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April 28, 2013

Brian Burke does the lawsuit route. Mattamy knows – truth comes out.


When you do a blog, or even comment on a blog, there is a certain social responsibility that most normal people would have no issues with.  Blogs have allowed the “common” person to get their message out and we have certain freedoms of speech accorded to us.  Oh, some try to stop us through threats, screaming, bully boys and even threatened lawsuits but, the powers that be are usually in support of those who wish to publicly write their thoughts.

The “Responsibility”?  You really need to stick with the truth.  Recently, as reported in the Toronto Star former Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has decided to ferret out those who may be abusing this responsibility.  Seems that some have written about a rumour that Brian Burke was fired from his job for getting broadcaster Hazel Mae pregnant and “that he was the father of her child”.  I make no comment on that tidbit of gossip.

But, I totally agree with him going after those spreading these supposed lies if in fact they are lies. I myself was a victim of being called a liar in a case involving the Toronto Star and I wish I had stepped up to the plate and gone after them and the judge.  Considering I would have had a Prime Minister back me up would have strengthened my case.  But, that is under the water now.  But, if the lies are actually true, can Brian Burke stifle the truth through threats of the lawsuit?  Some have tried that.  How often do you hear about homeowners bringing out the truth about their home’s lack of quality construction, only to be threatened with a lawsuit by the powerful builder and everything disappears.  We don’t even know if the faults are actually repaired or , has the threat of a lawsuit silenced the homeowner.

I have had people contribute to my blog, along with other forums and they have asked that certain information be removed as they were “threatened” by the builder.  I comply with these requests from the homeowner only to protect them.

Myself, Mattamy Homes has threatened me with lawsuits, even to the point of serving me papers.  Unfortunately, their own lawyer was possibly guilty of defamation, according to their own website.  But, if they want to do this, they will eventually have to prove your statements are false.

That is why you “DOCUMENT” everything you do with your builder.  Photographs, documents and names are important.  With this backing you up, let them take you to court.  You are not speaking with a “forked tongue” but have the evidence to back up the “truth”.  Lawyers hate the truth – hurts their case when they sue you.  Almost like throwing a bucket of water on the old wicked witch when you bring out the documentation backing up your side of the story.

Mattamy Homes, Peter Gilgan and the Town of Oakville have allowed me to continue this blog because?

It is the TRUTH.

And, they know it.  I have been trying to get a document from the Town of Oakville with little success.  Why?  Either it has been lost or, it proves my story.  The Oakville lawyers would hate to see that one out.  Why?  It proves I was right and we all know, lawyers don’t like to see that (unless you are in fact paying them).  We shall see if the Town of Oakville has the balls to step up and say yes -“we were wrong”.  I’m already on record stating I would not sue – unlike your Mattamy friends who keep up the donations.

By the way Peter – about time you g0t another photo-op with a donation.  I can give you some suggestions that would help the community if you want.

So, good luck to Brian Burke and if the slander is not right, then you should win.  As we know, sometimes we are lucky and the truth does come out.  In my case, it seems that Mattamy and the Town of Oakville really don’t care about homeowners being shafted and, continue in their ways.  Good luck to those who bought in “The Preserve”.  Remember, your safety and welfare depends on building inspectors from the Town of Oakville who, in the past, will pass illegally wired furnaces, etc.

Maybe you should rethink hiring a house inspector to protect your safety.  Part of the “DOCUMENTATION” safety net.

P.S. One point to remember – Tarion may require your municipality to declare work done under a work permit illegal or not up to code or, being the issue that caused the problem. But, if it was the municipality which OK’s the original work under the permit, what are the odds they will do that?  They will protect their butt and leave you to the wolves.

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  1. Wow that’s interesting. I didn’t expect that to be honest. Law in Texas seems to be a little difficult to sift through at times. They however have the best lawyers around to sift through it. One lawyer in particular who i saw in court while on jury duty really amazed me; Marshall Davis Brown Jr. he was absolutely masterful i must say. Thanks for posting, you really gave me a little more insight into the subject.

    Comment by Barry Allen — July 9, 2013 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

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