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May 21, 2010

QUALITY – Missing link in Mattamy ads!!!


As Canadians move into the Victoria Day weekend, most will probably have their thoughts on enjoying some time off with friends and relatives or, going to cottage country and opening up the cottages for a summer of fun.  Of course, there will be some who will have read the ads, heard the gossip about openings and new offerings and, will spend some time trolling the housing developments – looking for that dream house.

Yes, read the ads and got an image of what the builder is like.  I have noticed in recent Mattamy ads, nowhere is there really a mention of “QUALITY”.  They mention the usual about price and old awards.  The sympathy 2009 BILD “Builder of The Year” award is mentioned, even though they had the flooding basements in Bracebridge and the debacle in Ottawa.  If this is considered the “Builder of the Year”, I can only imagine how bad the others must be.  They even brag about being in the top 3 for J.D. Power awards.  No mention of being near the bottom in the Ottawa awards though.

I notice though, there is a caveat in the small print – “Your experience may vary”.  Talk about covering your ass with that statement.  Yes, everyone got good quality but “YOU”.  It was your experience that was unusual and did vary from the norm.

Maybe that is why Mattamy no longer describes “QUALITY” in their ads.  They can’t guarantee it, even though they got awards for some getting quality.  They mention lifestyle issues but that is something “YOU” bring to the community.  Yes, they build the trails and parks (as required by law), so any lifestyle issue is something you make for yourself.

So, when you go house hunting this weekend, remember that the ads don’t mention quality and thus cover their ass in regards to what is delivered in the future. 

 Cover your ass with a house inspector.

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