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January 25, 2013

Liberal Party Leadership race at MAC – Just who does Mattamy support – that is the main question.

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Just a short blog before the weekend.  Of course the big news is that Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto keeps his job – courts disallowed the action against him.  The 2nd biggest news for the weekend is the Ontario Liberal Party leadership convention.  No, I’m not going to bore you with a rundown of the candidates.  I have better things to do, like scratch my butt.

No, I just want to point out an interesting point.  They are holding this convention at the Old Maple Leaf Gardens, which some will now call the Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre or MAC for short.  On Twitter, some keep calling it Maple Leaf Gardens while others promote Mattamy.  Of course, it was a way that Peter Gilgan could keep the brand name “Mattamy” constantly on Twitter and in the news.  A good move in terms of PR, unless Mattamy gets involved in some sordid scandal.  Wait, they already have – putting children’s lives at risk with illegal wiring.  But then, donations go a long way.

Speaking of donations, Mattamy and Peter Gilgan gave large donations (to the max I believe) to the Liberal Party in the last election.  That is what was officially shown.  The declared donations are entirely legal by the way.  He not only gave during the year, but maxed out when the election was called and he gave more.  McGuinty was probably pleased to see this largesse in the donation category of support.

Maybe that is why the convention is at the Ryerson MATTAMY Athletic Centre.

But wait, there is more.  Seems as the election drew near, Mattamy and Gilgan wanted to cover their bases.  Was there some thought McGuinty would not pull off the election?  Would some deep dark secret cause him to pull out before the election instead of after?  Who knows but, Mattamy responded to the potential issue by donating big to the Conservative Party – Tim Hudak.  To the max I believe.

That is like dating sisters and it being public knowledge.  I know Mattamy has difficulty building a house sometimes but, it seems they don’t know who to support with money.  Sorry, they know who to support, politicians not homebuyers but, it seems they want to cover their bases by supporting both parties.  For future favours?

Well, enjoy the weekend, be bored with the Liberal leadership race and wonder the big question :  Which candidate for this leadership race has received any money from Mattamy to assist them in the race?  Then we know how our lives will be affected in the future.  Follow the trail in my case and it is quite obvious how donations can put children at risk.

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