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November 7, 2016


One of the privileges we enjoy as Canadians is the right to free speech, something we take for granted but, was won for us by those who fought for our country and prevented those who stifle free thought from taking it from us. My blog exists because of the sacrifices made by those before me and hopefully we can protect this privilege in the future. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and were denied the benefits we now cherish. Take a moment to consider how lucky we are that we can spread the truth so easily. Some still try to stifle the truth through lawyers and bully boys but, we as Canadians, will continue to protect what has been earned for us. Take a moment this November 11th to respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you what you have now.



In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Colonel John McCrae



June 16, 2013

Some like it hot and illegal while others go the extra mile to protect your family. Ads versus reality in Mattamy land.


Mattamy Homes seems to feel that large two page spread ads in the Saturday Toronto Star are what will attract buyers.  Cutsey ads that say it like it should be, not necessarily how it will be.  They don’t mention quality (may be held accountable) but give you titles like “Prestigious Living is Coming Soon to Aurora”.  One would assume they mean Mattamy, not some other builder.  They talk about “parks where neighbours can gather and enjoy the surroundings” and, “walking/biking trails for families to enjoy“.  Like it is their idea and plans that give you all this.

They don’t mention that they are required by law to “reserve land as part of a subdivision approval.”  They can of course arrange a cash payment in lieu.  In Alberta, this can be up to 10 percent of the land that must be put aside for the community use.  As well in Alberta, “Reserve land and land for road requirements are taken without compensation. The Subdivision Authority may require land for roads and public utilities up to a maximum of 30 percent of the area of the parcel of land less the area taken as environmental reserve or environmental reserve easement.”

Mattamy Protester knows the score

Mattamy Protester knows the score

Land like ravines, etc become trails, etc for the community.  So, Mattamy isn’t doing this from the goodness of their hearts.  They do this because they have to in order to build their sub-divisions.  Oakville has a by-law that has been instrumental in the development of the lakefront pathway.  Started by ex-mayor Harry Barrett, this by-law requires that if any large estate along the waterfront is sold to a developer and they wish to increase density, they are required to give the land along the lake to the Town of Oakville.  When Peter Gilgan sold his mansion “Edgemere” for development, they all found out even his donations couldn’t stop that process.  Now, to sweeten the planning pot, developers might foot the bill for some of the landscaping etc in these lands but, in the long run, you the taxpayer will fork out for improvements, maintenance etc.  So, we don’t get a free ride.

Now, we all know the illegal stuff Mattamy has done in the past (and in the future??) and they try to show how good of a builder they are by making it seem they are responsible for the walkways/pathways, ravine nature areas etc.  So sorry Gilgan but, I would suggest it was planners and some of the more enlightened councilors in Oakville who have made the area what it is.  Of course, I stand to be corrected if Aurora needed your somewhat suspect help.  Remember Aurora – there is a cost to every gift.  Just ask Milton.

The 2006 Ontario Building Code was amended on June 18, 2008 (O.Reg. 205/08) to include for the requirement to sprinkler residential buildings higher than 3 storeys.  I only wish they would also include the right for homeowners to hire a house inspector for new builds but, at least this is a move in the right direction.

What does Mattamy do?  Follows the Building Code to the letter – to the minimum.  Some have had that thrown at you when you mention something.  Hey, it’s to code.  I asked why my garage door didn’t have an automatic closure.  Theft was the answer and they’d have left it at that until I mentioned it was illegal.  This I knew – the illegal wiring, well it had a Town of Oakville seal of approval.

There is a builder who has looked beyond the MINIMUM and instead of wasting money on ads telling you about parks, which even this builder must put into place, Townwood Homes is the first builder to install, as STANDARD equipment, sprinkler systems into their newest sub-division at Mackenzie Ridge Terraces, Vaughan.  They weren’t forced to by some town by-law nor did they fight to only do minimum code.  They recognized the dangers of fire in residential homes (81 lives lost in 2006) and went the extra step.  Mattamy – they do illegal wiring instead.  Probably would tell you to piss off on the fire.

