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August 14, 2012

Same old – same old. Mattamy et al still do the shaft.


Seems that it is business as usual.  I received a comment on my blog: “Mattamy obsession? – Bracebridge might not think so” by someone who is still experiencing flooding in her home.  Not just a drip, but flooding in the big sense of the word.  A foot of water doesn’t equate to an emergency in “Mattamy Land”.  If you remember, Mattamy built in Bracebridge and I guess the engineers missed a few things and some of the homes in this development suffered massive flooding.  The Town was to look into it and hold off giving back the security deposit until the matter was resolved.  There was even a story about the matter in the Bracebridge Examiner by Matt DriscollIt was a good article that stated the facts and left it open to a follow-up.  If your house is flooding due to either a mistake by the builder (Mattamy in this case) or the municipality, I would think you’d be concerned and want it fixed.  Why should you, the homeowner, pay for this mistake.

This happened in a municipality that decided to VOTE AGAINST raising the development charges.

“Several councillors spoke out against the proposed increase, including Gravenhurst Coun. Rosemary King. Developers don’t absorb the cost – it gets passed on directly to the purchaser and it ups the price of housing,” she said.”

That’s right – the new people moving in should pay for their own infrastructure costs.  Otherwise, all the taxpayers have to pay for all the new infrastructure.  I guess the Bracebridge town council wants the taxpayer to pay the bill to attract developers to come and make a fortune on their backs.  Oh well – I wonder who gets the developer donations for their election costs.  It is an open record – at least the above table stuff.

One now wonders what, if anything, was done to mitigate the flooding issue.  Did Mattamy get their security deposit back without doing anything?  Seems to be no record of just what was done.  The original article by Matt Driscoll only solicited one published letter to the editor.  Someone was upset because he wanted to sell (dump) his home in this subdivision and the flooding problem was now PUBLIC RECORD.  Hard to deny to a buyer you didn’t know about the flooding.  He states he has no problem.  As a homeowner I do feel for him but, I also think a potential homebuyer shouldn’t get the royal shaft either.

Saw a Mike Holmes show last night.  A couple (with upcoming child) bought a house (resale of older house) and found out that they had $300k of renovations necessary.  How would you like to buy that one?  Or, how would you like to buy a new or fairly new Mattamy home and find out every spring or heavy rain, you got an instant indoor pool?

So you see, when things are covered up by builders, politicians, developers and sellers there is one person who gets the shaft – you the homebuyer and, taxpayer.

Whose corner do you want to be in?  Ethics and morals or ????????

Hire a professional house inspector to protect yourself.  Pretty obvious the government and real estate won’t look after you.

Oh, and for you guys looking after the developer.  It would be a lot easier to be up front and make sure the taxpayer doesn’t get the shaft.  The developer may give you donations but the taxpayer gives you the vote.  And, as long as we have reporters who are not intimidated, the story will get out.

Recently Prime Minister Stephen Harper dropped the puck at the Ryerson University’s Mattamy Athletic Centre during the opening ceremonies.  I wonder if he asked how many people got shafted with shortcuts so that Peter Gilgan could donate the money to this effort?  I know I was one of those people. Or, did my money go to Wellspring, Oakville Hospital, Milton Theatre, etc.  Maybe we should all get an Order of Canada when Harper gives one to Gilgan.  We all had a part in the process.

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