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April 25, 2012

Mr. Peter Gilgan – I am not picking on you. Just the facts.


I am now over 528 blogs and still enjoying the experience.  Why?  You’d be surprised the people I have met, communicated with and received support from during my stint writing this blog.  It has also given me access to sources to better understand not only house construction, but doing renovations.  For those considering buying a new house or even a resale, I’d recommend you visit some of the sources on my blogroll.  Sources such as the Mike Holmes’ show is something you should consider watching.  You’ll get a good insight into just how complicated a house structure is and how less than professional people ( I won’t call them tradespeople as that insults those who truly do quality work) will do shortcuts either to make more money or, out of ignorance.  After watching a few of Holmes’s shows I think you would never consider buying a new or resale home without a house inspector.


And, if you think you can buy a new house without a house inspector – I have some nice swamp land for sale.

Some think I am an embittered old man.  No, haven’t gone down that path.  I am though disappointed that due to my upbringing I expected a house sale based on the perceived reputation of the builder, an ethical monitoring of the house construction by Town of Oakville building inspectors and, a non-partisan decision on what happened by an ex-mayor of the Town of Oakville.  Based on that, I am disappointed I didn’t hire a house inspector.

Some have expressed I have been unfair to Peter Gilgan and his Mattamy Homes empire.  Here is a man that donates millions. If showing the facts is unfair to a builder, then I guess I should apologize.  Mattamy Homes has built some nice homes and, have built some true lemons.  Other builders are quality builders and, there are those in the trade whom I wouldn’t let build me an outhouse.  And, drug lords and Al Capone donated money as well to look good with the locals.  Just saying.  A reading of history and personal job experience have given me that truth.

My background is not in construction but, I have been part of a team that built a cabin in an isolated piece of bushland with the only access by ATV.  It is a multi-rooom cabin with a large screened-in porch that has withstood the test of time.  The roof has withstood the impact of falling trees and the covering is still there, unlike some Mattamy homes.  It was chainsaw construction using old lumber and it is still level and watertight.  So, I do know how to put something up, although not the kind of structure one would see in a sub-division.  But, it is still functional Peter.

As I mentioned some feel I have been hard on Peter Gilgan.  I know he reads my blog as he instructed his Bay Street lawyers to sue me.  He forgot one thing – in Canada you can print the truth.  I certainly cannot condemn him for the donations he has made – very worthy but one wonders at the fact everything has to have his name on the structure.  Yeah, I know Shipp put his name on every house but he built them and, it is the company name.  At least he marks his houses.  Ever see Mattamy emblazoned on any house.  They build and run I guess.

So Peter, I’m not picking on you.  I am asking for general changes in government legislation that will allow homebuyers to hire house inspectors to monitor the construction of their environment.  We know your thoughts on this and you seem afraid of this type of inspection as you restrict house inspectors but, if there is nothing to hide, there is good construction and you follow the code, what have you got to fear?

I just use my experience and the experience of others to show why we need  this type of homebuyer protection.  Sorry, but it is your business practices that can be used for evidence as they are TRUE.

So Peter, as I said, I’m not picking on you.  Just that I must have TRUE FACTS to support my argument for consumer protection.  You can get press for making donations and I’ll write about the truth in construction.  Seems fair.

I’d like to thank my dedicated readers and their input.  It is much appreciated and I’m glad to see that there are others out there who support having legislation that will allow a homebuyer to hire a house inspector to protect one’s investment.  Only those who profit from bad construction fear this.  Just look at the politicians and their donation records.

Right Mr. McGuinty and Hudak?

Again, thanks all for your support.

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