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May 28, 2012

Who do you trust? Getting harder all the time, isn’t it Mattamy?


I was up helping a friend shovel some shit.  Kind of a therapy that lets you think of things while working.  Of course, I was spoiled in that my shovel was a $120k John Deere with AM/FM and A/C.   Beats the heck out of weeding the garden I can tell you.  And the product I was shovelling, was prime horse shit.  It was much better than the stuff Mattamy put in my garden I can tell you.  They thought bushes would grow in limestone screenings.  No green thumb there Mattamy.

While there, I got to meet something I thought was impossible, based on my Mattamy and Town of Oakville experience.  Honest and ethical businessmen, where a handshake actually meant something.  Unlike those limp wristed ones I got with my Mattamy experience.

These are people that want their customers happy.  To them, return business is guaranteed by treating customers with respect and not trying to shortcut money out of them.  They believe in their product and, if it isn’t up to snuff, they don’t push it.  To actually save money by shaving product quality and thus increase their profit is not in their mindset.  And, if there is an issue, the boss ensures all is made well before moving on to other things.

Mattamy?  You might get someone to come over and view the issue.  Some customers actually do get the issue resolved I understand.  Some of those even get to show their appreciation by being asked to do a survey.  Funny how those who are not helped don’t seem to get the surveys.

I foolishly expected my tax money to go towards protecting my interests when the Town of Oakville building inspector would come around.  I hope you know that in tract houses, not all are inspected.  My inspector was so concerned about the way the eavestrough was installed he had Mattamy tear it out and do some half-assed repair job to his satisfaction.  The repair job was so good, it allowed critters to enter my next door neighbours house via the roof and lets me have a roof edge pool in one eavestrough.  Nothing like a quality job supervised by the Town of Oakville.  Interesting, but I see lots of townhouses with the same eavestroughing I originally had but no changes there.  Must be a Mattamy thing.  Who should I blame Mr. Gilgan – the Town inspector or YOUR eavestrough guy?

So, those handshakes you see on the construction site may not be to the customers advantage and, some places might even get a donation after all is said and done.  I hope you enjoyed yours Wellspring.

So, pick your businessmen well and I can say that there are some out there who still practice an ethical and moral business model.  Just seems that they are becoming few and far between.  Even Mike Holmes has found this in his trade, based on the shows I have watched.

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