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November 9, 2013

REMEMBRANCE DAY – NOVEMBER 11TH, 2013 Give those who sacrificed a moment of reflection.

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One of the privileges we enjoy as Canadians is the right to free speech, something we take for granted but, was won for us by those who fought for our country and prevented those who stifle free thought from taking it from us.  My blog exists because of the sacrifices made by those before me and hopefully we can protect this privilege in the future.  Some paid the ultimate sacrifice and were denied the benefits we now cherish.  Take a moment to consider how lucky we are that we can spread the truth so easily.  Some still try to stifle the truth through lawyers and bully boys but, we as Canadians ,will continue to protect what has been earned for us.  Take a moment this November 11th to respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you what you have now.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Colonel John McCrae


August 25, 2011

Hallelujah – Oakville Homes back on line – Development Charges an election issue?


“I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you.” **

First off, I’d like to thank WordPress.com for their support and understanding.  After a temporary shutdown to ascertain the facts, WordPress has reinstated my ability to post on this site.  I can understand their wanting to know all the facts before making a final decision and, once confronted with the facts, they made a decision to support the right to “Freedom of Speech”.  As a writer, I am aware that this sacred right depends on one ensuring that all facts are ‘TRUE” and that defamation and slander are not allowed.

One thing I have made clear with the Mattamy lawyer – if at any time Mattamy has an issue with what I wrote and can show it is in fact “NOT TRUE”,  they can contact me and, if right, I will remove the offending part and make an apology.  Maybe making an apology is something they are not familiar with.  I know they have been aware of this blog for some time and up to now, have not made any comments to have stuff withdrawn.  They have given a different viewpoint of the facts and, I have left that on my blog for readers to compare.  Mattamy must realize that as long as my FACTS are correct, then my OPINION is my own and I may state it.  They have their own opinion in terms of quality and they expect homeowners to follow that, so, I would think they would respect my opinion.  Obviously with the notice given me and WordPress, they do not respect freedom of speech and the right to express one’s qualified opinion but rely on heavy-handed “threatening???” letters from a Bay Street lawyer.  If Mattamy closes down this blog, then they are winning a battle that will diminish the rights and freedom of those wanting to tell their side of the story.  The Press doesn’t always do that, especially if it involves their advertisers.  WordPress and other blog allow this.  Again, thank you WordPress for allowing us to experience this freedom.

And, now to today’s blog, a few days late due to circumstances beyond my control.

There must be an election coming up soon.  The anti-Development Charge (DC) whiners are beginning their campaign to have DCs diminished.  In the Toronto Star (August 20) Stephen Dupuis ( President & CEO of BILD) puts forward a well documented argument that in some areas the DCs are too high and thus impact on affordable home ownership ( 7 to 10% of home price).  He mentions that all taxes and charges come to about 20% of the total.  I hate to say it but, you pays it now or you pays it later as a taxpayer.  Myself, I’d rather pay it up front instead of a lasting legacy in my yearly tax bill.  Although I guess one could argue that it would be shared with a multitude of others but is that fair.  I mean, the Milton developers profited with the taxpayer supported construction of the water line to Milton – something we all know we are still paying for.

Like a recurring STD.

Now, this can’t be all bad.  I mean, the developers are a group of people who have accumulated wealth through development to the tune of some being billionaires.  So, I can’t really see the DC’s being a problem for them.  Over time, the taxpayer has paid for the infrastructure and continue to pay taxes for maintenance.  Why would the developers feel that it was necessary to burden them with more taxes to pay for something they are initiating.  Why would they not feel that the newcomer should pay their way into the community.  Much like a golf club who charges an initiation fee.  Do developers complain about people having to pay initiation fees to get into their exclusive golf clubs.  I think they see it as a way to keep out the low-end riff-raff, otherwise we’d all be playing at Glen Abbey.

Now, once their home is paid for and the initial development costs paid for, they join the larger group of taxpayers who all share in the continuation of maintenance on all infrastructure.  Now, that seems fair.  You see, I accept the fact that my taxes will go up over time to pay for the ever-increasing infrastructure.  Taxes that will go up faster due to the growth.  If the community maintained it size, my taxes would only go up to cover inflation etc to maintain the already in place infrastructure.  Developers bring new costs to the table.  So, DCs are only fair to ensure the initial hurt of infrastructure cost of new building is absorbed by those causing the growth.

