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November 7, 2016


One of the privileges we enjoy as Canadians is the right to free speech, something we take for granted but, was won for us by those who fought for our country and prevented those who stifle free thought from taking it from us. My blog exists because of the sacrifices made by those before me and hopefully we can protect this privilege in the future. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and were denied the benefits we now cherish. Take a moment to consider how lucky we are that we can spread the truth so easily. Some still try to stifle the truth through lawyers and bully boys but, we as Canadians, will continue to protect what has been earned for us. Take a moment this November 11th to respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you what you have now.



In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Colonel John McCrae



April 1, 2010

Do politics ever change – or is it just the faces?


In my previous blog, there is a comment from a reader concerning the new Oakville Hospital.  The basis of this comment is that the local voter, populace and, tax payer has had little or no input into the process.  They are asking people to attend the Galaxy Hall (475 North Service Road E., Oakville) on April 8th, 2010 at 7:00pm.  The meeting  is organized by the “Concerned Citizens of Oakville and Halton for Community Healthcare“.  If you are free, you should go – if nothing but to see who attends, if the invited politicians attend and, what if anything is said.

Halton politics and donations seem to go together and also seem to be a basis for some decisions.  Just look at my case.  What was more important to former Mayor Ann Mulvale – donation for a project or looking into the fact that Mattamy put my children’s lives at risk?  We know what happened there.

Municipal elections are just around the corner – November and, the politicians and wanna-be politicians are all starting to get involved.  Going to a meeting like this is informative if not just to see what they say now and do later.

I for one am girding myself up to pass out information leaflets at political rallys to ensure all are aware of the donation links between Ann Mulvale and Mattamy.  And, maybe other links?

So, as a voter, start getting involved now so that you can make an informed decision come November. 

 Or, start saving up for your donations if you want something.

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November 25, 2008

Mattamy Homes – do they deserve the awards?

Some think that I am the only one with a complaint with Mattamy Homes.  You go to some sites and yes, they tell how the Mattamy guy carried their groceries into their house or, they left flowers for them when they moved in.  I certainly do not dispute that this kind of thing happened.


But, what I find is, that there are people out there who were royally shafted by the bully tactics of Mattamy Homes.  These are not people who deserved to be pushed around by a builder and who certainly deserved at least a quality home for the price they paid.  Mattamy Homes does not have a reputation for giving you upgrades, etc at a bargain price.   But then, most people expect to be given a quality product for the price they pay.


For the record, Mattamy Homes has received a number of awards.  If you go to the Mattamy Homes site, they will list them for you.


What I find interesting is the link that states the following:


Mattamy Homes ranks highest in new-home buyer satisfaction in the
Ottawa-Carleton region with a score of 807. Mattamy performs particularly well in seven of the eight factors that contribute to overall satisfaction: home readiness; construction/site team; warranty service; price/value; physical design; home quality; and design centre. Mattamy Homes also ranks highest in new-home buyer satisfaction in the Greater Toronto Area for a third consecutive year. Minto follows Mattamy in the rankings, posting considerable improvement during the past two years and increasing in satisfaction by 86 points, from 652 in 2006 to 738 in 2008.



You’ll note “Home Readiness”.    If you were able to refer to the blog: “Mattamy Fairwinds Kanata Phase 5 Delay” Blog  you would note that in fact Mattamy Homes sold homes before they got the permit to build the homes and now the owners are all being told they have to wait way beyond the date they were given.  How could they win an award in an area they are selling homes without being permitted to do so?  Sorry, I guess these were homes they sold before this fiasco.  You’ll note that Minto posted “CONSIDERABLE IMPROVEMENT”.


But what of Mattamy’s running history?


They are on record of selling a house that had the furnace wired illegally (code) wired and got the Town of Oakville inspector to pass this illegal act and allowed occupancy.  As well, there is evidence that they did not seal a garage properly and this could have allowed carbon monoxcide to enter the dwelling nor was the house gas installation properly inspected.  In addition to this, there is evidence that they have not properly installed ceramic flooring according to code.    They have also been charged with False Advertising (Cambridge) and illegal dumping (Ottawa).  And don’t forget that the Province of Ontario had to stop Mattamy Homes from doing construction on land (Milton) that had been recently fertilized with Human Waste, and thus putting not only their own workers at risk, but also their neighbours. (I wonder if the present land owners are subject to some kind of lawsuit if the neighbours have acquired a disease from this illegal dumping?)  And let’s not forget the recent problem in Bracebridge ( I note over a 1000 views but no comments – why??) where the homeowners are facing problems with flooding and other construction horrors?