Mattamy’s true colours came out when they trucked in a lot of workers from various job sites (was your home late in being constructed) to argue that the Development Charges were too high.  These are the charges that pay for the infrastructure costs that developers create with their developments.  Otherwise, the existing taxpayer would be paying for new sewers in open fields while builders like Gilgan became billionaires.  Yes, I forgot, he did get to be a $1.8 billion builder.  Oakville and Burlington got stung big time having to pay for the Milton pipeline that lined a few builder’s pockets.  We’re still paying for Milton water.

So, when you read the ads, compare a builder who talks the talk while some actually walk the walk.  What is more important to you?  A safe house with legal wiring and sprinklers to protect your family or, a shallow lifestyle promised in the Toronto Star?

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May 31, 2012

Mattamy spawn fall far from the tree?


We all like to see our children succeed and hope that they have a safe and constructive upbringing.  I’ll admit our family had its issues like many and, the pressure of work, etc certainly impacted on family time.  This is a story that most experience.  My children had the added experience of moving into a house without electricity – much like their great great grandparents.  Unlike their GG grandparents, the builder put their lives at risk with illegal wiring to the furnace – compliments of the Town of Oakville building department.

It is public knowledge that Peter Gilgan had a plethora of children (8?) – one reason for the large estate on the lake – Edgemere.  Needed all those bathrooms and bedrooms to house the products of his loins.

One of Peter Gilgans children was given experience in the Mattamy empire – he attained “vice-president of land and acquisitions” there.  But, he decided to leave to greener pastures and first joined the Green Party and then, has been seen building a “green house” in the Oakville area.  His efforts in this area are to be commended.  The Mattamy empire is noted for stripping some areas and doing illegal terra-forming and destroying wetlands while also beginning construction on land fertilized with human waste.  Why did Matt Gilgan leave?  In his words: “That is the family I was born into, and that’s what my dad does, and I left because it was a place I felt I didn’t fit in anymore,” he said.”

Well, I wish him all the best in his endeavours.  It would be hard to leave such a lucrative job and go out on his own and try to accomplish something that seems to be at odds with the way his father has treated some of us.  Seems that in fact, he has fallen far from the tree and, instead of growing into a rotten fruit, he is spreading his wings and doing something for the community.  Yes, I know, his dad blows millions on donations and gets his name in the paper a lot and seems to accumulate awards like flies to shit.  But, don’t forget – some of those donations were built on the type of service I got from Mattamy Homes.  And, I’m not the only one – read several complaints at the end of this blog.

I should advise Matt not to get too close to his dad’s buddies in Oakville.  Seems they don’t know the difference between legal and illegal wiring and when notified of it – hide behind some lawyers (not hard to do) and can’t even say sorry.  Most moral people do admit their mistake and say sorry.  Guess lawyers are immune to that kind of action and pass it on to the Town officials.  Too bad – I wasn’t even going to sue.  Would have been the cheapest admission on record.  But then, bad lawyers go with the standard – see nothing, speak nothing and get the fee.

Well, I should thank Peter Gilgan for instilling some good values into his son.  Seems that at least one Gilgan has spotted unethical business practices and has moved on to make his own name.  May not get to be a billionaire but at least he can stand proud in front of people knowing he did good – and not by buying awards and applause.

Mattamy Customers:

Worst Service

Angie in Calgary-114.09351.0373

signed all the papers for our new homes and then they come back 24hours after signing that they are changing the price to 8000 dollars more, They said take it or leave it…They are crooks

Mattamy= poor workmanship, poor quality and worse customer service

Chris Ilie-Draga in Stittsville-75.908945.229

I purchased a Mattamy home in Kanata, ON and took possession on February 2009. Since then I’ve got so many issues with this builder starting from structural, electrical, plumbing (even a flooded basement las year), etc. The customer service is worse, trades are not professionals at all  and management is just out on another planet. In conclusion: Mattamy = poor workmanship, poor quality of work and worse  – real bad customer service. Please stay away from this builder wherever you are! You’ll do yourself a huge favor. Best regards, Chris Draga Kanata, ON

Home Building

Betty in Bronte Creek-79.771143.4281

I am not too impresed with the quality in some areas of my Mattamy home.  It seems like they have really cut corners past the point of reasonableness.  For example, my floors squeak horribly because the builders put too much space between the nails to save $ on materials; I found this out when I looked into the cost of fixing the floors! The house is 3 years old and the foundation has cracks, and the front steps are falling apart, which in my opinion is reflective of poor quality and/ or workmanship.   I will stay clear of moving to another Mattamy built home.

