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July 8, 2013

Tale of Two Tarions – or “Sins of Mattamy not available”


Depending on what you read and who you listen to, Tarion is either the best thing since sliced bread or, a builder dominated coverup for poor construction.  Something a builder like Mattamy likes to have around.  An agency that “sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil.  If you read the July 5 Toronto Sun column by Tarion President and CEO Howard Bogach you have a kind and gentle understanding quasi-government agency that is hear to listen to your complaints and act on those complaints.  Looking after your best interests.  Improving all the time.  A warm fuzzy feeling.

If you have read my blog for a few years, you will have seen a different picture.  Comments to my blog brought this issue up.  A builder dominated ( 8 out of 15 directors) agency that really only looks after a few people.  Now, the Toronto Star has decided it was worth a story or two.  The recent two-part articles by Kenyon Wallace in the Toronto Star (July 6 & July 8)  outlines the issues that people face with Tarion.  One is only having a 3 year database for this 36-year-old agency that records any builder deficiencies.  Take Mattamy for instance – please.  They have not really built anything in Oakville for a few years and are now just starting up “The Preserve”.  Any issues with their last developments in Oakville would not be accessible to a potential homebuyer.  It seems that only blogs like mine keep a more permanent record of builder transactions.  Maybe why Mattamy tried to sue me and close me down.  Bully boys didn’t work so they tried their mouthpieces.  Wonder if they tell Tarion not to record anything past 3 years?  Who keeps a 3 year limit on records accessible to the public?  Someone hiding something?

Mattamy sub-floor quality

Mattamy sub-floor quality

I recently tried to get a report from the Town of Oakville – a report I know exists as I helped to prepare it.  Unfortunately, according to the Town of Oakville, it is nowhere to be found.  Kind of like the recent power station emails deleted by the Ontario Liberals.  Hmmmm, Oakville is a Liberal town provincially.

Tarion does not fall under government regulation.  We don’t know how much their people are paid (unlike others in the Sunshine Club) and the Ontario Ombudsman has no jurisdiction, although he has tried to get this agency under his umbrella in order to assist taxpayers shafted by the agency.

I suggest you read the Toronto Star article prior to buying a home.  It is enlightening and will forewarn you of potential issues you will face if there is a builder problem.

From my own experiences (with Town of Oakville and Mattamy), comments by others in my blog and newspaper articles such as Wallace’s you should realize that there are very few avenues that really protect you.  Ultimately you must be prepared to go to court to actually get satisfaction (and even there courts can be swayed against you – Boris Spremo anyone) and if you go that route, you must be prepared.

Don’t hire a cut-rate real estate lawyer.  Make sure the lawyer knows their stuff.  And, hire a professional house inspector with good references and qualifications.  You’ll note that one person in the article was inspected by an unqualified inspector from Tarion who went against them.  As they say in the article, this will be your biggest purchase in life probably and you have a right to protect your interests.  The big boys do it all the time in commercial builds.  You can too, with minimal costs.  No more than some upgrades you love to have.

What is more important, an upgrade or piece of mind and safety for your family.  I unfortunately took the ceramic floor instead of the house inspector and received the royal shaft from Mattamy.  My lawyer didn’t really get interested as it was closing day and he had already done the closing.  So, don’t trust the cutsey ads, nor the sweet talking salesperson.  Both are out to strip you of your money.

Make sure you get full value from that stripping.

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  1. A M U S T R E A D ! Be aware what TARION recommends to New Home Buyers:

    The tutors in the dress of angels and pay attention to the reference of the builder directory!
    That directory supposed to tell the consumer which builder has a clean vest, but only a few
    claims reach this level from thousands and the big one which went to Licence Appeal Tribunal
    do not show up at all. Isn’t that false advertisement and misleading the consumer!!!


    Comment by Caspar Radden — July 19, 2013 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

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