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October 11, 2013

Does Boss Hogg live in Oakville? Maybe Bubba knows.



Some talk the talk while others walk the walk.  Some use donations and advertising to show their worth while others depend on word of mouth via quality products.

Some people will surf the web and visit forums and other sources to help determine a course of action.  Myself, I use Tripadvisor.ca before picking a hotel/motel on any trip.  You need to take all comments with a grain of salt (# bad occurrences, too high standards for what they intended to pay, etc) but, on the whole, I have found them to be very useful.

Where do you go if you want to buy a home?  A real estate office (who want to make money selling the joint), newspaper articles on housing (who make money off the advertising by builders), Tarion (builder/developer dominated agency), people on the street (who want to keep values up, especially if a speculator) or friends (which you could lose if the advice turns sour)?  Very few resources that you could fully trust.

But word of mouth and forums at least let some of the truth come out, although it too can be biased.   But, so are the surveys you read.  Seems that builders might give some kind of “extra” service to those they know will be filling out the forms.  Seems Mattamy has been accused of this practice.  Some regret taking the bonus as they find the “extra” service only extends to the time the survey was submitted.

Yes, Customer Service means more than some companies are willing to give.  I notice Mattamy has joined Twitter social media, hoping to pass on their message.  Two way street though – allows the truth to come out.

On my last posting (#600 if you are counting) I basically said that the Town of Oakville and Mattamy were an unbeatable pairing.  One gets the donations and the other gets to illegally wire houses, at least in my case.  My blog has illustrated many other things Mattamy has done in Oakville and elsewhere.

Funny how things that go around come around.  MPP Kevin Flynn was on town council when they threw me under the provincial bus and refused to pass a bylaw intended to protect homeowners from poorly built homes.  You notice that when you buy a house for $250k plus, nothing is said about quality.  They do mention MINIMUM BUILDING CODE, when asked about poor quality.  Building inspectors and builders love that phrase – “it’s to code”.  Quality is not in the code.  Even if it isn’t code, as in my case, the Town of Oakville did nothing but receive donations over the years from Mattamy.  I mentioned MPP Kevin Flynn – it is his political seat that was under the gun in the last election and the Liberals, in their wisdom, cancelled the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville to the tune of over $1 Billion (yes, you heard right, someone got $1 Billion for not doing something) to ensure he got elected..  Again Flynn looked after the “establishment” and not the taxpayer/homeowner.  NIMBYism in Oakville cost the provincial taxpayer $1 Billion plus.  Must be a new record for NIMBYism.  They were concerned about their children’s health but they didn’t give a shit about my children’s health.  But then, I live in the wrong area I guess.

In my last posting, I stated I was going to move on and focus on other matters.  Seems though, that Mattamy wanted the last word.  At the end of this blog are two comments made after I announced my decision to move on.  According to certain records, they both came from Mattamy.  Nice to see someone there reads my stuff.  If so, my regards to Peter Gilgan, loved by all (at least those who see him as a cash cow) and I hope he had a good summer in his palace in Muskoka.

Legal Beagle note:  To the best of my knowledge and based on a reliable source, the comments can be attributed to the electronic system under the control and owned by Mattamy.  If you can prove otherwise, I will certainly remove the posts and make an apology.  I know Mattamy and the Town of Oakville don’t understand A P O L O G Y (read my lips), but I am willing to do these – it’s considered part of being socially responsible.

Remember the show “Dukes of Hazzard”.  Boss Hogg ran the place and Bubba the sheriff did his bidding.  I wonder if it was written with the Town of Oakville in mind.


The first two comments – I’m not sure if this is their Customer Relations office responding to my blog.  If so, I think informing those being shafted to not be a waste of time.  Not bitter either, as I do realize some people have actually lived in a well built Mattamy Home.  Just the rest of us have been shafted at the expense of making Peter Gilgan a billionaire.  Donations have clouded the issue that he is an accountant that looks at the bottom line and your interests are not part of that.

At the end, is another person who received the Mattamy shaft, only proving to the Mattamy poster, I’m not alone.



Ugh…you’re so annoying…get over it already.


Like seriously, dude, you’re wasting your life with all this anger…let it go! Go out there and LIVE instead of writing these pathetic little blog posts that obviously no-one cares about. So you had a bad experience once upon a time…are you gonna let that bitter you forever?


Anonymous (another person)

I too was screwed by Mattamy, until I stood outside their sales office and showed pics of my defects, and called in the fire department for obvious violations. With in 24 hours I had all defects corrected. Gilgan is too big and arrogant for his own boots.

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September 30, 2013

Mattamy 1 – Homeowner 0 House inspector only way to go.

