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January 11, 2013

Do you really know how to do a proper inspection? Mattamy doesn’t nor Town of Oakville building inspectors.


Weekend is coming up and we will all have our activities.  Some will be working, some probably protesting ( i.e. #IdleNoMore), others off to a weekend activity such as skiing and others, looking at old and new homes to move into.

This blog is directed to those out looking at potential homes.  The others, have a good weekend and enjoy.  Maybe the #IdleNoMore can get the PM and GG to take them for a weekend extravaganza on the government dime.

But, for those looking into buying a home, new or old, I found the following website.  PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT FOR THE COMPANY, “CARSON DUNLOP“.  I have had no experience with them, nor heard any positive or negative comments.  What I am drawing your attention to is to their website and,in particular, the page that shows 33 issues that can be found in a home, asks you to find the issue and, then shows you the answer.  Very visual.  Carson Dunlop link.

Some people think they are capable of doing a proper inspection prior to purchasing a home.  Some actually believe that a new home is issue free.  If you’ve read my blog you know that builders, at least Mattamy, seem to be capable of making mistakes – mistakes than can cost you money or even your life.  Sometimes they are looked after, other times you get scammed or forgotten about, depending on the mood of the builder.

No matter how good you think you are in picking up issues in a new or resale home, take this little test and see if you can spot the issues.  Issues which a professional house inspector should be able to spot if they do a comprehensive inspection.

I used to say you should have a house inspector for the PDI.  I can understand the reluctance that a house inspector would have in being with you.  One is the builder – they may make it very difficult for the inspector to do the right thing.  Time being one of the issues.  Myself, I think you should be able to hire a house inspector to monitor the build but, if you can’t, then at least before the 30 day and one year warranty periods are over.

Most people who buy a resale or new home kind of look for cosmetic issues and how the house is designed and if the paint and ceramics will clash with their decor.  A real inspection looks at a house down to the bones.  Is the house falling apart at the seams or a haven for mold, termites and rot?  You have to get down and dirty to spot this stuff.

So, before you hit the road this weekend and look at a few shacks, take a look at this link.  It will give you an idea of just how intensive an inspection needs to be.

Unless you are going to gut the place anyways.

P.S.  I would suggest that Mattamy employees and Town of Oakville building inspectors take a gander at this link as well.  Based on what I saw, you really do need to see how it should be done, not how you have done it in the past.  Maybe that way, those buying into “The Preserve” will have a good chance of a fairly problem free house, unlike some.  Mr. Gilgan, as the boss, maybe you should take a look as well – direction from the top can set standards.

P.P.S. For the Mattamy lawyers and, maybe attached at the hip, Town of Oakville lawyers, based on my experience and the experience of others, I believe the title to be truthful.  If you feel differently, you’ve got my number.  I will take any non-threatening contact into consideration.

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