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June 21, 2012

Does Mattamy treat employees like its customers? Both shafted?


A reputable company not only has to worry about what their customers think of their customer service, ethics, reliability, quality and morals but, they should worry about their own employees.

There is an old saying: “Happy Wife – Happy Life”.  Oh so true – but it also relates to employees.  A disgruntled workforce will not produce the quality demanded by the customers.  Why should they?  You don’t care about them so they return the attitude.  Now, there is one caveat – you can’t please all the people all the time.  That goes for both employees and customers.  But, most people respect someone who at least gives it a try.

I know in my old job, when discipline was necessary, the offender might not be happy but, if he saw he was being treated fairly, chances he moved on with life and became better for it.  Those surrounding the employee also recognize “fair” treatment.

As you know, this blog focuses on the treatment customers have received in the building industry, with a focus on homes.  I use Mattamy as an example as I can prove all the points made.  Are other builders just as bad or worse?  Yes, there are some, although I seem to find more complaints about Mattamy than other builders.  Maybe why Peter Gilgan hired the old CEO from Monarch.

I have, on occasion, shown what a Mattamy worker or sub-trade feels about the company.  I am going to reprint what another employee feels.  Whether or not they are a poor employee that was disciplined, I do not know.  Mattamy – read here that you can put in your two cents if you want or deny it being true.

But, based on the complaint, there seems to be more than one issue, so I am taking it at face value, unless informed otherwise.  Take it with a grain of salt but, if true, paints an interesting picture of the Mattamy empire.  I do know that not all have left Mattamy in good spirits – trades and executives.  This just gives one point of view.  And, if true, we can understand why were all treated the way we were.  I know the foreman on our build would brag he could build a home very fast.  My house showed what happens with that type of attitude.

“after working for a few years longer then 5 with this company. ive seen what used to be a great company take a nose dive in more then a few ways. everything from treating their employees to various advantages like free days off to wonderland trips, to making them into slaves where even a vacation request on times that would be appropriate was denied. to being the foremount of material/building technology, to building the cheapest house possible. to make unreasonable dead lines. when i first started we took 6 months to build a house, these days they are thrown up in half that time, yup 3 months, if that. they say its to keep the company eligible for banks to lend money to. i think its a way to cut down on over head make people work till they drop. i worked so hard for this company my arms and hands have tendonitis now.  i woke up monday to friday went to work only to come home have enough energy to have supper and a shower then sleep. this company doesnt care about its employees. Maybe the owner does but, management will squeeze every bit of life out of you just so they can profit and then turn their backs on you. theirs an employee who hurt his back on the job, an older fella been with the company for quite a long time probably made the company millions during his service. as soon as he was released from wsib they laid him off permanently. hes not old enough to retire and hes potentially to old, and pardon my harshness too broken for anyone else to hire him. instead of giving him a position he could do, they sent him to the wolves. now for my story. fresh out of school. got hired on. my first real job! i was proud to work for the company. a few months went by and i wasnt the very best employee. im sure i was partly to blame. but their is no job training support. when your too slow or did not complete the job properly, you are not notified. you are labled as being lazy and incompetent.

By Someone– as Ex-Employee – 1 week ago”

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