My last post featured “Cowboy Builders”, a term used in England but certainly applicable to Canada.  You’ve read about them and occasionally something is done to help the screwed homeowner.  In Ontario, Tarion has a very shaky record in helping consumers, not surprising considering the slanted emphasis in regards to builders/developers on their board of directors.  Occasionally even the courts help out – probably against a builder who hasn’t paid his “political dues”.

Shows initiated by Mike Holmes and Brian Baeulmer try to help the consumer and do educate in what to look for but alas, hampered by ???, they do not show you who is screwing who.

In the Town of Oakville, who has received very large donations from Mattamy/Peter Gilgan in the past, it is obvious that the Mayor and Council will do nothing to really protect the consumer/homebuyer.  Yes, they have a Building Department who is “legally obligated” to enforce the somewhat weak building code but, as we have seen, they are less than perfect.  According to letters I have received, they will only inspect a dwelling when told it is time by the builder – reactive and not proactive.  So much for really looking after the consumer.

And, the Town of Oakville is afraid to enact a by-law allowing homeowners to hire a house inspector to monitor the build – something they could do under their responsibility to enforce the building code.  The house inspector would inform the building inspector of any infractions.  Like community policing where the public assist the police in policing their neighbourhood.  But, they seem afraid of this.  Why?  Too many donations by the developers/builders?  Someone have pictures of someone doing something with animals?  Who knows, except, the Mayor and Council refuse to help out the consumer.  A former councillor, who went the provincial route, voted to have the Council pass on my recommendation to the Ontario government.  The Ontario government, in their wisdom, felt they could not pass such a law as “it would cost the homeowner money”.  The councilor who voted to have it taken to the province, is also involved in the provincial decision to not place the power plants in Mississauga and Oakville.  That only cost the taxpayer $500 million it seems.  But, I guess friends of the Liberals were the beneficiaries of the monies spent so, all is well in the political world.  How about it Flynn, why not get a law passed that would help a homeowner and the cost is “optional”?

It is hard to fight city hall and I recently communicated with someone having a battle with another builder, Ballantrae.  They have similar issues with the builder and government agencies.  As a screwed homeowner, you quickly find that donations work and politicians really don’t care about the average homeowner, unless there is at least a photo-op.  Maybe we can arrange some photo-ops around election time, which is coming up.

My last post was number 600.  Other than having the Mattamy bully boys after me, the Mattamy legal beagles threatening me with libel and other ridiculous things, I must admit that I haven’t really accomplished what I wanted.  A by-law protecting homeowners.

As I have stated above, donations rule the roost and local politicians really don’t give a damn about these things.  Looking good does and getting donations even better but helping screwed homeowners – that is counterproductive to milking developers for donations.

So, I have decided to take a different tack – appears the mighty blog doesn’t accomplish anything.  A more proactive protest is in order I believe.  So, this will be my last regular blog posting, although I may visit it occasionally to pass on any tid-bits that are given me by those who want the truth out there.

The Mayor and Council of the Town of Oakville obviously don’t understand the word “apology” and, neither will I when the time comes.

So, remember, no one will look after you when you buy a house except yourself, your own paid lawyer and a professional house inspector.  Remember, you too can get screwed and if you hire a house inspector to monitor the build, just helps you in court where you will find yourself at odds to prove the “truth”.  Lawyers for builders hate that word and will do everything to prevent it from being introduced.

Me, I got the Mattamy Bully Boys.

August 27, 2013

Hard to argue on Twitter -But it doesn’t make Town of Oakville or Mattamy any less guilty.


Yesterday, I had a very interesting exchange on Twitter.  I assume the person did not agree with my thoughts on the Town of Oakville and their response to my issue.  As you know, my blog is to bring forward issues within the building industry.  I use Mattamy Homes as an example as I can prove all the points.  Those which were inflicted upon myself and my family and, researched incidents of less than acceptable behavior – again, all documented.  It seems that my case is old history and should be forgotten.  Forgotten by whom?

Well, the Town of Oakville has certainly forgotten they had an obligation to fully investigate the matter and do something worthwhile about it, instead of moving it off to the province, knowing full well nothing would be done.  Even one of the councilors who voted to do so and became an MPP, did nothing at that level.  Right Mr. Flynn?

My purpose is not to gratuitously embarrass the Town of Oakville, its former mayor nor in fact, MR. Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes.  No, my blog is to show how people have profited on the backs of others who suffered something due to their actions.  In fact, I calculate that Mattamy Homes saved more than $100,000 with the illegal sale of the home to me.  Illegal sale? Yes, it was wired illegally, something the Town of Oakville allowed and thus the house was sold, although a Town of Oakville building director stated he would not allow the home to have an occupation permit based on what happened.

