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November 16, 2012

We pay the taxes and get the royal shaft from those paid to protect us.


I think most of us take for granted the safety policies and agencies set in place to protect our lives within our community.  We know there are rules that are designed to protect us from poor construction, unsafe construction and construction that has the potential to cause us financial grief later on.  Unfortunately, we rely on humans to enforce these rules and we know how frail we are.  Just look at the mess in Quebec with the construction inquiry going on in regards to “mob” influence.

We pay our taxes to protect us, not knowing how much of our taxes are going to be self-interested persons – just where does that recent tax increase go.

I remember driving home one evening and noticed that the brand new on ramp from Royal Windsor Way to the westbound QEW in Oakville still had no guard rail.  It was to open the next day and this ramp had a very steep slope on the outside edge of the roadway.  I knew it was wrong but it seems that the Department of Transport and the construction company felt it was safe.  I wish I had called the OPP about it.  First thing that day when it opened, a transport truck zoomed around the curve and fell off the road – crushing the driver on the slope.  Anyone could see it would happen but no one stopped it from opening.

Fast forward a few years and I noticed that the on ramp from the 3rd Line to the eastbound QEW was going to open and it had a steep outside slope and no guard rail.  I contacted an Oakville town councillor and the Department of Transport.  Nothing, nada and thanks but no thanks is the response.  Actually, the town councillor did give me some advice but, how do you fight big government.  They opened this unsafe ramp and fortunately no one died.  Later, the guard rail went in.  Funny thing – if it hadn’t opened, the construction company would have faced a fine.  Hmmmm.;

When the 407 Toll road was to open, the OPP refused to give authorization for it to open.  They proved it was unsafe.  Fortunately, the OPP were successful in stopping the opening until some stuff was improved.  And, improvements have been made through time.  But, it was somewhat unsafe.  I won’t go into the plethora of issues that highway had.  I understand on projects like this lawyers and engineers work out a death rate per mile per year and if it is acceptable, they go ahead.  Yes, death rates are built into decisions.  Throw the dice and work it out.

And, what about the cheap guard rail designs that spear the front passengers of a vehicle?

What has this got to do with house construction?  Building inspectors also allow things to go by.  Some are given a consideration and others, just let it go.  In my case, the Town of Oakville allowed an illegally wired furnace to be authorized and Mattamy took the opportunity to sell the house with this illegal wiring in place.  And, there were other things.  My blog has shown what happened to me and others.

So, all that money you pay into taxes to pay for government oversight that should protect you loses out to those who can feather the nest of a politician or inspector.  Your only recourse is to hire someone to protect you and document same.  Then you can have a lawyer look after you instead of their normal trade of helping mob bosses and construction companies who do illegal shortcuts.

Or, you can roll over, call people who talk about it whiners or, do a quick sale on your less than perfect house.

P.S.   Seems “the Preserve” sales office is close to opening – prices are out.  Looking forward to seeing Peter Gilgan and the gang there.

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