We all like awards and when a friend/neighbour is given one, we rejoice.  Do we rejoice when someone presents an award to someone who is guilty of breaking the law or, unethical business practices?  For some, a bouquet of flowers is all it takes to see the good side.  For others, they suffer the stench of poor quality and lack of interest.

That is why I say, hire a house inspector to monitor the construction of your home.  If you don’t, then be prepared to face the consequences of a builder who really doesn’t care about quality.  Let’s face it, we are in an economic downturn and those without any scruples will charge you max for min and, unless you are qualified to check everything out, you can expect to be shafted royally.  I know as the Town of Oakville let one of their inspectors say the wiring of the furnace was legal and that allowed the sale.  Ask the Mayor of Oakville – it’s on record.

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November 13, 2008

Déjà vu in Bracebridge or, same old, same old……..

“Favit said Mattamy deals with the concerns of every homeowner individually, and warranty and construction teams are currently in Bracebridge to deal with any problems.

We pride ourselves on delivering a good product and having high customer satisfaction,” he said. “On balance, I think we’ve done a good job.””

This is a quote from the Bracebridge Examiner regarding the problems people are experiencing in a Bracebridge subdivision developed by Mattamy Homes.  Luigi Favit was the person who recently dealt with my issue.  He was nice enough to see me, albeit over a half hour late, and quietly listened to my story while carefully taking notes.  In the end, I had a nice afternoon out but, he did nothing in my case.  I suspect that those in Bracebridge can expect the same unless they are willing to stick together and fight this as a group.  If Bracebridge is like Oakville, then they can expect a very up hill battle.  They should check how donations were dealt with in their community.

In the article it is noted that: “To get approval, the building must meet a number of requirements, including a proper heating system, footings and plumbing. Finishing aspects of the home such as trim, cabinets and painting are not requirements for approval.”  As you know from reading my blog, Mattamy was able to get approval by illegally (code) wiring the furnace to the house next door and thus gained the inspectors approval.  So, it only goes to show how things aren’t necessarily done as you would expect by the code.  In the Bracebridge subdivision they are suffering from flooding.  Kind of reminds you of Mattamy in Ottawa recently where they did illegal dumping and were not able to get a permit for construction but still went ahead with selling the homes.  Would the Ottawa people be facing flooding next year?

This is why I strongly suggest those buying homes always hire a house inspector to monitor the construction and protect their investment.  Here is a case where numerous people have bought Mattamy Homes and are now faced with a multitude of problems.  Maybe if they had invested in a house inspector they would have been better prepared to face this battle they are in with Mattamy Homes.

I know from my experience that it would have been a good investment.  I declined and ended up with an unethical sale, an illegally (code) and unsafe wiring of the furnace and, the Town of Oakville (who has many donations from Mattamy) protecting Mattamy Homes.  On top of that, I was threatened with a lawsuit and exposure to bulley boys.  I hope the Bracebridge people have better luck than I did.  Mr. Favit really wasn’t that concerned about the nature of my issue – appears it is still business as usual.

October 15, 2008

Other Blogs recommend a house inspector – protect YOUR investment

I”ve had people comment on various forums/blogs that they have seen my comments and some have even said that I must be someone in construction that couldn’t get a job with Mattamy Homes as I was a poor worker.  I guess some have seen my problem across the web and wonder, is he the only one?

If you surf the net you will find others who have been involved with not only Mattamy Homes but other builders although, as you saw in my last blog, a google brings out Mattamy more than others for some reason.  Some have commented that Mattamy Homes has threatened them with lawsuits and they have backed off.  Mattamy has also threatened me with lawsuits and bully boys but, I feel strongly about consumer’s lives being put at risk by shoddy workmanship and little government oversight.  I use Mattamy Homes as an example as I can prove my comments are true, not fantasy and therefore something that really happened.  Similar to those who receive flowers I also received a present – not at my front door but the basement and it didn’t smell like roses either.  That and the other problems mentioned are fact and can be substantiated, although the Town of Oakville has, how we say, buried the report and told me to move on and not bother them.