So, why do I continue?  I think it is paramount that new home buyers be aware of the issues they are facing so that they can put together a team to assist them.

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer, an honest real estate agent and a house inspector to monitor their investment while it is being built.  Back in the day, we viewed a house we were going to buy.  Now, you view artist conceptions and floor plans (which can be changed by the builder on a whim) and maybe a well-built model home.

So, back to my tweets.  Twitter allows the truth to come out and that is why I inform the public via Twitter of my case and cases like it.  I also use it to pass on useful links and the tweets of others.  Some don’t like the truth though.  It hurts their reputation – a reputation built on costly advertising and donations.  It is hard to bring out the truth when politicians and others receive large donations.  Hard for them to actually look behind the donations and see if the wealth was built on shortcuts, ripping off people and basically being a person not worthy of the cult like adoration put forward in ads, articles and whatever.

I cannot prove my case on Twitter.  140 characters is way too short.  Although Andre Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, recently libeled a Durham Regional police officer through Twitter.  All it took was a 140 character Tweet and a news release and a man’s life and career was jeopardized.  Turns out someone else used his name to call Marin names on Twitter.  How can we trust an investigation by the Ombudsman when they make a simple mistake such as this.

This is why I am very careful to check the facts and make sure what I say is the truth.  I respect the Town of Oakville and Peter Gilgan/Mattamy Homes enough to ensure I only print the truth.  A truth they made, not me and none is fabricated.  To the person tweeting me, the truth is already on record with the Town of Oakville in council minutes and the agendas of various committee meetings.

Yes, it may be old but, if we all gave up on old atrocities, the people who did it would live on without fear or repercussions.  And, all it would have taken from the Town of Oakville was a simple apology, instead of hiding behind their lawyer’s skirts.

Interesting aside – I as a taxpayer, pay for my portion of Oakville town expenses, including legal fees.  I in fact am paying the Town of Oakville lawyer to shaft me and not look after my interests but the interests of those who did wrong. At my next meeting, I’ll bring the KY.

Twitter is a new social media that is a double-edged sword.  You have a responsibility to ensure that only the truth is put out there.  Otherwise, the system will collapse and you will end up with the issues I have had with the Town of Oakville over the years.  Some people don’t like the truth – it hurts their bottom line and power moves.  Twitter can keep them honest.

P.S.  I am still awaiting a response re the monitoring of construction north of Dundas Street West to ensure quality control on the building code standards (little that they are)

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February 17, 2009

House Inspectors – BC gets it, Ontario befuddled

Sometimes, the case law, etc that comes out of British Columbia can be considered, well, a little flakey – la la land stuff.  But, they have come up with something every consumer should be happy to see.  In the Saturday Star (Feb 14), I read a column by Bob Aaron, the resident guru concerning real estate law.  It was titled “Licensed home inspectors make perfect sense“.

The short version – B.C. has enacted legislation that will make it the first province to “license home inspectors in order to protect buyers by ensuring qualified inspections”. 

A good move on B.C.’s part that will go a long way to ensuring the consumer gets professional help when buying a home.  Ontario, on the other hand, has a non-compulsory designation for house inspectors designated RHI.  Basically, anyone who wants to put up a shingle with this on it and takes an online course, can.  Even the industry, it seems, looks down on this and calls the bottom feeders, “cowboys”.  But, it is a step in the right direction.

Now, we all know how heavily the developers contribute to the political machine in Ontario, so having legislation to protect the consumer might be a while coming.  I mean, the Ontario government didn’t like my idea that every homeowner should have the legislated right to hire a house inspector to monitor the construction of their home/investment.  No, they said, that might cost the homeowner money.  Yes, let the homeowner spend thousands on upgrades but god forbid we give them the right to hire a house inspector at their own cost.  You can, of course, buy a home like I did from Mattamy that costs you thousands in repairs or puts your family at risk.  The government and politicians like Kevin Flynn, ensured my right to do that.

I believe that most house inspectors in Ontario would welcome legislation to make them more professional and, would welcome legislation that gave the homeowner the OPTION of hiring a house inspector to monitor the construction of their new home. 

But then, the government doesn’t really understand the concept of: “an ounce of prevention will prevent a pound of cure”.

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October 8, 2008

Congrats are in order!!!! – No, not Mattamy Homes

Although, I must say, we should give some kind of congrats to Mattamy for their latest decision, albiet forced and late.

