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January 23, 2013

Mattamy Mantra -“Quality or Ethics don’t make the builder. P.R. does.”


While I sit here at my computer and write this blog, I can gaze to my right and see a daily reminder of just how poor Mattamy quality can be.  There is a hollow in my ceramic floor just by the stairs, big enough for ants to have a yacht race if they so decided to flood this pothole.  The tiles register a 1.4 degree downpitch from the level.  Something that was mentioned at the PDI but, the Mattamy rep gave such a fuss I decided to try and win other battles in terms of workmanship which were much worse.  Like not having electrical power for one.  I had to solve that one myslef, by the way.

Mattamy spends big bucks on P.R.  Some is very overt while other P.R. is very subtle and lives a long life.  While enjoying the Saturday Toronto Star, we can expect another 2 page centre section in the Homes Section.  Cutsey, with a lot of colour and photos, all of which hints at quality maybe but does not guarantee “Quality”, probably on the advice of the Mattamy mouthpieces.  They also throw in an extra ad as well for effect.  Maybe this is why the Toronto Star never investigates any Mattamy issues or even mentions when they are bad.  Remember Ottawa – berms and not building homes?

Then there is the magnificience of the Mattamy and Peter Gilgan trademarks (?) when Peter bestows a large sum of money upon some lucky organization.  My case was dismissed and Mattamy gave money to Wellspring – a charity of former mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale.  I notice Mattamy also gave a large sum to the United Way, another favourite of Asphalt Annie’s.  He also got his name on the Oakville YMCA (even though others gave more) and he did a biggy on the Oakville Hospital.  Maybe from the guilt of knowing he puts children at risk with his wiring.  Oh, I forgot, he gave to the Hospital for Sick Children earlier.

So, with all this giving, Mattamy certainly gets a lot of P.R. and, because they put their name on the building (forgot the old Maple Leafs Garden), their brand is perpetuated over time.  This may even outlast the company and man.  Follow Twitter, Mattamy got free publicity with every tweet about the Mattamy Athletic Centre (Maple Leaf Gardens still to most).

That is why people requesting donations and politicians wanting photo-ops flock to the Mattamy Centre For Self-grandizement.  And why, it may be why Mattamy gets what they want and don’t worry about illegal wiring, etc.  Who wants to be the one that says no and cuts off the flow of gratitude?  Maybe the Town of Oakville lawyers can answer that one.

Not bad Peter.  A small sliver off your billion and you get positive P.R. that certainly clouds the “Quality and Ethic” issues that arise on a continuous basis and, BONUS….. you get politicians helping you out.  I have yet to see the report done on my issue.

Remember though, sometimes that world can come tumbling down – look at the recent Quebec inquiry.   3 mayors out of a job.  People talk.  🙂

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