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May 27, 2013

Have you been shafted by Mattamy or another builder? Welcome to the club.


This posting is # 593.  My blog first started so that I could inform potential buyers of homes of some of the issues they might have.  I use Mattamy as an example as I can give personal knowledge of the issues I have had.  I also use Mattamy as I can show the facts and counter the bullshit advertising one reads in the newspapers regarding builders.  Interesting how few, if any, negative articles are done about Mattamy Homes, especially in the Toronto Star.  They won’t tell the truth or issues about one of their biggest advertisers but have no issues spending months trying to show the world the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford smokes crack.  To be honest, I don’t give a rats ass about Rob Ford but I do have issues when builders are allowed to put children’s lives at risk.  Mattamy puts in illegal wiring that bordered on criminal negligence and the Town of Oakville brushes it off.  Just like the Toronto Star, Oakville depends on the largesse of Mattamy and its owner, Peter Gilgan.  Hard to get town hall to implement measures to protect the taxpayer when it relies on mega donations from Gilgan.  I’ve seen movies about this kind of relationship – and I thought it was fiction.

But, Mattamy isn’t the only bad boy out there.  There are more examples, some of which I have printed here in my blog but, it seems that warranty outfits like Tarion and municipal governments fail to really address the problem.  My one recommendation of allowing the potential homebuyer to hire a house inspector to monitor the build of their house has been stomped on by the Town of Oakville and the Ontario government.  Why?  The Town of Oakville stated it can’t (but it is bullshit as they could implement under their responsibilities of ensuring the build is to code) and, Ontario stated it would cost the homebuyer money.  Duh!!!.. So do upgrades and both would be optional.

Interesting sidebar is that Kevin Flynn was a member of the Town of Oakville council when my idea was drummed out-of-town and passed on to the province.  He was shortly thereafter elected to the provincial level and, as an MPP, failed to do anything at that level when I passed it on to him.  He did not push for it to happen, even though he had passed it to the province for action.  He is the same MPP that kept his seat in Oakville when the Liberals cancelled the power plant at a cost of $310million in order to win the election.  They don’t worry about the cost to the taxpayer in order to save their seats but, when asked to pass a regulation to protect homebuyers, they balk as it MIGHT cost the homebuyer money.  And, we elect these people to look after us.

I think some people have the idea I am the only one Peter Gilgan has screwed to the wall.  Sorry to say, I’m not.  Oh, there are those who get the flowers and those who say nothing so they can resale their Mattamy Home and not be liable due to a non-disclosure of issues.  Speculators don’t want anything said as they are in for a quick kill and don’t really care that the family who buys the home might end up with issues.

Well, here are some comments I received.  The truth is out there and some people don’t mind sharing it.  Food for thought and maybe hiring a house inspector to monitor the build might be a good strategic strategy.  Otherwise, welcome to the club.  You will find that politicians and developers work very well together.  Sometimes though, we wonder just who benefits.  Donation anyone?

Politicians and Developers Wor$ together.

Politicians and Developers Wor$ together.


3.I guess I will add to your list of total dissatisfaction with my own tale of woe. We purchased a Mattamy Home in Bracebridge in May of 2010. We have had numerous calls to what they deem to be Customer Service. The basement leaks, we can’t use the expensice shower upgrade in the master bedroom and we again need a window replaced. I would never again entertain a thought of buying a Mattamy Home. A first year trade student could do a better job and a grade student would probably have better communication integratey.

Comment by Jennifer – April 2013 — April 29, 2013 @ 1:51 pm | Edit This  | Reply 

2.7 1/2 years later I have a leak in my roof and Mattamy basically told me to go F$$$ myself. Tarion is part of the problem as well. How do you get better warranty with a car then a house. I had a roofer go up on my roof and was told I had a leak from day one because the guy mattamy sent up cut through one of the shingles. My shingles have been shrinking as well so I have gaps everywhere, so plywood is expose. I thought shingles had a warranty as well, oh thats only if they are crumbling apart. I recommend anyone who buys a house of Mattamy think twice because the obviously do not care about their customers.

Comment by J — May 14, 2013 @ 8:32 am | Edit This  | Reply 

25.We live in Ontario Canada…..our Mattamy home sucks the big one. Both Mattamy homes we had. First one our roof leaked right through to our basement took 4 months of them ripping out flashing and not resolving the issue until I found a contractor who told me what the issue was…no flashing…DUH… Our second home…wow from 3 months in shingles falling off and 5 years  After still falling off…sorry not covered due to the act of god wind storms…BS shitty shingles. Had to have a roofer up there to replace them and since then haven’t come off and our vents were not installed properly allwing moisture to accumulate.  Spent a ton of money to get our spare washroom snaked because they were dropping grout and cement down it and caused damage to pipes…sorry you should of told tarion…we did they gave us the run around oh these are energy efficient toilets they don’t flush as much as others…so ur telling me my PiSS ways a ton and I’m SOL of it..nice.

And now our windows have condensation building up between the panes of glass that’s causing black mold…I’m still waiting to hear what they will say, but I will be out of $$$ on this one too I suspect.

DO NoT BUY…they’re all nice for the first .30 days until they badger you to give them 100% on their customer service survey….do not fill it out until they fix your problems. And even then tarion doesn’t do shit cause their BFFs with the builders…bunch of BS so pissed

Comment by Mars — April 20, 2013 @ 9:55 pm | Edit This  | Reply 

26.I have looked at Mattamy homes in Airdrie and talked with a few owners in the neighbourhood.  Apparently after the home sale is complete any construction defects and enquiries are ignored by the company.

Comment by Anonymous — May 9, 2013 @ 4:55 pm | Edit This  | Reply 

I have found so many little issues in our Mattamy home. On their own, it’s trivial, but added up, the sum is just stupid. From suspected insulation issues around the living room bay window, master bedroom overhang, and garage, to hot air that just won’t reach the farthest room in the house (the master washroom) that results in a freezing master, to odd air flow where the upstairs can’t be cooled in summer. Wicked condensation in winter on ALL windows in the house that can pool and lead to mould if not kept up on. The carpet is just disgusting- the little living room carpet was made from two pieces!!!! The seam is very obvious. The pile is so flat and pulling up at the same time. The mortar in the bricks is like sand in some isolated areas. Caulking is already deteriortating and the house isn’t even 10 years old! The casement windows are a bitch to open and close and are already showing signs of falling apart. The spalling (spalling???) cement along the parimeter of the porch has all but crumbled away. I just had to replace the sump pump that comes on maybe 6 times a year. The yard landscaping is like a lumpy field of little hills.

All and all, I would never buy a Mattamy (or Devonleigh) or possibly other cooky cutter home from a large developer again. I really think basic workmanship is pissed away for speed. And it’s funny because this is the LARGEST purchase a person will make in their lives, and we have NO real way to get these mistakes corrected.

One person in our community had the wrong bricks and colour put up. Mattamy offered them something like 10000 in upgrades, but refused to let them out of the contract for the house, or correct the bricks. And really, that’s BS because of how much money we pay for homes. I give someone $350000, and I expect what I pay for.

But home consumers have zero rights in Canada.

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