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August 7, 2012

Will the eastern Carpetbaggers pay the freight in the Old West?


Remember when Mattamy flexed its muscles by busing in a horde of workers to argue against ethical Development Charges – using the money you paid for your new home to do this by the way.  Took people off the job for a day to do this.  Was your home delayed?

Seems out in boomtown Calgary there is a similar problem in that the city officials, who are paid by the taxpayer, are saying that it is not the taxpayer who should pay for new infrastructure but, the developer who is causing the problem and making a fortune on the backs of those municipalities stupid enough to let them get away with it.

An article in the Calgary Herald by Claire Young outlines the issue.  You’ll notice in the article, such Oakville notables in the building trade as Genstar and Mattamy.

 “Developers can now apply for an outline plan and land use redesignation. Mattamy Homes bought land adjacent to Evanston where services have come across Stoney Trail hoping to be one of the first parts to receive approval for development, says Wilf Richter of Mattamy Homes.”

But, they face in Calgary what they faced in Halton.

“But servicing the area may hold up putting people into homes, says John Hall, city co-ordinator for the Keystone Hills Area Structure Plan.  The challenge is there is no infrastructure yet available in the city’s budget to service this area (Keystone Hills), so there will have to be servicing solutions in order for development to occur, he says. Developers will have to find a way to get sanitary, storm and water utilities into Keystone Hills. The city would want to make sure that any such infrastructure does not unduly burden taxpayers.”

Will we see Mattamy bus in hordes of workers like they did at Halton?  Will they at least tell this “slave” labour what the hell they are being bused to city hall for, unlike the Halton debacle?  Imagine being a professional tradesman (yes, they do exist in Mattamy land, contrary to visual proof) and being told to lay down your tools, board a bus to somewhere and wondering if this was the last trip you’ll ever make?  I’ve seen movies about that kind of control.

It will be interesting to see just how this unfolds in the Keystone Hills Area.  Maybe a Mack Sennett episode of the Keystone Cops.  Hey Gilgan, you might get a part playing Charlie Chaplin.  Much too thin for Fatty Arbuckle. 🙂

Time will tell who has the balls out west – the western cowboy or the eastern tenderfoot.  My money is on the carpetbaggers from the east.  Money always paves the way, even if it is the taxpayers.

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