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September 20, 2012

Is the mob involved in Ontario’s development industry? Are they Mr. Gilgan?


I was going to write a bit on the organized crime stuff you have been reading about in the newspaper but received this comment, which I feel kind of tells the story.  No, not the obvious story of some bad Mattamy builds but the fact I doubt if Lindsay will really get any service and can’t expect any support from the municipality.

I, as well, made the mistake of buying a Mattamy Home in Stouffville, Ontario. I have had numerous problems starting from the beginning until now (my 3rd year in the home). I have been given numerous excuses and not been replied to many times. Myself and many of my neighbours have complained and been told there is only a 2 year warranty on the house which means my Playstation has a better warranty and seems like it will outlive my house. Mattamy’s cutomer service and products are terrible!!! It seems they just hire the cheapest staff and contractors. I hope this message is read by Mr. Gilpin because he needs to do something about this, the staff he has hired clearly won’t. Word has spread through Stouffvile about the poor workmanship and I will definitely continue to spread the word as well as several others in my neighbourhood. I will never buy a Mattamy home again!!!

Recently, there has been a run in the newspapers regarding organized crime operating in Ontario (surprise, surprise 🙂 ) and how it could be worse than the Quebec issue now being investigated.  In Quebec they are trying to get to the bottom of organized crime in the construction industry.

Over the years, organized crime has gone low key – not like the old days of blowing people up (as has been mentioned in my blog) but, “They run under the radar in terms of public notoriety, but yet they are so pervasive in the economy”, as stated by RCMP Superintendent Keven Harrison.  Of course, Dalton McGuinty states that the accusations are not true.  But then, most of the Liberal’s campaign funds come from the development/real estate industry, who are closely linked to construction.  Guess he can’t really admit that he might be getting dirty money.

I had a relative who worked with an Ontario crime family (based on police records) so, I can say there must be some truth.  He was involved in scamming the elderly.  I’ve even mentioned in previous blogs about Mattamy doing business with people with criminal records.  It’s common knowledge, backed up by press releases and criminal records.  So, Mr. McGuinty, there is something there.

The mob goes where the money is.  They have funds they want to invest and the development industry is big money.  We’ve even seen mayors (Hazel McCallion) who have been accused of skirting the law and making money while in office.  Other officials have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak.  One employee  of Mattamy’s was investigated by the police in Project 80 for taking graft.

So, back to Lindsay.  It is hard to fight builders, especially if they have connections to city hall through donations.  According to the Quebec investigation, some of them may even have connections to the mob.

Hard to fight both.  And, if you don’t believe it exists – enjoy your ignorance but don’t complain when you get nowhere with your complaints.

Note to Mattamy lawyers: (they actually read this) This blog in no way, is stating that Mattamy is owned or operated by the mob.  We do have proof that they have been involved in illegal activities though (illegal wiring, illegal berm construction, illegal construction on human fertilized land – all on record) and that they are involved in business with people with criminal records (on record).  So Mattamy, don’t send the bully boys again like you did last time to intimidate me.

I am looking forward to your grand opening of the sales office on Dundas St. West in Oakville – love to hand out some information brochures.

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