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January 9, 2013

Entitlement – because we can and you can’t. Mattamy and #IdleNoMore mantra.



Something we have all seen, maybe even indulged in a bit.  The newest trend in the news is #IdleNoMore, an offshoot from #Occupy( if you are to believe Ezra Levant).  At first, everybody, including the press, were backing Chief Theresa Spence from the troubled Attawapiskat Indian Reserve.  She was the darling of the press, suffering (?) on her pseudo hunger diet.  A diet a lot of people would love to have on a daily basis compared to what they have to subsist on.

But now that the illuminating and infamous Deloitte and Touche LLP audit shows a much different picture.  The taxpayer, some of whom are supporting #IdleNoMore, has been shown to have been sending millions through our government to the Attawapiskat Indian Reserve.  But, once it gets there, the waters become muddied.  Our Escalade driving chief, Theresa Spence and her boyfriend and, a few others, seem to be living high on the hog while others live in squalor.  Is it my fault, the Canadian taxpayer, that they don’t know how to properly use the money?  Why is a zamboni is more important than proper housing?  Hey, I’m just the taxpayer – what do I know about indian affairs?  They are ENTITLED to have this funding and it’s none of our business where the money goes, so bug out.  If you ask too many questions, we’ll kick the press off our reservation, block some trains and even stop you from shopping in the United States by blocking your bridges.  And, we’ll wear masks and carry guns – because we can and you can’t.  So taxpayer, suck it up and support #IdleNoMore.

Is this just a native problem?  Far from it.  They are just copying some of those in our society.  Look at the CEO’s who bring down big bonuses yet push the company into bankruptcy.  They are entitled to the bonus because they are CEO’s.    Some unions feel they are entitled, even though their strikes end up having the company closed.  But, they were entitled to everything.

Some developers donate money to various causes and politicians.  Does this bring them “Entitlement”?  My complaint was buried by a Mayor who succeeded in getting Mattamy to donate money to Wellspring.  Was she entitled to the donation because she buried the complaint?   Because Mattamy is such a big builder in Oakville, did that entitle them to special treatment in regards to illegal wiring, not installing insulation and a plethora of other issues?  If you and I were building our own home, I am sure the building department would watch us closely.  But being big brings “entitlement”.

Mattamy donated $10 million to the Oakville Hospital fund.  What kind of “entitlement” will that bring to their newest development, “The Preserve“?  Will the Town of Oakville building department inspect every house at all stages of construction and thus protect the homeowner or, will they just do a sampling, which is so common?  Maybe the fact that Mattamy and Peter Gilgan donated money to not only Wellspring but the Oakville YMCA will bring a high level of “entitlement”.

“Entitlement” isn’t restricted to just any one social/economic group.  Some do it through donations, some through hard work and others, just by closing a few bridges and railway crossings.  Funny, the taxpayer is entitled to freedom of travel, something enforced by court orders but, the O.P.P. seem to disregard this “entitlement”.  Seems that some “entitlements” trump other “entitlements”.

In my case, the right to have a decent home that wasn’t a danger to my children was trumped by the “entitlement” of Peter Gilgan to be a billionaire built on shortcuts.  He is certainly a poster child for #IdleNoMore.

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