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March 6, 2013

Does Mattamy know about sound insulation? Does the Town of Oakville? Live and learn boys.


And God said: “I’m only making so much land so, use it as you will but it is all you will get”, or some such thing.  Friend of mine likes to buy land – as he says, they don’t make it anymore.  But, our population continues to grow so, there is only one thing to do – pack em in.

In many jurisdictions, Ontario being one of them, there is a movement to intensify our environment.  Use less space for more people.  Townhouses over mansions.  At one time, townhouses were for the less privileged in society while those who were more successful, would move into 3 to 4k sq foot mansions and enjoy the space around them.  Well, with intensification the new game in town, everyone is on the bandwagon and putting more into less.

Unfortunately, our building codes really don’t reflect this new movement.  Especially in the area of “sound” insulation.  In the old style of suburbia, the only time you heard your neighbours were if they were outside or had their windows open.  Now, you need your stereo turned up in order not to hear your neighbours adjoining you.  God help you if your bedroom is along the same wall their family room is situated.

Here is one Tweet that discusses soundproofing in a Mattamy home.

  1. _theycallitMurdahh‏@Divya_N4Life

Okaaaaaaaay, now I know what my neighbours do at 12:30am, thankyou mattamy homes for not making my wall sound proof -.-‘ #eww Unamused faceFace with look of triumphNeutral Face

Been there, done that.  Not in a Mattamy but a condo in Oakville.  The town that lets Mattamy do illegal wiring on occasion.  I lived in a ground floor condo and I always knew where the woman who lived upstairs was at any moment.  Knew when she was cooking, drinking, watching TV, going to bed and, even her bodily functions (not by the flush but by the noise of pee).  Yes, this condo, built under the guidance I assume of the Town of Oakville building department and to “CODE”, allowed one to know intimately the lifestyles of your neighbours.  Lets say, it was awkward for me when I would meet her in the lobby.  One thing I knew, she wasn’t getting it at home.  Maybe why she drank so much.

So, in living this intensified life, it not only helped the environment but gave me a “Reality Show” every day.

So, I ask the various government agencies ( I don’t list them as I am not in the financial bracket where they would listen), why do you not strengthen the “sound insulation” regulations in the building code if you want us all to accept  being made to live like sardines.

Do you not understand the mental ramifications of people having to continually listen to “neighbour noise” that can’t be toned down unless you fight back with your own stereo background noise?  Developers pack us in and, we do wonder if you make more money out of these smaller lots and , you don’t come up with a system to ensure we are protected from this “noise” pollution?

We hear about politicians living on the street for a day – photo-op of experience.  Maybe they should try living for a year in a sub-compact house instead of their suburbia mansion and then , maybe then, they would understand what we are talking about.

Time better spent than trying to get some of Peter Gilgan’s $1.8 billion of wealth.  Maybe ask him to spend some of his money on “sound proofing”, something I am sure he does not have to worry about in his mansion.

Addendum:  Yes, I know, that the Town of Oakville or, any municipality do not legislate the Building Code but, they are responsible for enforcing and interpreting.  One, they could all lobby for better sound insulation, if they decided to do so instead of take donations from developers and builders.  Also, they are RESPONSIBLE for enforcing the Building Code.  As part of their responsibility, they could state that only builders who allow homeowners to hire a house inspector will be allowed to build in their municipality.  These house inspectors would assist the municipality in enforcing the Building Code by inspection and informing the appropriate authorities of any infractions.  Kind of like police and Coast Guard auxilaries, which are well accepted.  But then, donations do rule.  Just ask Oakville about their Mattamy donations.

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