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October 26, 2012

Builder strikes another blow against TRUTH? What do you think Gilgan?


You’ve bought your new home and patiently awaited it being finished.  May be on time, maybe not, or as some have found out, it can actually be built before the due date.  Hopefully without any shortcuts.  Some people move into a house that is in relatively good shape – few minor scratches etc but, the house of their dreams.  Others move into the “House on the Haunted Hill“.  I know, I suffered that scenario – including the goons.  Just gave me a decorating idea for Halloween.  🙂  Got any spare “Mattamy”  T-shirts Peter?

Unless you are really up on construction, walking through the house during construction really isn’t that good as you probably do not know what is code or not.  Most people don’t.  That is one reason I promote hiring a PROFESSIONAL house inspector to monitor construction – something builders like Mattamy won’t allow.  Just ask when you buy it.  If they say yes – bonus.  Have one do the frame walk with you though.  That would be worth the money.  They don’t have to talk to the builder – just write a LEGAL document of assessment.  Will protect you later when the ceilings start to cave in and, you/house inspector brought up the problem during the frame walk.

For those who receive a house in less than perfect condition, make sure you follow warranty (builder, Tarion, government) deadlines and document everything.  For those unable to get warranty – U.S., document everything and notify your lawyer for possible future action.

And, be civil in the beginning of all the negotiations.  As they say, honey works better than vinegar. But protect yourself by following all the rules.  Let the builder be the one who breaks the rules.  And, don’t let them stall you beyond the deadline dates.

For some, the builder is less than honest and you find yourself fighting for everything that was contracted for.  By the way – quality is not contracted.  MINIMUM CODE IS.  Quality is something you might have to sue for in the end.  Honest and respectable builders will correct quality issues.  Some don’t.

They use other tactics.

They don’t like the truth coming out and if you go public, you might experience the bully boys and lawyers.  With Mattamy, I got the full dose.  More on that later.

Recently I received some disturbing information from a homebuyer.  Seems their builder screwed up the structure and it was shifting.  They tried to deal with the builder directly and I am suspect of just how it is being fixed.  Myself, I would call in an independent assessment by an engineer to protect myself when I sell it.  Kind of like buying a used car and going to the seller’s brother-in-law for a mechanical assessment, if you just depend on an engineer bought and paid for by the builder.

This homeowner had enough of the builder and decided to go public with the issue on a public forum.  Got the usual advice, comments by those also shafted by this and other builders and, those who got the perfect (survey anyone?) house.  For some reason, those without issues think the rest of us are bad people.  What, afraid your palace will lose value because the builder shafted the rest of us?  Short-term speculators hate it when we tell the truth in public.

The forum was active until today – taken off the internet by request.  Hmmmm.   One wonders if the owner was threatened or offered a deal.  Hopefully a deal was reached.  I understand the builders lawyers were crawling out of their holes on this one.

In my case……. I got two bully boys come over to me and flexed their muscles.  Hey, I feel good it took two of them to come over.  One Mattamy technique.  Fortunately, they saw the error of their ways before I had to call in Chuck Norris.  Even Peter Gilgan, owner of Mattamy showed his temper side.  Not as quiet a person as he as led us to believe = there is some fire there.  After that he went to the high paid help – lawyers.

Now, for those bringing out the truth, expect to meet these mouthpieces.  They don’t care that what you are saying is the truth, they will threaten you with libel/defamation.  Try and hit you with the “BILLIONAIRE” has money tactic and can bury you in legal costs.  Remember, part of his wealth is from doing shortcuts.  Just ask me – made a fortune of the shortcuts on my house.  And remember, lawyers don’t care about the TRUTH.  They only care about what their client thinks.  They are paid to “twist the truth” to their client’s advantage. Lawyers do not equal truth – just argued opinion.

For those who are frustrated with their builder and have tried all and any methods to get justice and decide to be more public – picket, put up signs, hand out information packages and, do a blog – remember one thing.


Fortunately, although some builders don’t understand the concept of truth, you can’t be sued for libel if you stick with the TRUTH.  And, if the lawyers tell other people you are lying let them know that the libel/defamation threat works both ways.

I feel sorry for the homeowner who gave me the information and has withdrawn his public stance.  I can only hope he and his young family get justice from their builder and a safe home.  I know I never did and the Town of Oakville still owes me an apology for their part in the illegal wiring issue.  No, I am not holding my breath on that issue.

On another related matter, I notice that Mattamy is sprucing up the old sales office on Dundas Street – maybe for their new Oakville “Preserve” development.  I feel kind of warm and fuzzy that they are making the place look good.  I’ve been there to hand out information packages and look forward to being in front of this newly painted facade.  Will make a good photo-op.  And, for the record, I WILL NOT go on your property.  Hate to think anyone would actually think I was part of the organization.  I only wish you had done this in better weather.  My last foray out in freezing weather, I almost froze my tootsies off.  Maybe you coud build a small heated guard shack for me at the entrance Peter = show some good community spirit.  I don’t mind if you name it after yourself – “The Peter Gilgan Protest Shack”.

P.S.  Seems my Windows 7 and IE9 are in a bit of conflict.  Not all letters show up from the keyboard.  A known conflict.  So, any spelling mistakes are a combination of me and Microsoft.  🙂


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  1. You made some good points there. I checked on the
    net to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.

    Comment by 120 Deerfield Lane Hanover MA — November 6, 2012 @ 6:01 pm | Reply

  2. Lots to complain about huh?

    Comment by Anonymous — December 20, 2012 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

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