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May 23, 2012

Muskoka – the place to be with Mattamy’s billions.


Well, I hope you all had a good long weekend and got to relax and enjoy the time off (for the lucky ones) and saw some fabulous Victoria Day fireworks.  I know some went to their cottages (don’t tell me you spent the time cutting grass) while others explored their area and, at least around here, enjoyed the weather.

I just hope not too many spent their whole time doing some house hunting.  Speaking of house hunting, I found this particular blog and found out where Mattamy’s owner puts his feet up and relaxes.  Muskoka of course and I understand it is on the land that once had a place called “Ferndale House” and later the Canadian Keswick Conference Centre, which burned down in 1946.  Yeah, I know, old property burned down. Developers dream but, I won’t say more in case Peter gets the wrong idea.   It is situated on Lake Rosseau and, as you can see by the picture, quite gargantuan.  But of course, so was his old shack on Lake Ontario.  (Edgemere -32,000 sq ft. ?)

What I find interesting are the comments I found on this blog.

“you can not get that size of cottage anymore with the restrictions.  I do believe that this particular place is zoned resort, which is how the size got to be there and the boathouse size.”

The question that comes to mind is, can a person build a structure on land zoned as “resort” but use it as a private cottage?  Are you using loopholes in the law to benefit yourself and not the community?  But then, I guess it is better to have one humongous cottage there than a bunch of smaller condos – kind of like what Edgemere became.  Watch out Muskoka when he sells.  You might just get a bunch of condo shacks there.

“Yes it is registered as a resort so peter gilgan can bring his friends up!

There are always wild parties in the boathouse making noise around the lake.  Oh well, big money partys big.”

Wild parties with Gilgan?  Doesn’t sound like the billionaire that donates millions to various charities, wins a plethora of ego stroking awards and, puts children’s lives at risk with illegal wiring.  Sounds more like trailer trash from old Regent Park but, we know Muskoka wouldn’t let that kind in.  But then, as we know, money talks.  Right Wellspring?

For those who enjoyed the weekend with a cold beer and weenies on the BBQ while sitting on your postage stamp Mattamy lot wondering what else will go wrong in your home, you can rest assured that the hard working Mattamy owner was able to relax up in Muskoka using the money he made on your house.  Some maybe even from shortcuts that I know I suffered from.

I’ll wave at you Peter next time I paddle by your cottage (resort?).  That is, if the Muskoka police will let me in.

I like the name on your cottage Peter – “Ferndale”.  I’m putting up a plaque calling mine “Gilgan’s Folly”.

P.S.  I had some pints of Guinness at the pub with some boys from Ireland (Belfast) and I had to apologize for my last blog.  Seems that they were offended that I dare compare the quality of the Titanic with a Mattamy Home and, they are in the trades.  Sorry guys.

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  1. Can’t really comment on the quality of actual Mattamy structures, but in Peter Gilgan’s defense I believe he donated several million dollars for public works projects in Port Carling as well as creating hiking/cross country ski trails on his many hectares of property that the community uses.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 19, 2012 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment. We would be the first to applaud Gilgan for donating money to various causes. In my case, I think he donated money to Wellspring while the Mayor was looking into my complaint. Wellspring won – I lost. His donations to various hospitals and the Ryerson rink are both very appreciated – even I have to applaud that. Our only complaint is that some of that donation money was earned through shortcuts and not doing things right. In my case, he achieved a profit by selling me a house will illegal wiring and other things. So, do we forgive illegal acts as long as money is donated to worthy causes End justifies the means? I just hope people realize just how many people had their lives ruined in order for Peter to accummulate the money he donated.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 19, 2012 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

  3. You have no one to blame for the illegal wiring… if in fact true.. other than the Ontario Electrical Inspection Authority. If by chance you’re complaining about aluminum wiring… it wasn’t Peter that went that way, it was allowed before someone woke up and realized it was a hazard. I tightened all terminals once a a year in my house in Milton, circa 1983 to 1985.

    I don’t care where he got it.. $15 Million to Ryerson and $40 million to Sick Kids… we could use more like him. The real self centered scum keep their thievery to themselves.

    Comment by Anonymous — November 23, 2013 @ 1:26 am | Reply

  4. First off, thanks for reading my blog. Regarding the wiring. When I bought the house, there was no hydro. The furnace was wired to the house next door through two holes in the relevant basements and was strung on the ground across a pedestrian walkway. Not exactly to code. The Town of Oakville building inspector passed the furnace with this illegal wiring and Mattamy told me it was OK and pointed to the inspection permit. So much for paying to have your house properly inspected by the town. Mattamy/Gilgan has used an age old technique formalized by the likes of Al Capone, the Drug Cartels, Seagrams etc where they have been accused of doing things illegally (Mattamy has been charged) and make themselves look good via the donation method. Now, I am not saying that Gilgan is like Capone or the Drug Cartels in depth of crime but, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. Illegal wiring, illegal environmental work, destruction of wetlands, etc .I myself do care where money comes from that is donated to make people look good. Money gained via ripping people off, illegal shortcuts, whatever is still tainted money and when politicians go for photo-ops to make themselves look good, they put themselves into areas which show just how much the little guys mean to them. Why would the Town of Oakville fail to implement a by-law under their authority to enforce the Building Code that helps homeowners. When I asked this – donations from Mattamy and other builders filled the political coffers.

    Re your comment on the “real self centered scum” – yes you are right there. I have noticed donations are becoming less recorded but, not necessarily gone. Just done in a less obvious manner.

    Again thanks for reading my blog. Considering that Mattamy/Gilgan could have killed my children, I guess his donation to Sick Kids is appropriate. Just hope some family doesn’t need the services due to a Mattamy shortcut.

    Mattamy lawyer alert – all I have said is documented and true. Any issues, let me know and I’ll consider your side. Just don’t send the Bully boys like Mattamy did once.

    Comment by oakvillehomes — November 25, 2013 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

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