Hey Peter – you can’t buy them all off……

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February 3, 2012

Mattamy – why do you treat people like this? Money and donations over quality?


Taking out carpet so that you can get new stuff put in is a back-breaking job and I appreciate the work done by those who do it for a living.  A fellow worker with my wife is in the same process and he has acknowledged the amount of work necessary.  He doesn’t seem to have any issues though with his floor like I did.  No holes, sloppy repair jobs and minimal garbage under the baseboard.  Didn’t find cigarette butts like I did.

Fortunately, the carpet will soon be applied and we’ll be able to enjoy it.  Nice thing is we can watch it be installed and ensure quality, unlike the Mattamy job.  I only wish Mattamy would list the contractors who worked on the house so that in the future, I would be better informed on who to do work on my house.  Why hire the contractor who did a poor job in the first place?

Now, one might think I am the only one with issues.  A visit to one website shows others that received the non-advertised Mattamy service.  If you go far enough down in the site, you will find some who were pleased, but not many.  I wonder if they were the ones who got the survey and special treatment.

Here is a sampling of the Mattamy experience:

Betty in Bronte:

I am not too impresed with the quality in some areas of my Mattamy home.  It seems like they have really cut corners past the point of reasonableness.  For example, my floors squeak horribly because the builders put too much space between the nails to save $ on materials; I found this out when I looked into the cost of fixing the floors!

RT in Cambridge:

My family moved into a 10 year old Mattamy home, 3 years ago. The house is nice, and seems to be built well enough. I do though, hear from the nieghbours that the foundation cracks, which were present shortly after the original closing date, were never repaired. This was, in part, due to the original owners moving, before they could coerce/embarrass Mattamy Homes into correcting the situation. My issue with Mattamy concerns the plumbing. There are very few plumbing connections that can be taken apart with any type of wrench.  All of the plumbing connections in the house, with the exception of the toilets, have been either cemented or soldered to the fixture or  sink.

Davidson, NC

When I decided to build with Mattamy I was excited – their customer service was amazing and they seemed to really care about the quality of the home! Soon after closing on my new home in the Summers Walk subdivision in Davidson, NC. I realized what they said they stood for was not true or accurate. Since closing on my home I have had issues with the electrical, the wood floors, and a number of other items. Mattamy has turned a blind eye. The most shocking is the wood floors – which are poor quality – and which they refuse to fix. Do NOT be tricked by their up-front service – because once you buy from them the trick is over and you are left with a home with which they do not stand by!

These are just 3 examples of many on this website.  The experiences you see should prepare you for what you MIGHT experience with not only Mattamy but any builder.  Unfortunately, they mirror the type of experience I had with Mattamy, not my first builder, Townwood.  My experience with Townwood gave me a false sense of security when it came to choosing a builder who I thought built quality.  I only wish that Townwood had built in Oakville.

Good lawyer, lots of documentation and a professional house inspector are three items to put in your homebuyer tool chest.

Remember: it’s your HOME, your investment and, your sanity.

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.

March 7, 2011

Tweet about Mattamy


As some of you already know, I have expanded this blog to a Twitter account – @MattamyWatch.  In terms of accessing new streams of information, I am finding it invaluable and, allows me to link to those wishing to read this blog.  To those linking, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

One person contacted me via @MattamyWatch and asked the following: “@MattamyWatch I just sold a mattamy in Milton. Are you implying they are bad?”

Good question.

No, I would be totally false if I said they were bad.  They have produced some fine homes – with some areas having more than their share of problems though.

Lets say they sometimes skirt the law or, make some shortcuts that are not good for the homebuyer. 

Proven facts.

If you care to read my blog, you will see they have been charged – Ottawa for the illegal berm; sold houses in Kanata Fairwinds without permits to build and blew off trusting homebuyers; have had construction delayed due to the fact they dangerously began construction, putting construction workers and neighbours at risk, on land fertilized with human waste (Milton); been responsible for vast environmental damage to wetlands (Cambridge); constructed homes on land susceptible to flooding (Bracebridge); and, guilty of putting children’s lives at risk by doing illegal (code) wiring in Oakville.