A visit to the Canadians For Properly Built Homes site shows a very organized group that are bringing out similar things that happened to me, although they don’t name the builder.  I do name the builder as I have had only two builders in my life – one good (Townwood Homes) and one bad (Mattamy Homes)  and therefore base my comments on fact.  You should visit the Canadians for Properly Built Homes as they give good advice and you’ll notice, that they too recommend a house inspector for old and new construction.  As well, they point out how government money, yes YOUR tax money has been used in B.C. to repair poor construction.  So, when next time you get flowers from the builder, consider that some got poor construction and consider yourself lucky.  For those considering the purchase of the largest investment you’ll make, look into a house inspector to ensure you get better service and construction than a bouquet of flowers. Oh, and have it put into your purchase agreement that the house inspector will monitor construction.  If the builder is as good as they say, they’ll agree.

September 22, 2008

Mattamy Homes – taking heat in Ottawa for past sins

Over at the “Mattamy Fairwinds Kanata Phase 5 Delay” blog (http://mattamyfairwindsphase5.wordpress.com/) I notice that they have been asked to delay a public meeting in favour of a more focused and private meeting with the principles invited.  The reasoning is that that Mattamy and city officials may not attend the public meeting.


I found as I tried to get my case before the public officials that Mattamy Homes never, to my knowledge, attended any of the meetings I had with city officials and the only resistance I had in pushing the idea that house inspectors should be allowed came from then Mayor Ann Mulvale, who had actively pursued Mattamy Homes for donations to some worthwhile causes.  Although some councilors were amazed that Mattamy Homes could sell a house under these conditions, none were amazed enough to ask that changes be made to the inspection process, give an apology for what happened, or asked that legislation be brought forward to prevent other citizens being victimized by this process – a process which seems to still exist.


The meetings before council members, although not private, were not attended by large public groups but, those in attendance did voice some surprise to me that the Town of Oakville had let Mattamy Homes do this unethical sale.


It was recommended by town council that I attend various meetings to voice my concern and, at one, there was a Mattamy Homes employee who stayed silent during the entire discussion.  Although the various members discussed further action, none was ever taken by these groups.  Although I persisted to having this brought before council, it was passed off to the province and delayed permanently.


Although I must admit that the Fairwinds Kanata group is pursuing this in a positive way and, by accepting the private meeting, they should be careful this is not the first step to bury the item.  If there is any decision, make sure there is someone taking minutes (both officially and privately) so that you have something to fall back on when nothing is accomplished.  And, make sure that your public meeting is held to ensure the matter is kept before the public eye.


And remember, no matter what they say, you as a citizen have every right to bring this before council.  Yes, as did Oakville, the local council may delay this matter by forcing it to go through various committees but, if you persevere, you can get it into the public forum of a council meeting.  And don’t let them pass it onto the province as it will die a long and not nice death on the vine.


You certainly have an uphill battle and Mattamy Homes has the winning cards in the fact that large donations to various organizations have been made in your area.  The fact that Mattamy Homes is trying to get a pre-dated permit for illegal dumping only shows the mindset of that organization.  If your local authorities do grant this permit, only shows that your complaints will fall on deaf ears.


Good luck…….

September 19, 2008

Mattamy Homes – Minnesota problems surface

I received the following comment on one of my posts from Joe:

I bought a house from Homes By Chase, now Mattamy. There were obvious window leakage and operating issues from the start but they have refused to address the issues. They eventually had the windows tested for water infiltration according to the IRC (Building Code)as adopted by the state of Minnesota and according to the performance characteristics on the required label. All windows tested, failed miserably. Mattamy has ignored the results and wants to retest using a different standard than specified in the IRC as well as different performance specifications cooked up by the window manufacturer. They have stood behind the window manufacturer, despite their use of falsified information and the dubious practices of their vendors and contractors. This has included using false information in reports, dumping dirt in a sliding door drainage system and attempting to test my windows as a lower model as well as deviating from the actual building code and window performance labeling.

