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February 9, 2012

Lawyers – love em or leave em but, you might just need their protection against your builder.


I recently received an email from the owner of a website that is  “a consumer protection resource to help lay people make informed decisions when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit and prevent them from being taken advantage of”.  She asked if I would consider a link to her website.  I’ve never really put in any links for legal advice but in retrospect, maybe I should have put in some links that would at least assist those who are having issues with their builders.  Yes, you should obviously have a real estate lawyer when you do buy a home – resale or new and, they should certainly review your purchase offer before it is finalized.  There are clauses in those forms that should be removed to afford you total protection from additional and unforeseen costs.

But, this website offers advice on “personal injury lawyers“, something one might want to consider if you find yourself holding the short end of the stick later in the homebuying process.  Myself, I probably should have consulted such a lawyer instead of relying on my real estate lawyer, who was only concerned with the purchase itself.  The fact that Mattamy put my children at risk is an issue that should have been dealt with by a lawyer more qualified in that area.  But, I wasn’t thinking lawyers – I just wanted the Town of Oakville to protect homeowners by ensuring a house inspector could be hired.  As we know, the donation factory put that idea to rest.  And their lawyers drew the wagons into a circle and cut out all action as it would have acknowledged guilt.  Their lawyers, I think, were more concerned about protecting someone’s butt instead of moving ahead and protecting the taxpayer – the guys that pay their inflated salaries.

So, I am putting the link for Personal Injury Attorney on my blog for you to check out.  This site gives a good overview and instructs you on what to look for and the questions to ask but, may be more U.S. oriented.  For a Canadian perspective, you might want to consider Lawyer Shop and link to Canadian firms.  The Personal Injury Attorney site gives a bigger overview though on points to consider.

As you know, Peter Gilgan and Mattamy sicced  their lawyers onto me so, here is some ammunition to prepare yourself in case they try to go rabid on you.

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.


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