Does this make their homes “Bad”? 

 No, but it certainly shows the level of ethics they use in selling and building homes.  As well, kind of forecasts potential problems you might have with a Mattamy home based on past performance – complaints of which seem to outnumber the competition.

 In terms of politics, Peter Gilan the billionaire and Mattamy have donated millions of dollars to very worthwhile causes such as the Oakville Hospital, Wellspring and, the Oakville YMCA.  Seems though, unlike a lot of other donators, he needs his name on the building.  For those that gave more and remained anonymous, we are grateful for your consideration.

Not bad in most books but, at what cost to the homeowner who seeks protection from those very people accepting the donations.  In my case, Peter Gilgan donated money, etc to a Wellspring project, a project supported by then Oakville mayor, Ann Mulvale.  The report on the illegal wiring never saw the light of day, and the matter was deferred to the province, who conveniently stated – they would not force builders to allow homeowners the right to hire a house inspector because it “might cost them (the homeower) money”. 


It already costs the homeowner money to hire a house inspector anyways but does the province mean the builder might charge more to build the house properly so it will pass an inspection by an “independent” inspector instead of a municipal inspector (some of whom may be accepting gifts).

I assume Mattamy or Peter Gilgan would let me know if I am wrong. 

Just don’t send the bully boys like last time Peter.



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August 31, 2009

BILD – are award standards slipping???


I was leafing thr0ugh the Saturday Toronto Star Home section today and came across the usual Mattamy Homes centre spread (not quite up to Playboy standards I must admit).  I noticed it did not have the usual JD Power three years in a row “Customer Satisfaction Award” noted.  Hidden near the top they did mention the BILD 2009 Home Builder of the Year award, something that was flogged on page one of the Home section as well.

BILD????  It is the Building Industry and Land Development Association.  A conglomeration of over 1500 members.  According to their website“membership includes: home builders; land developers; renovators; land use and environmental planners; sub-contractors; manufacturers; lawyers; surveyors; architects; suppliers; and representatives of service, professional and financial institutions. Our goal is to improve the communication between the industry and government, provide enhanced opportunities for our members, promote the welfare of the industry, and protect the interests of consumers.”

Ah, remember the glory days when Mattamy could proudly flog their awards from the esteemed J.D. Power company, known world-wide for their insightful surveys.  Now, they have to depend on an organization made up of other builders to get an award.  My, how they have fallen.  Yes, I know, PEER group acknowledgement but still a group pushing for sales.

I know I have knocked J.D. Power in the past but, at least they can say they are independant from the builders and thus give an unbiased review hopefully.  Here’s BILD giving Mattamy Homes Builder of the Year and with what happened in Ottawa, Bracebridge et al, I am surprised, especially since JD Power dropped Mattamy to around last place in Ottawa and 2nd place in the GTA in terms of customer satisfaction. 

If this is the best BILD can find, I can only imagine how bad the others in the group are.  I couldn’t find the award standards on the website and have emailed for same.  Would be interesting to view the selection criteria for this award. 

Based on how Mattamy has treated those in Ottawa and Bracebridge, BILD should strike that last bit off their blurb: “protect the interests of consumers” , in terms of giving out awards. 


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August 28, 2009

Mattamy – Who loves ya baby?


Well, apparently those in Ottawa have put Mattamy Homes in the basement with the bottom feeders and in Halton, the place of the Mattamy cult, it has slipped to a disgraceful 2nd place. All according to Mattamy cult leader, JD Power.   Hard to stay on top when you’re screwing the homeowner I guess.

What I find interesting is when you talk to former executives and workers of Mattamy Homes.  Now, some will say that all you will get is crap from disgruntled and non-professional has-beens in the trade or those who can’t put together two pieces of wood to make a cross.  Well, I am sure some of the ex-Mattamy employees weren’t up to snuff but I can tell you, there are a lot more who are and continue in the trade with some respect.

I talked to one home inspector and I can tell you, I’m glad he left Mattamy Homes and took on a honourable profession.  His work ethic wouldn’t allow him to do what Mattamy asked.

