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July 25, 2012

Mattamy – Maybe Mr. Gilgan can develop remedial course on banisters?

Seems Mattamy is using the same line they used on me: “mattamy said that there is nothing wrong with it and that the city has already signed off on it.” Reminds me of when the Mattamy guy doing the PDI said the same thing about the illegal wiring on the furnace.  In my case, the ex-mayor even backed them up as the report was lost and nothing was done.  So much for going to city, sorry, town hall.

What the above quote is referring to is the fact some people just don’t know how to build a staircase off a house.  Even I knew what to do when I repaired the Mattamy installed piece of junk.  For more on what is legal and not legal, go to this linkHalton Home Inspection Service has put in photos showing the right way and wrong way, which I enclose at the end for your viewing enjoyment.  I would suggest Mr. Gilgan direct those under his command to view them, as there might be questions later from concerned homebuyers who value their health and their children’s health.  Something Mattamy showed a lack of when they illegally wired my house and put MY children at risk.

I also suggest the Town of Oakville have their employees view these pictures.  Seems they have some trouble understanding safety issues, at least in my case.

Now, some of Mr. Gilgans friends wonder why I mention him.  I used to work in an atmosphere where you, as the top guy in charge, assumed responsibility for all that happened.  Much like the captain of a ship.  You can delegate the job but you can’t delegate your responsibility.

Unless of course, you are of the new breed – make money, shaft others and get your photo-ops at all costs.  You might even arrogantly state that the U.S. law is wrong and we, the forgiving Canadians, should take you back in the fold and not take away any trinkets.  Ahhh, Conrad Black and Peter Gilgan – are they birds of a feather?  Who knows but it seems that power has a way of smoothing the ruffled feathers of those in power while the homebuyer is plucked.

I can start next week Peter on how to build a staircase if you want.  I have the books.

Banister – WRONG


Banister – ALSO RIGHT


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