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June 18, 2012

Building code protect you? Do you believe in Peter Pan, I ask Mattamy?


There has been an ongoing discussion in the BuzzBuzzHome forum regarding the falling glass from buildings in Toronto.  Specifically, they mention a building built by Lanterra.  Different concerns and discussions on who is responsible.  Right now, it seems blame is being blown everywhere, including the tenants, who may cause breakage due to furniture hitting the glass or rubbing it.  Hopefully someone will solve the issue.  But, should the owner of the condo be held responsible?  They did not design the building, had no say in the specs or quality and, they had no say on the sub-trades.  All controlled by the builder.  Yes, I know – BUILDING CODE.  Did I just see Peter Pan fly by?

I recently read a Toronto Star article where former Montreal police chief and federal civil servant Jacques Duchesneau leaked a report concerning corruption between politicians and the construction industry to the media.  Seems his superiors would rather look out a window instead of listen to the report.  Sounds familiar.  “Duchesneau testified that those who didn’t play by the rules set out by the group were often frozen out financially and even physically harmed.”  Well, in my case with the Town of Oakville and Mattamy Homes I did experience bully boys and threats of lawsuits, while the ex-mayor fiddled her fingers and had the report buried, while passing on the issue to the province.  Nice move there Mulvale – I did appreciate your technique.

No, when it comes to looking after YOUR INTERESTS AND INVESTMENT, there is only one person you can really depend on.  No, not Mike Holmes but YOURSELF.  Follow Holmes’ advice though, concerning house inspectors and, ask that you be allowed to hire a house inspector to monitor the construction of your home.  Why would a reputable builder refuse you that?

Based on the falling glass issue and the Duchesneau corruption report, I can understand why.  Seems that no one really wants you to look after yourself.  Of course, make too many waves and, according to the Quebec report, you might meet Jimmy Hoffa.

Duchesneau stated that there are “66 different strategies used to circumvent the formal rules” and maybe even up to a 100.  In my case, Mattamy used at least one of those I guess when they installed the illegal wiring to make the furnace work.  Two if you count putting my children at risk.

And, we know that some builders have connections with people who are/have been involved in organized crime.  Right Peter?

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