A visit to the forums will also show what some people feel about the Mattamy work ethic.  Remember my Bully Boy blog… yes, it is in character.

Here’s one quote.

“I have no first hand experience with Mattamy but I’ve heard tons of nightmares about Mattamy homes. I’ve been talking to a lot of contractors recently and they say that Mattamy sucks at paying them and they have to fight for their money after the job is done so now they just do a half ass job to get back at the builder (some of the stories are very disturbing).”

Yes, may not be true but what about this followup by someone else.  It sort of backs up the leaking basement problems, just like mine.

“I work for the main builder of the foundations at halfmoon, everything is slapped together, chainsaws are used to do majority of the cutting, and dont even get me started on the condition of some of the foundations that were built during the winter..”

and from another construction worker:

just saw the title and here’s my 2 cents worth, we deal with them directly for foundations, walls, and g-floors. their floor finishers are SHIT. and their formwork is not that good either. lots off walls had to be redone due to improper vibrating, curing etc.

In closing:

and who to ask about this kind of stuff.  Saw one comment online and it is appropriate:

Ask contractors, your lawyer and inspectors. More knowledgable people than some tard that thinks wood can’t warp

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July 11, 2009

Pomeroy states: Mattamy workers don’t have a clue why they are here.


On Wednesday, July 8th, there was a committee meeting in Halton to recommend an increase in Development Charges that would cover the costs of infrastructure resulting from new development.  It ended in a 4-4 tie and will be decided on July 15th at Halton CouncilThis recommendation is to reduce the cost to the Halton taxpayer.

Interesting to note that the developers/builders, led by Mattamy Homes were able to flood the room with workers they had taken off job-sites and bused to the meeting in a show of support towards shafting the taxpayer.  I mean, the taxpayer has to take time off work and go on their own time and with their own transportation while the supposedly cash starved builders can grab a plethora of workers and bus them to the meeting – all being paid

Now, instead of busily building your new home, these guys are yanked off the job-site and told to take the bus to the meeting.  Kind of reminds me of the old “rentademo” people in the 70’s.  Remember folks, these workers are being paid with the money you thought would be spent on your new home, not paying protesters at public meetings.  You should ask for a rebate.

Another interesting point was that these protesters were allowed to wear their protest signs into the meeting, something I thought wasn’t allowed.  I stand to be corrected but, when I show up on July 15th with my information brochures on Mattamy, I hope I am afforded the same courtesy. 

This would be hilarious in most circumstances but these “voluntold” workers really didn’t know why they were taken off the job-site and told to listen to some politicians (hey, I bleed for them there) according to one Mattamy spokesperson.  (Milton Canadian Champion)

“Certainly a lot of them don’t know why they’re here but I do, and so do their employers,” said former Halton regional chair Peter Pomeroy, who now works on behalf of Mattamy Corporation.

Wait a minute – “former Halton Regional Chair Peter Pomeroy” now works for Mattamy!!!!  Whoooo!!!!  Now that explains a lot doesn’t it Gilgan.    You’ve got a former chair in your back pocket, working to further your empire in Halton- shafting the old taxpayer with reduced Development Charges.  But, then you have a former local planner with connections working for you in the Ottawa area where you tried to build without a permit and did illegal dumping, to name a couple of misdeeds. I wonder who else you have in your stable to help twist, manipulate or otherwise bend to your will the poor taxpayer in other jurisdictions.  Oh, I forgot.  One councillor in Oakville is connected to the Trafalgar Historical Society, which has received gifts from Mattamy Homes and,  Fred Oliver, well he was on Oakville Council and voted to get rid of my complaint by passing the buck to the Province under the leadership of former Mayor Ann Mulvale, another friend of Mattamy Homes

I feel I am facing the evil Lord Mordor in the Lord of the Rings.  Where’s Frodo when you need him???

Well folks, on July 15th you can believe the self-serving facts given out by Mattamy Homes, the Billionaire’s company or, you can support those who were elected on a platform to control Development Costs and reduce the impact on the taxpayer. 

It’s your choice – Lord Mordor or Frodo.