Comment by Joe — September 18, 2008 @ 6:34 pm | Edit


When a builder denies you the protection afforded by the hiring of a house inspector during construction, things like this can happen.  I know some out there say their Mattamy Homes are perfect and, that may be the case, while others say that if you bug the builder you will get problems as they don’t want to deal with you fairly.  In my case, it was not bugging the builder that caused my problems.  Instead of keeping an eye on the construction, I trusted the builder’s reputation and the Town of Oakville’s reputation to ensure I got a properly built house.  Regret being talked out of the house inspector. 

With my problems, since the builder really wasn’t doing anything, I tried to deal with the trades directly and Mattamy Homes refused to let me know who the various contractors were that needed to be contacted regarding subprime work.

If you see this problem starting, get onto you lawyer right away and have them start the process of contacting the builder.  If you don’t and wait too long, all you can rely on is the questionable help from Tarion (in Ontario) and any other legislated body in another area.  Don’t rely on government bodies to help you out, be proactive and get your lawyer on top of it early so they can actually do something.  In my case, I contacted my lawyer the day of the unethical sale but, it had already gone through.

By hiring a house inspector to monitor the construction, you are kept aware of potential problems and your lawyer has a professional giving advice on what is acceptable construction.  Leaky windows will cause major problems later and it should be dealt with before you move in, unless you enjoy the smell of construction dust in the morning…….

September 11, 2008

Mattamy Homes – one house inspector’s story

As you know, I have recommended the hiring of a house inspector, no matter the builder and have used my experience with Mattamy Homes to show that even an award winning builder can use unethical methods in order to close a deal.


I was talked out of hiring a house inspector, something I have regretted as I not only had problems which I have stated but, my children’s safety was put at risk by Mattamy Homes’ construction methods.


While I was researching the hiring of a house inspector, I talked to one that had no problem doing a PDI but, was hesitate to monitor the construction.  His reluctance seemed to be the type of co-operation he would receive from the builder and that the hassles were not worth the contract.


Because of the way Mattamy Homes constructed my house and the unethical practices it used, I tried to have legislation enacted to give the homeowner the option to hire a house inspector and to have such an option written into the purchase agreement.  The Town of Oakville, a partner with Mattamy Homes and the recipient of many donations, tried to block this request and eventually had it passed to the Province of Ontario, knowing full well it would stall at that level.  One of the councilors, Kevin Flynn, was on this council and passed this motion.  He has since been elected to the provincial government and my request has gone through him but no action has been taken.  So, a councilor that passed it on to the province for action doesn’t do anything there as well.


The province, in its wisdom, states that they cannot pass this into legislation as it would cost the homeowner more money to buy a home.  Yeah, right.  Just like the upgrades they pay for, it would be OPTIONAL.  It is already common practice to do so for re-sales so why would it cost the potential new homeowner more money unless they opted for the option.  It would be their choice if they wanted to protect their investment – kind of like the mandated insurance we have on our cars – there’s something the government demands you do and it costs you money and they legislated that non-option onto the consumer.


I recently received a comment from a house inspector that I am repeating below.  I appreciate their candor and insight into the problems house inspectors have in protecting your investment.  It is proof that the government should act in the best interests of the taxpayer and consumer, not big business who will use illegal methods to close a sale or, do illegal dumping and request a back-dated permit like Mattamy Homes has done.


House Inspector Comment: (originally commented on my “Mattamy Homes and the Province of Ontario” article)


“Interesting forum …I happened on this site quit by accident this morning (no such thing as an accident right?) and I just had to add this, every one of your comments are true. I am a Home Inspector working mostly out of the town of Milton, specializing in New homes and the Tarion Warranty inspections from PDI inspection up to 2nd Year and I have to say this, you have no idea just how bad it it! I am at he point of total frustration with Builders, their arrogance and their complete lack of accountability. My time is limited this morning as such I have to run soon, but I would be very happy to get in touch with the parties involved with this site, I too feel the time has come for some very definite changes in this industry, AND VERY SOON.
Just to add Mattamy is trying to shut me down as well. They have tried in vain to get me to perform my inspections (PDI especially) in a way that would work in their best interest, the thing is, I have spent over 20 Years in this industry and have worked for several of the so call big name Home Builders in ONT, so I am very in tune with their mine set and mentality. I started this business to assist the New home owners who from my experience are totally in the dark when it comes to their rights and expectations for the largest investment of their lives. My stories are many…”

