin Flynn was on town council when they threw me under the provincial bus and refused to pass a bylaw intended to protect homeowners from poorly built homes.  You notice that when you buy a house for $250k plus, nothing is said about quality.  They do mention MINIMUM BUILDING CODE, when asked about poor quality.  Building inspectors and builders love that phrase – “it’s to code”.  Quality is not in the code.  Even if it isn’t code, as in my case, the Town of Oakville did nothing but receive donations over the years from Mattamy.  I mentioned MPP Kevin Flynn – it is his political seat that was under the gun in the last election and the Liberals, in their wisdom, cancelled the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville to the tune of over $1 Billion (yes, you heard right, someone got $1 Billion for not doing something) to ensure he got elected..  Again Flynn looked after the “establishment” and not the taxpayer/homeowner.  NIMBYism in Oakville cost the provincial taxpayer $1 Billion plus.  Must be a new record for NIMBYism.  They were concerned about their children’s health but they didn’t give a shit about my children’s health.  But then, I live in the wrong area I guess.

In my last posting, I stated I was going to move on and focus on other matters.  Seems though, that Mattamy wanted the last word.  At the end of this blog are two comments made after I announced my decision to move on.  According to certain records, they both came from Mattamy.  Nice to see someone there reads my stuff.  If so, my regards to Peter Gilgan, loved by all (at least those who see him as a cash cow) and I hope he had a good summer in his palace in Muskoka.

Legal Beagle note:  To the best of my knowledge and based on a reliable source, the comments can be attributed to the electronic system under the control and owned by Mattamy.  If you can prove otherwise, I will certainly remove the posts and make an apology.  I know Mattamy and the Town of Oakville don’t understand A P O L O G Y (read my lips), but I am willing to do these – it’s considered part of being socially responsible.

Remember the show “Dukes of Hazzard”.  Boss Hogg ran the place and Bubba the sheriff did his bidding.  I wonder if it was written with the Town of Oakville in mind.


The first two comments – I’m not sure if this is their Customer Relations office responding to my blog.  If so, I think informing those being shafted to not be a waste of time.  Not bitter either, as I do realize some people have actually lived in a well built Mattamy Home.  Just the rest of us have been shafted at the expense of making Peter Gilgan a billionaire.  Donations have clouded the issue that he is an accountant that looks at the bottom line and your interests are not part of that.

At the end, is another person who received the Mattamy shaft, only proving to the Mattamy poster, I’m not alone.



Ugh…you’re so annoying…get over it already.


Like seriously, dude, you’re wasting your life with all this anger…let it go! Go out there and LIVE instead of writing these pathetic little blog posts that obviously no-one cares about. So you had a bad experience once upon a time…are you gonna let that bitter you forever?


Anonymous (another person)

I too was screwed by Mattamy, until I stood outside their sales office and showed pics of my defects, and called in the fire department for obvious violations. With in 24 hours I had all defects corrected. Gilgan is too big and arrogant for his own boots.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    You are perfectly right, whatever comments you mentioned in this blog is absolutely correct.We purchased a new home from Mattamy at Brampton (Salisbury Square) in 2013 and paid almost 4,75,000 $ but mattamy has tricked us and build a home with poor craftmanships.Their washroom toilet coversheet bolts broken within one week of the closing, even some basement are also flooded with water.When you inform their customer care then the dont care and they just keep sending the low quality bolts.They is nothing like return on your investment, once they get’s money their attitude changes and then who cares.They do lot’s of show off on their “Mattamy University” kind of meetings.Their homes are kind of basic skeleton,if you want extra basic features and they charge lots of money, and no gurantee about about quality of service.They also even treat different customer differently (They sell same plan with diferent prices during same day of selling).If they need you then they will entertain but once you sign your papers at sales office then none of their department will understand properly.Their top level management is totally inefficient and will force their autocratic decisions to lower level innocent staff.

    Dear friends we are informing our experience, if you want to listen,understand and comprehend properly then it’s up to you Guys, but please dont waste your money.Mattamy is kind of oppurtunistic builder, once you pay the money then you will never get back your return on investment., after all it’s your money which you Guys work hard day and night.You cut your family budget and save some money for rainy days but this useless Mattamy swallows all of your savings in one shot for no reason.After all everyone needs the money, the only difference is you work hard for earning money whereas Mattamy makes money via playing Tricks, and I promise you will never get the answer from the tricks.I think prevention is better than cure so be carefull when buying a Mattamy home, it’s big waste of your future, for them it’s Chicken home factory, it does not matter from then but for your it’s your whole life on this precious earth.Please do exterme research and give a priority to other builder because Mattamy’s fundamentals are not clear, their top level management has poor Math skills and they just focus on getting the profit from your pockets.

    Rest is on you, Please let us know why should we tell like this,, after all we care about you.

    Unknown Stranger.. May God Bless to you and your Family.Please purchase something for your wife,children or Mom and Dad or even to poorest need people for whom money does not matter.

    A well wisher.

    For Gos’s shake believe me.


    Comment by Anonymous — October 14, 2013 @ 10:27 am | Reply

    • I appreciate your comment as it only confirms what I have been saying. It shows why the bylaw I have proposed is so needed. Maybe it should be brought up in the 2014 Municipal elections?? I’d advise a good lawyer (real estate) and a professional house inspector to back up your claims for court purposes. Take care and good luck.

      Comment by oakvillehomes — October 16, 2013 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

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