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April 17, 2009

You gets what you pays for………

I was surfing the net the other night and came across the following. In all fairness to Mattamy, they may have changed some of their standards since this was originally printed – but I doubt it as a leopard doesn’t change its spots.  The following advice might stop you from buying the “Handyman Special” from even a new home builder.

I bought a new home (not mattamy) in 2003. About 6 months later, mattamy opened up a site nearby. When I went to check out their plans, I did a little comparison shoping and found that mattamy was about $10k to $15k cheaper than the similar models that my builder was offering. However, I looked deeper and found that Mattamy offers only bare bones, as per their feature sheet and the minimal code requirements (that is how they keep their cost down). In the end, I contacted Mattamy’s decor centre to price out the diffence in the feature sheet. In the end I was happy that I didn’t buy a Mattamy home. It worked out that I would have paid approx $20k more with a Mattamy home just to bring it up to what my builder was offering as a standard feature.

The moral of the story is to not just look at the price and the pretty pictures but to actually read the feature sheet thoroughly and compare it to other builders. You will most definitely see a big difference in the cheaper materials used by Mattamy!!!!!!!

Here is a few major things I noticed that Mattamy used as a standard VS. what my builder used:

2×4 studs VS. 2X6 studs
Viynl sliding windows VS. Viynl Casement windows
2×10 floor joist VS Engineered flooring systems
3/4″ OSB board sub floor VS 3/4″ tongue and Groove plywood sub floor

These were a few things that I could remember as there were more!!!”


Now, hopefully from all that you will realize that comparative shopping is a must.  I mean, you do it all the time when you’re going for the small items, so why not the large ones as well.  You might fall in love with the exterior and the floorplan but, in the long run, you want a house that is substantially built that will last a lifetime (speculators disregard as you only deal in location, looks and things that make the price go up quick – not long term quality).

You want a house that is insulated properly as standard, not an upgrade and you want floors that won’t squeak everytime you try to sneak home and get into bed before the wife/husband notices.  Might seem like a small thing but I can tell you, it will bug you everytime you walk over it.  Nail pops add to the decor I guess for some but the spotty patch job is a little too out there for my artistic tastes. Cheap vinyl that cracks or good vinyl that lasts…. yes, all questions you should be asking and comparing.

It is kind of like buying a Lada over a VW.  You want cheap, you get cheap and all the problems that come with it.  Ladas are gone but the VW is a classic.  Maybe scale back a bit on the overall size of home and upgrades and buy a house that is built right the first time. 

I’d rather grow old in my house gradually than have the house make me old quickly.

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April 15, 2009

Do you love stress – don’t hire a house inspector

I received the following from a reader of the blog:

“Hey – love the site – just found it today. My sister-in-law bought a
village home in Barhaven (Ottawa) and has had problem after problem with it. It could have been a wonderful positive experience, but no, it has
been nothing but trouble – some really stupid stuff too – for instance
hot water in the toilet!!

Keep up the good work.


It really bothers me when I see people such as this having their lives turned upside down due to the indifference of a builder.  I mean, we all know how much stress is involved in the purchase of a house (new or old) and how much turmoil the family will go through right from the beginning.  We know that and accept that as part of the process, with the knowledge that once we’re in and, the the boxes are unloaded, we can put up our feet on the living room table, have a drink and sit and relax in our new home.  An indifferent builder can ruin that whole scenario and the stress of the purchase can go on – sometimes forever. 

I know a house inspector isn’t the be all and end all but, at least they can help to mitigate some of the stress.  Knowing that you have a professional in your corner can go a long way to getting things done, especially if they spot the flaws prior to moving in.  Those with young children and moving into an unfinished home know exactly of what I speak.

Spending up to a $1000 (most are much less) on a house inspector is peanuts compared to the whole enchilada of a house purchase.  Take some of the stress off yourself and consider getting the help you should have.  And if you agree, write your MP/local politician and tell them you want the law changed so that you can have the RIGHT to hire a house inspector to help you.  Otherwise, you’ll just be another lamb going to the slaughter.  And for those of you who think you can do it on your own – good luck but there are a lot of us not qualified to deal with a builder on our own.  Just read the forums and you’ll see the broken households due to builder indifferrence and incompetence.  Even the award winning builder, Mattamy Homes, is out there shafting customers and not following code.

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