September 9, 2008

Mattamy Homes – stalling in Kanata

I noticed the following in an Ottawa Citizen article on the JD Powers award to Mattamy Homes by the president of Mattamy Homes, Troy Van Haastrecht.  The way to lose traction is to run from the issue and forget the customer.  Then customer satisfaction will plummet“.  Really!!!!  On a fellow blog (http://mattamyfairwindsphase5.wordpress.com) they quote Mr. Van Haastrecht while describing their problem in the Ottawa area.  Appears that Mattamy Homes has sold a lot of houses, taken the deposits and is now stalling on the construction.  Is this due to their illegal dumping in the area?  Now, the citizens who have made the deposits are trying to work with Mattamy Homes and resolve the issue.  Hopefully they will have better luck than I did but, they have one advantage.  They have not closed on the houses yet, which gives them bargaining power.  In my case, in collusion with the Town of Oakville, they got a permit for an illegally (code) wired furnace which allowed them to close the house.  Unethical yes, but I guess good business sense for Mattamy Homes.  Kind of reminds me of the Flim Flam man.  Well, Mattamy Homes did not follow Van Haastrecht’s advice and they did run from the issue and hid behind the skirts of the Town of Oakville.  They made their donations and depended on the Town of Oakville to sidetrack the issue.  I wonder if there is a pattern developing with Mattamy Homes in terms of permits and donations?  Permit in Oakville for an illegal furnace hookup and, trying to back-date a permit in Ottawa for illegal dumping and, donations made in both areas.


So, for those fighting in the Ottawa area, good luck and stick with it.  They may have your deposit but haven’t closed the sale yet.  By the way, the house market is going down and maybe they should adjust the house price – you can be guaranteed that they would raise it if the prices were going up.  And one other point.  Make sure you hire a house inspector to monitor the construction as they will want to make up for some of their loses and the only way to protect your interest is to hire the house inspector.  Mattamy may give you some cuts on upgrades, etc to make the deal and pay you for your troubles but they still have the overhead and still have to make the donations and there is only one way to maintain the cash flow – cut backs on the construction.

September 4, 2008

Mattamy Homes may be at the top – but at what cost to the consumer?

I have been accused of being biased towards Mattamy Homes based on what I have written.  Well, in the real world, you have to be careful to only state the truth.  You can’t be sued for the truth and the fact Mattamy Homes has allowed this blog to continue, only shows that it is the truth.  I mean, in the early days, they threatened to sue me and my family, sent a couple of bully boys to scare me off and might have even called the police to make a phoney call about me causing congestion (police arrived, saw I wasn’t doing anything but only hinted at the complainant – a look towards the Mattamy building).  And, I guess they feel that my little voice in the media really doesn’t amount to anything considering the amount of money they spread around to ensure they get top good news stories.  The Town of Oakville seems to forget they were part of the illegal (code) wiring part of the sale and have asked me to move on and forget they did this.  So much for government accountability.

Well, just to show you that I am fair, I will print the list that JD Powers put out regarding builders.  Just remember to read it with a grain of salt as the winner is guilty of illegal and unethical practices and won top award.  That either means the others must be really bad or, just don’t spread their money around right.  A  good honest and ethical builder would stand by their product and let you hire a house inspector to monitor the construction and protect your rather large investment.  Those that won’t allow you to put this in the contract – well, your on your own because the local government won’t necessarily cover you and there is no way you can tell code was followed once the walls are up and drywalled.    If you have money to burn later in repairs, forego the house inspector and invest in expensive upgrades – maybe they will help you dump the shack once you realize your mistake in not hiring a house inspector.

J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Mattamy Homes Ranks Highest in Satisfying New-Home Buyers in the Greater Toronto Area For a Third Consecutive Year

(scores are on a 1,000 point scale):
Mattamy: 893
Tribute: 837
Brookfield: 791
Arista: 781
Ballantry: 779
Great Gulf: 756
Baywood: 755
Monarch: 743
GTA Market Average: 710
Paradise: 690
Fieldgate: 680
Aspen Ridge: 678
Greenpark: 657
Townwood: 630
Century Grove: 555
Remington: 546
Fernbrook: 543
Sundail: 543
H&R: 510
Conservatory Group: 500
Lebovic: 418

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