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August 27, 2013

Hard to argue on Twitter -But it doesn’t make Town of Oakville or Mattamy any less guilty.


Yesterday, I had a very interesting exchange on Twitter.  I assume the person did not agree with my thoughts on the Town of Oakville and their response to my issue.  As you know, my blog is to bring forward issues within the building industry.  I use Mattamy Homes as an example as I can prove all the points.  Those which were inflicted upon myself and my family and, researched incidents of less than acceptable behavior – again, all documented.  It seems that my case is old history and should be forgotten.  Forgotten by whom?

Well, the Town of Oakville has certainly forgotten they had an obligation to fully investigate the matter and do something worthwhile about it, instead of moving it off to the province, knowing full well nothing would be done.  Even one of the councilors who voted to do so and became an MPP, did nothing at that level.  Right Mr. Flynn?

My purpose is not to gratuitously embarrass the Town of Oakville, its former mayor nor in fact, MR. Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes.  No, my blog is to show how people have profited on the backs of others who suffered something due to their actions.  In fact, I calculate that Mattamy Homes saved more than $100,000 with the illegal sale of the home to me.  Illegal sale? Yes, it was wired illegally, something the Town of Oakville allowed and thus the house was sold, although a Town of Oakville building director stated he would not allow the home to have an occupation permit based on what happened.

So, why do I continue?  I think it is paramount that new home buyers be aware of the issues they are facing so that they can put together a team to assist them.

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer, an honest real estate agent and a house inspector to monitor their investment while it is being built.  Back in the day, we viewed a house we were going to buy.  Now, you view artist conceptions and floor plans (which can be changed by the builder on a whim) and maybe a well-built model home.

So, back to my tweets.  Twitter allows the truth to come out and that is why I inform the public via Twitter of my case and cases like it.  I also use it to pass on useful links and the tweets of others.  Some don’t like the truth though.  It hurts their reputation – a reputation built on costly advertising and donations.  It is hard to bring out the truth when politicians and others receive large donations.  Hard for them to actually look behind the donations and see if the wealth was built on shortcuts, ripping off people and basically being a person not worthy of the cult like adoration put forward in ads, articles and whatever.

I cannot prove my case on Twitter.  140 characters is way too short.  Although Andre Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, recently libeled a Durham Regional police officer through Twitter.  All it took was a 140 character Tweet and a news release and a man’s life and career was jeopardized.  Turns out someone else used his name to call Marin names on Twitter.  How can we trust an investigation by the Ombudsman when they make a simple mistake such as this.

This is why I am very careful to check the facts and make sure what I say is the truth.  I respect the Town of Oakville and Peter Gilgan/Mattamy Homes enough to ensure I only print the truth.  A truth they made, not me and none is fabricated.  To the person tweeting me, the truth is already on record with the Town of Oakville in council minutes and the agendas of various committee meetings.

Yes, it may be old but, if we all gave up on old atrocities, the people who did it would live on without fear or repercussions.  And, all it would have taken from the Town of Oakville was a simple apology, instead of hiding behind their lawyer’s skirts.

Interesting aside – I as a taxpayer, pay for my portion of Oakville town expenses, including legal fees.  I in fact am paying the Town of Oakville lawyer to shaft me and not look after my interests but the interests of those who did wrong. At my next meeting, I’ll bring the KY.

Twitter is a new social media that is a double-edged sword.  You have a responsibility to ensure that only the truth is put out there.  Otherwise, the system will collapse and you will end up with the issues I have had with the Town of Oakville over the years.  Some people don’t like the truth – it hurts their bottom line and power moves.  Twitter can keep them honest.

P.S.  I am still awaiting a response re the monitoring of construction north of Dundas Street West to ensure quality control on the building code standards (little that they are)

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