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June 4, 2012

Does Mattamy and Peter Gilgan listen to my advice?


You will note that a number of times in the past I have hinted that Mattamy Homes and the owner, Peter Gilgan, should take a look at Monarch Corporation and the way they treat their customers.  Not sure, but maybe they actually did listen.

They announced that the present  President of Monarch Corporation,  the Canadian arm of U.S.-based homebuilder Taylor  Morrison, Mr. Brian Johnston has been hired as the new Mattamy Homes CEO.  It will be interesting to see if he brings the Monarch Corporation quality to Mattamy or, as they say, the good are usually brought down by the bad.  Some management guru’s feel that quality people are usually brought down to the level of those they are working with.  Time will tell.

It will be interesting to see if the Mattamy quality and customer service aspects of the company are brought up to industry standard.

I received the following from a less than happy Mattamy owner:

“I purchased my Mattamy home 5 years ago   and after 1 year they had to repaint bump out in back,Now 4 years later paint   is peeling and wood is rotting.They have changed design and now put   siding on all bump outs.I guess they realized painting untreated wood on   outside surface does not hold up.We purchased in Upper Country Club in   Cambridge.We called and are getting the standard response that it is out of   warranty,I think its resonable to expect the outside of your home to last   longer than 5 years.”

A quality builder would not have done such a shoddy repair job.  This is why all concerns regarding your new home should be documented within the time lines.  Don’t let them put you off and thereby limit your chances of getting the job done right.  One would not expect a professional builder to make this kind of repair and this is the kind of thing you see noted on the Mike Holmes show.  Shortcuts.  The kind of thing that makes sure the builder makes more money.

Will Johnston fall prey to this type of corporate thinking in Mattamy World or, will he make changes to ensure this type of stuff doesn’t continue?  Will he see that the road of shortcuts leads to a bigger executive bonus at the end of the year?

Time will tell.

And thanks for reading my blog Peter – I think.

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