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July 26, 2013

Can Peter Gilgan of Mattamy or Town of Oakville tell us why they don’t support house inspectors?


When I started this blog, my intend was to warn people about building practices that could hurt their health and pocketbook.  This was before Mike Holmes got big on the landscape.  A lot of people thought it was sour grapes but, through word of mouth, the internet and court cases people began to understand that not all was it seemed in the ads.  Highly respected builders such as Mattamy were found to be criminals and environmentally non-friendly (construction on land coated in human waste and building illegal berms on rivers to name two items) and Tarion was shown to be less than supportive of the consumer.  This has been backed up with recent reports in the Toronto Star.

As I said, people thought my blog was due to sour grapes but, many have now found out that it was not bullshit.  My advice on house inspectors has gained favour and I don’t think it will be long before hiring a house inspector to monitor the construction of your new home will be commonplace.  Someone to help the building inspectors do their job, unlike that done on my house.  I will be responding to the Town of Oakville soon with a project I will undertake to assist the Town of Oakville building department.  It appears they will only respond when a builder states they are ready – I haven’t received any news of pro-active action on their part.

You will notice that people have commented on my blog – people who have been shafted by builders, poor municipal inspections and less than supportive warranty programs.  Some are not even given a warranty.

Remember – make sure your purchase team includes a good real estate lawyer and a house inspector.  And document everything in writing and with photos.  You can trust the builder but, if he shafts you, nobody will help you.  You need the evidence to prove your case.

Think all is peaches and cream in the building industry?  Past comments have shown builders not only shaft the homebuyer but their own trades.  They cut their profits and less than honourable trades will keep their profits by doing shortcuts on your home.  Ask yourself – why do builders and municipalities not want a homebuyer to have a house inspector?  Maybe their fear the accountability it will bring.  Maybe billionaire Peter Gilgan can tell us why he doesn’t like house inspectors, considering he tells the world he builds a good house – but quality not mentioned in the ads – just fluff stuff.

Here is a comment that stresses why we need a house inspector.

“Consider yourself lucky, i just saw a friend of mine who yes worked at mattamy, he recently quit his job after he couldnt handle covering things up. he is in talks right now with his lawyer because he was forced to sign a no disclosure agreement in order to get his final paycheck. he had to quit after he recently discovered black mold inside a house that had a small child living inside, and was told to just cover it up. its not the first time something like this has happened and it will not be the last. the foundations allow for so much water penetration that after you have either saved a large amount of money or taken out a loan that your basement development one day down the road will 1 hide the problems and 2 allow for things like mold and insects to flourish inside your new home.
 Sadly mattamy pays out a lot of money to keep their name out of the negative press and instead buys into things like “JD power and associates” so they can put a nice sticker on their trucks and trick you into believing you are getting at least minimal code for your house. as canadians we like to believe that we have so many great things out there to protect us from things like this but sadly when you read the fine print you actually find out that warranties are there to protect builders from having to truly deal with the problems and most of the time in their meetings it is either “we will catch it at final” or my personal fav “we will catch it at the 1 year”, then by that point they are doing damage control and will never fix everything and still leave you thinking they are coming back.
 Its good you did some research before you decided to make a large investment, unfortunately you have to rely on word of mouth of people to find the truth. people like mike holmes are figure heads for what is going wrong in the construction world. he went to the states to help out some flood victims yet there are people in his area that are being put into the poorhouse trying to recover from the worst possible investment they ever made. plus at the end of the day who pays for what he does? usually a second mortgage and a small amount of product placement.

i know it seems like a rambling rant but seriously it was so bad here i had to quit the company i had been with for over 8 years because i couldnt handle seeing things getting worse both with the people they hire who have no experience in construction to manage the people building your future home and the terrible “craftsmanship” itself. for me it was seeing a house get siding rushed onto it 3 days before the home owner moved in 1 month after i had finished my job, the sparkies hadnt even started by the time i was done. and add in the fact the house was not wrapped with any kind of moisture wrapping. do you think there will be future mold issues in ever exterior wall?
 it just pisses me off and thats why i write on here and many other sites, i just to try to help possible home buyers.”


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