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April 18, 2012

Did your Mattamy Roof do a “Wizard of Oz”?

We had the “big wind” a few days ago.  No, Gilgan didn’t come by and give another donation speech.  Blew through the GTA and we had the resulting damage to trees and houses.  I can’t say which houses fared better – I know my roof did well but then, it is a replacement of the original Mattamy roof.

Visited some forums and it seems that some new Mattamy homes just don’t cut it in terms of roofing.  The following comment is regarding some new homes.  Picture at the end of this blog.

Here is one comment that seems to express the general sentiment:

Cross Derry to the Green Park/Arista neighborhood and I dare you to find a single shingle out of place.  Every roof is rock-solid.

I took a 15 minute walk in my Mattamy neighborhood (Rayner to Scott) and found dozens of homes with missing and very damaged shingles this afternoon.  And over 50% of the homes had signs that the shines were flapping/lifting in the wind at some point.

I’m not surprised.  It all comes down to the care and workmanship one sees on a construction site.  One of my first views of my Mattamy sub-division (which was just starting construction,) I noticed a worker wildly bouncing down the lots driving a large construction forklift truck.  And, I mean wildly.  Any police officer who saw it would have certainly pulled him over and give him a breath test.  Total recklessness.

I noticed that Mattamy was leaving the air conditioning equipment holes in the basements unplugged.  They didn’t seem to understand the concept that mice would go in these holes.  I filled mine but the various neighbours on the block didn’t and waited for Mattamy to come along and fill same.  Never did and the mice moved in.

I noticed in my rather hurried PDI that I was missing the door closure for the garage inside door.  When I pointed this out, the Mattamy rep said something about theft and not to worry.  Why worry – the door closed.  Yes, it did but, not according to code.  When I pointed this out, he gave a short argument it wasn’t required ( I guess he felt somewhat protected as the Town of Oakville inspector gave him a pass on the illegal furnace wiring) but, he finally caved in and obeyed the law.

I was missing a light fixture in the rather low space between the garage inside door and basement door.  Just a junction box.  After some discussion, he reluctantly said he’d try to find something that would fit.  Yes, he did accomplish this task.

Attention Mattamy lawyer:  Gag order doesn’t cover these tidbits of truth.

So, I’m not surprised Mattamy is losing their roofs.  Shortcuts and lack of professionalism will cost you, the homeowner money, and allow Peter Gilgan the opportunity to shove these savings into press producing projects.  Just give yourself a pat on the back that you are helping others by getting shafted on your home.  Makes you feel kind of warm and fuzzy.

Here’s a comment from a professional house inspector – someone I respect for his comments on various issues.

Something IS wrong here, but what can we expect from a builder who has lines ups to buy every home they build.
The bottom line is that these cheap roof shingles are a poor investment because they need to be replaced so soon after they are installed. They are also a detriment to the environment because they will all end up in landfill at your cost.
A quality roof with heavy architectural shingles cost 10 to 15% more but the shingle stay put during windy days and last twice or three times longer.
I try not to say this often but I will say it now. Mattamy roof materials and minimum standard installation practises SUCK.
What can I say?

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