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November 7, 2011

Is quality a dirty word in the building industry? BILD prefers “information”.


Shipp Built.

You still see this even now in the ads – “Renovator’s delight in sought after cawthra/bloor area shipp built 3 level front split”.  These two words spelt it all out – QUALITY.  Something you don’t see mentioned now in the housing ads.

In a recent column in the Saturday Toronto Star by Paul Golini, Chairman of BILD , he mentioned that “information is the new commodity“.  Yes, information does rule but, it is how you use it that is of concern.  If you use it to ensure profit, are you using the information and resulting contacts to make shortcuts etc to ensure profit?  Is the information shared so you can all benefit – including those who buy the homes?  Information that allows you to build a better home – a Shipp Built type of home, benefits those who are ultimately buying the home.

I went through the “New in Homes and Condos” section of the Saturday Toronto Star and noticed one trend throughout this “information” section – no mention of quality.  Is this something builders/developers don’t want to mention in their ads in case they will be held to that standard?  Even the two page Mattamy spread – the biggest does not mention quality.  Is Peter Gilgan and his Mattamy bunch afraid of the word – QUALITY?  Can you say the word Peter?

Greenpark did mention “We build it better”, their trademark but we can only assume that relates to quality.  Most others talk about the ambience that surrounds their development.  Yes, it is nice that developers are putting together their subdivisions with a certain feel to them that will attract families who will enjoy the lifestyle.  But, it is hard to enjoy the community outside when your home is a wreck – no quality.  Only nice thing about the developers developing the community is that you can escape your less than desirable home.

Yes, the quality is being put into the wrong place methinks.

In my next blog I’ll touch on a speciific incident of quality (in this case – Mattamy) that really drives you up the wall.  If they had information on quality, it wouldn’t have happened.

**Notice – the Toronto Star is a member of BILD.  Kind of makes any articles concerning construction somewhat suspect.

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.


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