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May 31, 2012

Mattamy spawn fall far from the tree?


We all like to see our children succeed and hope that they have a safe and constructive upbringing.  I’ll admit our family had its issues like many and, the pressure of work, etc certainly impacted on family time.  This is a story that most experience.  My children had the added experience of moving into a house without electricity – much like their great great grandparents.  Unlike their GG grandparents, the builder put their lives at risk with illegal wiring to the furnace – compliments of the Town of Oakville building department.

It is public knowledge that Peter Gilgan had a plethora of children (8?) – one reason for the large estate on the lake – Edgemere.  Needed all those bathrooms and bedrooms to house the products of his loins.

One of Peter Gilgans children was given experience in the Mattamy empire – he attained “vice-president of land and acquisitions” there.  But, he decided to leave to greener pastures and first joined the Green Party and then, has been seen building a “green house” in the Oakville area.  His efforts in this area are to be commended.  The Mattamy empire is noted for stripping some areas and doing illegal terra-forming and destroying wetlands while also beginning construction on land fertilized with human waste.  Why did Matt Gilgan leave?  In his words: “That is the family I was born into, and that’s what my dad does, and I left because it was a place I felt I didn’t fit in anymore,” he said.”

Well, I wish him all the best in his endeavours.  It would be hard to leave such a lucrative job and go out on his own and try to accomplish something that seems to be at odds with the way his father has treated some of us.  Seems that in fact, he has fallen far from the tree and, instead of growing into a rotten fruit, he is spreading his wings and doing something for the community.  Yes, I know, his dad blows millions on donations and gets his name in the paper a lot and seems to accumulate awards like flies to shit.  But, don’t forget – some of those donations were built on the type of service I got from Mattamy Homes.  And, I’m not the only one – read several complaints at the end of this blog.

I should advise Matt not to get too close to his dad’s buddies in Oakville.  Seems they don’t know the difference between legal and illegal wiring and when notified of it – hide behind some lawyers (not hard to do) and can’t even say sorry.  Most moral people do admit their mistake and say sorry.  Guess lawyers are immune to that kind of action and pass it on to the Town officials.  Too bad – I wasn’t even going to sue.  Would have been the cheapest admission on record.  But then, bad lawyers go with the standard – see nothing, speak nothing and get the fee.

Well, I should thank Peter Gilgan for instilling some good values into his son.  Seems that at least one Gilgan has spotted unethical business practices and has moved on to make his own name.  May not get to be a billionaire but at least he can stand proud in front of people knowing he did good – and not by buying awards and applause.

Mattamy Customers:

Worst Service

Angie in Calgary-114.09351.0373

signed all the papers for our new homes and then they come back 24hours after signing that they are changing the price to 8000 dollars more, They said take it or leave it…They are crooks

Mattamy= poor workmanship, poor quality and worse customer service

Chris Ilie-Draga in Stittsville-75.908945.229

I purchased a Mattamy home in Kanata, ON and took possession on February 2009. Since then I’ve got so many issues with this builder starting from structural, electrical, plumbing (even a flooded basement las year), etc. The customer service is worse, trades are not professionals at all  and management is just out on another planet. In conclusion: Mattamy = poor workmanship, poor quality of work and worse  – real bad customer service. Please stay away from this builder wherever you are! You’ll do yourself a huge favor. Best regards, Chris Draga Kanata, ON

Home Building

Betty in Bronte Creek-79.771143.4281

I am not too impresed with the quality in some areas of my Mattamy home.  It seems like they have really cut corners past the point of reasonableness.  For example, my floors squeak horribly because the builders put too much space between the nails to save $ on materials; I found this out when I looked into the cost of fixing the floors! The house is 3 years old and the foundation has cracks, and the front steps are falling apart, which in my opinion is reflective of poor quality and/ or workmanship.   I will stay clear of moving to another Mattamy built home.

Hey Peter – you can’t buy them all off……

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