No, who I am congratulating are Keith and Danielle Chadwick  and their many supporters and friends, who, through their blog, Mattamy Fairwinds Kanata Phase 5 Delay was able to get Mattamy Homes to see the light and give the potential owners 3 options, albiet somewhat late and after a lot of stress.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Mattamy Homes is going to allow:

“Homebuyers can sign an amended agreement to stay at Fairwinds 5 with a new closing date, or switch their lot in Kanata West for one at Mattamy’s Half-Moon Bay community in Barrhaven, or take their business, and their full deposits, elsewhere. If buyers stay in Fairwinds with a new closing date, Mattamy will freeze prices for home upgrades. “

It took a lot of work, patience and probably a lot of stress on families and relationships but, they have succeeded in getting something fair on the table.  I notice that they are going to try and get the province to legislate the selling of homes prior to final approval illegal and will set up a website to track house closing delays.  I look forward to monitoring the house closing delay with some interest.

In regards to the province passing legislation – good luck.  One of the Town of Oakvile councillors, Kevin Flynn, who voted that my problem be sent to the province for resolution, was elected to the provincial legislation and did nothing on my behalf with the issue.  Here’s a guy that voted the province to do something and he did nothing when in power to do something.  I think you will find the developers, who donate a lot of money, will have a say in this legislation and probably will influence the vote against it.  But, good luck – you succeeded in Ottawa and gave people some hope that change can be made.

I only wish the province would legislate that a homebuyer could hire a house inspector to monitor the construction.  But, according to the province, they won’t because this OPTIONAL course of action would cost the homeowner money. 

July 16, 2008

Mattamy Homes and the Province of Ontario

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So, you think that your elected officials and government agencies are there to look after your welfare.  Think again – these politicians have their own agenda and the average taxpayer hasn’t got a chance against them and their big business supporters.


Mattamy Homes and the Town of Oakville are partners in a number of endeavours and very open about this relationship.  How do you think a complaint against Mattamy Homes will go when the very people you are bringing this complaint to are the recipients of donations by Mattamy Homes?


And, if you persist in bringing a complaint forward to town council, which is your right, be prepared for it to be somehow lost into space.


I had to jump a number of hoops and finally got it before a committee, which was required before town council would look into the matter.  Mayor Ann Mulvale attended one of the meetings and tried to get the matter dismissed.  She was obviously in support of Mattamy Homes, who by the way were one of the donators of a project of hers as I previously noted.


It was finally sent to town council and I had my say.  Council members were strangely quiet and Mayor Mulvale did most of the talking for Council.  Instead of demanding Oakville do something, I allowed them to pass it onto the Province for legislation changes.  Big mistake and as a well known lawyer told me later, my “suggestion of writing the government to get the legislation changed was a classic pass-the-buck scenario”.  He noted I’d have a better chance of a reply from Santa Claus.


Well, he is right.  The provincial government, in its wisdom, did little but pass the buck and make excuses for why changes can’t be made.


The requests that the building inspector and Mattamy Homes be censured/investigated regarding the illegal (code) wiring that was used to allow the closing was passed back to the Town of Oakville, who now refuse to do so.  As well, having the Town of Oakville provide its building inspectors written instructions concerning this type of behaviour was also turned back to the Town of Oakville, which has done nothing to my knowledge.


I requested that homeowners be allowed to hire building inspectors and this be legislated to ensure they could.  Not that it be legislated that they MUST, but that they CAN, similar to those buying a resale.


MPP Jim Watson stated that,”there is nothing that prevents a new home purchaser from retaining a home inspector to monitor the construction of their future home”.  He goes on to state that this would require access to the site and the builder might have liability issues.  Well, that is why house inspectors have insurance themselves.  What about all the other trades including the local telephone company, gas, cable, etc.?  He also pointed out that if this was mandated, homeowners might have concerns regarding costs.  I said the legislation would ALLOW them to do it without being restricted by a builder who doesn’t want the monitoring of your largest investment.  It would be an optional cost; a cost already accepted practice by those buying a resale.  What’s the difference between a resale and a new home – both can be problematic and have construction concerns.  New does not mean perfect.  Ask some Mattamy Home’s owners about that.


He does point out that under the Tarion warranty, you can bring a house inspector with you but hard to check behind the walls at that stage. 


He couldn’t see the objective of having all relevant permits given to the owner at closing.  Well, someone did and I’m glad to see that Tarion is making that an obligation upon closing.


I also recommended that the homeowner be allowed to hold back a portion of the purchase price, similar to that allowed in commercial construction.  He places his faith in the Tarion warranty and, felt that this requirement would only drive up the cost.  I wonder if commercial purchasers have their cost driven up by this requirement? 


A copy of his response was also sent to my local MPP, Kevin Flynn.  I did not get a response from him but that is understandable.  He was on the Town of Oakville council at the time when my matter was passed into oblivion at the provincial level.