Oakville Homes

August 20, 2012

Networking – Developer’s tool using inside knowledge.

Networking.  For those who have achieved success in their respective careers, they understand the necessity and power of networking in making them a success.  Starts in school with “hanging around” the right people and, once you move on, keep the friendships alive.  These contacts are worth their weight in gold in terms of acquiring work, expanding careers, developing sources of wealth acquisition and, keeping in touch with a broader network.

These networks can be of great value to you as an individual but can hurt those of us affected by these links.  Especially when they involve politics and power.  We know one very popular mayor who seems to have accumulated wealth through inside knowledge of certain land developments.  Over the years, this networking worked out very well in terms of family profit.  But, that empire is crumbling.

Mattamy Homes has done very well in the Halton development arena.  They hired the once arrested, ex-chair of Halton Region and it may have given Mattamy the inside edge in terms of development – in Halton at least.

Mattamy Homes has moved into the Ottawa area big time.  They have had their issues – illegal berms and non-issued permits for houses already sold.

I understand that to beef up their networking and power structure in the Ottawa area they have hired as a project manager, someone who used to work for the city planning dept.   A councillor’s assistant quit & went to consult for Mattamy as well.  Both would have inside knowledge and contacts that will assist Mattamy to push plans through.  Possibly to the detriment of the local community who are only voters and concerned citizens, not donators.

When, as a concerned citizen who volunteers your time on certain committees at city hall, you quickly understand there is a voice and then there is a VOICE.  Your input will be heard but, in the big scheme of things, will probably not be acted upon unless you can show that by not listening, a politician may be embarassed later.  Otherwise big money will talk and get what they want.  Just talk to some of those who have gone on certain committees and how they feel about their input.

I found that when I presented information concerning illegal acts to the Administrative Committee in Oakville concerning Mattamy, the public audience was interested and the committee was more concerned about burying it.  Even the mayor showed up and tried to direct my complaint away.  She finally let it go to Council, where it was quickly diverted to another level of government, fully knowing nothing would be done.  One councillor was even elected to the province but did nothing when he arrived.  Guess he forgot about passing the motion to have it sent to the province to have things done.

So, for those watching development in their communities, watch the hiring practices of local developers and you will see which way the planning will go.  And watch the donations – very informative.


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