So, with the Ontario provincial election coming up, it will be nice to see just where the developer’s donation money will go.  Liberal, Conservative or NDP (or other?) – who gets what?  Now, I don’t think I can sway the government with my $200 donation but when a developer goes into the thousands, just what can they expect for that money?  Why would any developer give thousands to a candidate when it is perfectly acceptable for little guys like me to give hundreds?  Is there an expectation of return on the money?

To date, both McGuinty and Hudak have not responded to any of my queries in regards to their thoughts on the Development Charges.  Why is that?  They either support or not support the concept and they either support status quo, a rise or lowering of the fee schedule.  Simple question that deserves a simple answer unless, there is more to be seen by those donating and how much.

When both candidates (actually, their workers) call me for support, they won’t tell me or say they will pass my question on.  I guess it is too delicate an issue and is too tied into donations.

So, one way for your taxes to go up is to see a lowering of the Development Charges.  Find out how each candidate feels on the matter.

If you don’t, don’t cry when your taxes go up while the developer’s wealth goes up as well.  They’ve done quite nicely so far.

** My thanks to Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah”

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.

May 26, 2009

Mattamy Homes – is there freedom of the press when you advertise????


I decided to enlarge my readership by putting a classified ad in the Oakville Beaver newspaper (community section). It read as follows:

“Are you having problems with your
Mattamy built house? Visit
http://www.oakvillehomes.wordpress.com to see
what Mattamy has done to others,
including breaking environmental laws
and putting children’s lives at risk.
Protect yourself with a house inspector.”

What did the Oakville Beaver say? 

 “Thank you for your on-line ad request but we do not accept these types of ads, your credit card has been refunded, thank you.”

“We do not accept these types of ads” ???????? 

Shades of the deep south!!!!

As a private citizen, I decided to advertise for assistance in gaining information on Mattamy Homes and utilized a classified, paid ad to do so.

Now, what is really interesting is that, the Oakville Beaver is part of Metroland, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, who owns the Toronto Star.  Hmmm and, as you have seen, the Toronto Star has as one of its biggest advertisers – Mattamy Homes.

Now look at my ad.  Is it filled with falsehoods?  Does it put forth libelous material?  Or, does it solicit information from those of us who have been wronged by Mattamy Homes –  a main advertiser with the Toronto Star, part of Torstar Corporation, owner of Metroland and ultimately the owner of the Oakville Beaver.  So much for the Toronto Star being a voice of the little person, the persons wronged and the persons in need of a public voice. 

What happened to the Atkinson principles  in regards to Social Justice, Individual and Civil Liberties, Community and Civic Engagement, The Rights of Working People and, The Necessary Role of Government??? 

Advertising wins and the basic principle of “Freedom of the Press” loses. 

Thank God for blogs, the only voice out there that allows those of us wronged to speak about the issues that need to be brought forth.   How long before the government puts controls on our right to express ourselves via the internet??

My blog shows how Mattamy has broken the law, put forth inferior products, has caused grief to familes and, continues to put people at risk and financial hardship and, it appears, that our “voices of the people’,  aren’t able to fight back because the PRESS, who are paid by the advertisers, don’t want to allow us to fight back.  They are covering up what is happening in our society and are being paid via their advertising to do so.  Yes, they do report on scandals and uncover wrongdoings.  But, it usually involves entertainment stars, who need the coverage anyways and, those people who don’t advertise (political figures, police officers, disgraced lawyers, etc).

Integrity, ethics, honesty and fairness are values that I believe in.  I believe that our PRESS are failing in these and have fallen to the “god of advertising”.

Shades of “1984” .

I read an interesting article by Mia Jarlov.  The following is quoted:

Structural changes within the industry encouraged the absorption or elimination of the early radical press. “One in four things happened to the national radical papers that failed to meet the requirements of advertisers”, observe Curran and Seaton. “They either closed down; accommodated to advertising pressure by moving up-market; stayed in small audience ghetto with manageable losses; or accepted an alternative source of institutional patronage”.

I guess the Toronto Star and Oakville Beaver “accommodated to advertising pressure by moving up-market”.

At least there are blogs out there who are willing to speak the truth and produce facts.  For those of you out there, thank you for being part of this process, a process now forgotten by our big brother  – THE PRESS.



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