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July 8, 2012

Mattamy employee comments on quality. My pictures prove it Gilgan.


I recently received a comment from a Joshua, who states he worked/works for Mattamy.  I will reprint it below but will first show you evidence that would increase the validity of his comment.

The pictures below show a portion of my eavestroughing.  Those in the business will understand how shoddy the workmanship was on this section.  When it was first installed, the eavestrough connected to the house next door (townhouse) for one continuous flow of water.  I have seen it in other parts of Oakville so, according to some, it is quite legal.  Unfortunately, the building inspector who attended my home told them it was illegal.  Maybe the same guy who said it was alright to illegally wire the furnace to the house next door.

Who knows?  Wiring to the house next door OK but no eavetrough for you.

Anyways, Mattamy complied and tore apart the eavestrough and the pictures show the resulting mess.  As you can see, the short section is slanted the wrong way on my house.  So, the water has to be over 2″ high in the eavestrough in order for it to begin flowing.  Large deposit of roof material here as flow is restricted.  My Navy days gave me some confidence working at that height but, the fall won’t be pretty.

My next door neighbour – they left a gap between the eavestrough and his attic – both sides.  Critters began making their home in the attic – squirrels, birds, etc.  It was finally noticed – who looks up there anyways and, the resulting eyesore of mesh had to be placed over the holes.  At his expense I might add.

So, we have a building inspector, from an office that allows illegal wiring, tell Mattamy to tear out the eavestrough but I guess the resulting workmanship was up to the Town of Oakville standards.  Mice holes are OK – attached eavestrough sometimes OK, sometimes not.

The pictures are after Joshua’s comments.  Kind of shows you how the above happened.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Peter understands that during his donation photo-ops.  Maybe why they are not taken out front of some of his homes.  🙂

Maybe why Elliot Lake happened as well.

NOTE: To Mattamy lawyers – if you feel Joshua’s comments are untrue, please let me know.  But remember, you have to prove it while I have shown proof it is possible.  So who is telling the truth, Mattamy advertising or my pictures?  Your choice.

Joshua’s comment – followed by my pictures.

Well I have to say from someone who actually does work inside mattamy homes I can honestly say there are more problems then could ever imagine. The stuff I have seen is unbelieveable, the problems go far beyond someone saying they are a good builder or a bad builder and all the loop holes that protect the builder from fixing their product. Think of all the inspectors that work for your city/state/province where mattamy builds. Everyone one of those bad houses were passes by a city inspector, I can’t even begin to stress my frustrations with that fact. Mattamy is such a large company that they can afford to pay off every city they work in. They provide low income housing style of a product to people paying half a million dollars for it. Hell you could pay 200,000 for your home but you gonna end up putting another 200 into it to bring it to an exceptable level. Before I mentioned I am in the construction industry and every house I work in I do the very best job I can, its not the same for everyone else though. They don’t pay very much for trades so you get the bottom of the barrel and people that have no right doing what they are doing. The company I work for is very large so they take every job they can, add in we have the entire contract and the company never wants to leave. There is hope for the people reading this who haven’t boughten a mattamy yet. DON’T DO IT!!! For the rest of you sadly better luck next time, I have been in construction since my early 20′s and when something seems to good to be true it is, add in the fact that their houses may seem different from other styles you are still buying a house built 1000 times over in the same area. Oh and as for the mattamy supervisors well they don’t know what they are doing or how something is supposed to look. So do the research for yourself, they are useless and I have often had to put many of them in their place that they just don’t know what they are talking about. Hope this stops people from buying from them, save your money and spend it on something that you know will last.

Comment by joshua — July 6, 2012 @ 1:29 pm

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