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January 17, 2012

Doing a mini Mike Holmes on my Mattamy. What surprises await me?


The best way to see just how well your house was built is to “gut it”.  Actually, if you like tearing stuff apart to vent any emotions, it is the best therapy I can recommend.  Especially if it isn’t your house.  I have been asked in the past to help do house reno’s based on my skill at taking stuff apart.  Putting it back together – I’m just an assistant there – coffee boy so to speak.  🙂  But, if you are a fan of Mike Holmes’ show, then you understand why sometimes taking stuff totally apart gives you a better idea of what is wrong and what actually needs to be fixed – not builder “patched”.  But totally gutting your house is a very expensive venture.  Small renovations can sometimes give you a good idea of what condition your house is in and just how well it was built.

Well, we’ve decided to put in some hardwood floor.  When the house was built I can still remember “moving in day”.  The cleaners were standing around watching the trades finish the house.  I actually felt sorry for them, although not being able to do their job professionally meant I would end up with the problem.  Endless dust in the house maybe??

I’ve just finished tearing up the carpet and underlay.  I believe I got the upgraded underlay as asked, I should add.  The underfloor is a nice shade of red, which might account for some of the dust as it is dried mud.  You see, our area is red clay.  The carpet wasn’t down when the floor was swept (?) but I notice that instead of sweeping the dust, etc under the carpet which wasn’t installed yet, they swept it under the wall and baseboard.  No housekeeping award here.

I dread doing the carpet upstairs as I have always felt a hollow there.  I can’t await to find out what surprise is there.  Mattamy knows though as they were supposed to fix it.

So, if you didn’t catch the builder during your inspections and you do a reno later,  you might just find all those errors you thought were there but the builder told you everything was alright.  That is why some people sneak into the house while it is under construction and check on it.  I know – might be illegal and I’m not suggesting it but, sometimes a person has to do what they need to do to protect themselves and their home.  Being able to hire a professional and insured house inspector to monitor your build would prevent a lot of these issues which cost you money later.

Obviously the builder and town building inspector won’t do it for you.  Right, Town of Oakville?

I’ll let you know how the reno goes.  But I won’t go as far as Holmes.  I can’t afford it.

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.


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  1. If you get sic from the experience the Peter Room @ http://www.bramptonguardian.com/community/health/article/1282457–osler-opens-new-cardio-procedures-unit could save you

    Comment by Halton — January 19, 2012 @ 7:59 pm | Reply

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