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May 20, 2012

Titanic was built to code. Just like a Mattamy!!!


Shit happens.

We go through life and we find out very quickly (hopefully after an enjoyable childhood) that life is not perfect. There are people out there that make a living on someone else’s suffering and dime. Conrad Black comes to mind. There are companies who make a living ripping you off. Fancy advertising, flashy products and, issues that will turn your life into a pile of shit.

Blackberry – a respected name in communications. Through Bell Telephone and other phone companies, they sell you a variety of products and make all sorts of promises, up to and including a better sex life. I don’t think the Blackberry 9800 gives anyone an increased libido but, it did do well as a smartphone until a certain upgrade came along. This upgrade stripped it of the ability to PIN (for those non-BB crackberrys here is a link that explains the PIN – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry#BlackBerry_PIN ) and the solution: either downgrade and thus make it crippleware or, upgrade to a new phone ($$$$).  Nice solution Bell and Blackberry. Here is a link that shows the issue (http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Style/6-0-bundle-3049-bug-Lost-PIN-option-on-compose-menu/td-p/1477913)

Take the Ford F150 – please.  Nice truck and a good seller.  Unfortunately, some have a tendency to either blow their spark plugs, leak through the back window or, leak through the front window and fry your electronics ($$).  Ford’s solution:  Don’t do anything, fix at the consumers cost and, feel proud they didn’t have to ask for a bailout – due to the fact they limited their recalls (??).

Both examples of good corporate citizens?  Hitler would be proud of both their policies (actually Hitler was a friend of Henry Ford – http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/wall_street/chapter_06.htm.

It appears that companies look at their bottom line and if it hits their profit and exorbitant executive bonuses, those of you who have issues, will receive little or no support.  Those who have no issues or receive the donations will shun you as troublemakers and say you are wrong.  Especially those who will make a profit living the lie.

In the building industry they are proud of the fact that they build by the oft quoted BUILDING CODE.  The people of Belfast point out that the Titanic was perfectly alright when it left Ireland.  It too was built to CODE.  A code that stated it had the right number of lifeboats.  I think historical fact kind of blows that out of the water.

On the Mike Holmes show, he continually points out the difference between CODE and QUALITY.  A difference some builders seem to miss.  In my case, Peter Gilgan and Mattamy seemed to think that a house sold to me without electricity and an illegally wired furnace was up to code.  The Town of Oakville building inspector even agreed with him and put a sticker on the furnace.  But, his boss states they would not issue an Occupancy Permit to a home that was in the condition mine was.  Who is right, Peter Gilgan the billionaire and donator to various causes or some old bureaucratic boss in the building department?  Ex-mayor of Oakville, Anne Mulvale sided with the Billionaire who donated money to Wellspring at her request.  What can I say?  Guess my United Way donation didn’t cut it.

I promote house inspectors and I promote them being allowed to inspect a new build for you, the potential owner and large investor.  They are not perfect but, when you are only allowed to inspect a premise once the walls are up, it is hard to make an objective inspection unless symptoms show up early.  Mike Holmes, in some cases, has evidence that there are problems behind the walls and thus can enjoy a good teardown.  On a new house – fresh paint, etc covers up the ills of that house.  And, as in my case, a municipal building inspector, who had the opportunity to look at the place prior to the cosmetics being put on, still allowed the issues.  (i.e. no insulation behind bay window).

One small thing – not all homes are inspected by the municipality.  Tract homes have a sampling.  Only YOUR house inspector can guarantee a full inspection prior to the wallboard, etc being put on and covering up the poor quality.  Quality that will eventually show up down the road – usually after the warranty is finished.  For those buying from speculators – keep this in mind.  Did the speculator actually do what is required to protect your interest in the future – i.e. follow timelines, and reporting guidelines.  If not, get ready to suck it up and pay the freight down the road.  And, if you are aware of the issue and try to dump the shack – you will be held responsible.

Sometimes I feel I bought the Titanic but, even though I did not have enough lifeboats (competent building inspector, ethical mayor, etc), I was able to, over time, patch the ship and am now sailing on smooth waters.  No thanks to Peter and Mattamy, who appear to have caused issues in various places which I have documented in other blogs.

Too bad the passengers who died on the Titanic didn’t have a say regarding the CODE.  Maybe more would have lived with the proper number of lifeboats determined by ethics, quality and demand, not the wishes of the builder.

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