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September 10, 2012

Apology – do builders understand the concept? Do they Gilgan?


Depending on your point of view, I guess the truth can vary as the perspective varies.  One man’s truth may be another’s lie.  But, in the legal world of libel and defamation, truth will be measured  but, based on economics, can be shown to be wrong.  That is one reason rich people get away with things more than the poor.  Look at Conrad Black – convicted but still trying to use words to get his guilt expunged.  Even wants to try his great oratory powers to retain his Order of Canada – a first if he gets a personal appearance.  He has the money whilst others don’t.

To ensure you have the best chance of protecting your investment, you need to follow a certain pattern of behaviour.  Even if not in your natural character.  Trusting soul – don’t be with some builders as you will be like a fish out of water.  Why do you think gypsy rip off artists do so well – they base their strategy on one’s trust or greed level.  Do you honestly think people drive around trying to give away jewelry?  Or, do you think builders give away upgrades for free?  Some who got the Mattamy “good treatment” found a survey on their doorstep.  Just like Cinderella, once it was done, the fairy tale life with Mattamy disappeared as well.  Complaints became lost in the Mattamy black hole of forgetfulness.  Not just Mattamy, but a lot of builders.

Found an interesting website called: “Simply Condos“.  He is a real estate broker who specializes in condos and investment in same.  Just for the record, I am not endorsing him but he brings up some very good points in terms of condo buying.  Points which are relevant if you are in the market.  Give it a look – some points relevant to other styles of homes (townhouse, single, etc)  He brings up one point though that is relevant when dealing with any builder – good or bad.  When buying a home, you must document everything and ensure all time limits are met in terms of submissions.  Don’t let a builder stall you with “I promise to get it done”, especially if that makes you go beyond the time limit for warranty work.  Tarion, which doesn’t have a good reputation, has deadlines – don’t follow the deadline, Tarion cuts you lose.  Remember, it is run by developers/builders and supporting industries.  Document in writing, photos and anything else relevant.  If needed, your lawyer will love you for it.  Might even cut down legal costs in the future – shorter case time.

Don’t believe me – just read my past posts.  Without documentation, I would not have been able to print stuff in my blog.

If you go to Simply Condos, Charles Hanes shows one reason you can have difficulty.  “More Developer and Tarion Complaints From Buyers

“Here’s an email that I received over night.  I blogged about some issues that I had with Edilcan in the past and wasn’t surprised to hear from their litigator threatening a frivolous law suit alleging liable.  Now, the best defense against a liable suit is the truth but these blood sucker law firms know that it’s very costly to defend yourself against their legal manipulations and more than the hard costs to defend, the time and energy is excessive!”
What the developers might not want is the DOCUMENTED truth coming out in a public court of law.  So, you want to ensure all documents are there and you stick with the truth.
Note to Mattamy lawyers:  If you feel there are any untruths in my blog, please contact me and we can discuss their possible removal and an apology.  I know Mattamy and Gilgan may not understand the word” A P O L O G Y” but I am sure you guys do.  Hmmm, maybe not based on what I have read about lawyers but I’ll take a chance.  Seems that in some circles an apology is admitting guilt and god help a person advised by a lawyer to do that.  Just isn’t natural in legal circles.  I know – I’ve seen them lie like a cheap rug.
So, in addition to a house inspector, remember to DOCUMENT everything.  In the long run, you won’t regret it.  Easier to spend a moment now than months of regret later.  And, if you watch Mike Holmes, you know there is a very strong possibility that things can deteriorate very quickly in a house that looked nice but underneath – ???.
P.S.  Probably based on their lawyer’s advice, even the Town of Oakville hasn’t apologized for their part in putting my children at risk.  Illegal wiring – Town of Oakville I guess sees nothing wrong with it.  Wonder what else they let happen in Oakville?

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  1. I agree! I still am was happening in modern day times. I am relieved I am not jogging. I wonder about things moving forward. I will watch closely to see the issue moving forward.

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