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October 13, 2011

Donate large and they will listen. Right McGuinty and Hudak?


Politics….. don’t you just love em.

A kind of necessary evil I’d say.  We need strong leaders to ensure that our communities grow in a positive manner – a lawful manner.  Some people get involved in politics because they truly believe they can make the community a better place to live and bring up our children.  Some have been proven to enjoy politics as it is a place to build their fortune on the backs of taxpayers.  Some, like the Mayor of Mississauga, have been accused and found to be guilty of bending the law a bit in a manner that most see as not proper.  Not necessarily illegal, but improper.

I’ve spoken on donations to the political cause in the past.  In the recent Ontario election, according to a National Post graphic published Oct 5th, 2011, the top three donating sectors were: Construction Industry (1.5m), Unions (884K),  Real Estate Developers (700K). (January to September)

I would think this kind of money gets a bigger voice than mom and pop donating their measly few dollars to what they think is a good cause.

Construction donation:     Conservatives almost 800K, Liberals 600.5K and the NDP 39K.

Unions: Conservatives 57K, Liberals 475K and the NDP, interestingly – 352K

Real Estate Developers: Conservatives 500K, Liberals 215K and NDP 28K

People are free to donate money to any party they wish but it is interesting how in the last municipal election, 43% of donations in the Greenbelt area  in 2010 came from developers even though some candidates elected to not accept these donations. From the report, this quote:

“Developer dominance of municipal political contributions is destroying irreplaceable farmland and natural areas” said Dan McDermott, Director of Sierra Club Ontario, a member group of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance. “The result is more low density sprawl at the expense of human health, our quality of life and the democracy we cherish”.

The recent investigation into Mayor McCallion’s activities show just how slippery this slope can be.

As you know, I tried to get House Inspectors legislated into the house purchase – any honest builder would not mind a house inspector monitoring the build, nor should an overworked and honest building inspector department of a municipality.  But, it was stopped at the Town of Oakville council level and at the Provincial level.  Seems, too many interests who donate money would have been affected.

And, how much do these guys give.  In the big picture, each can only give a maximum of $9300 during the year – something the average taxpayer can’t match.  And, once an election is called, they can give more to the cause.

Take Mattamy Homes as an example.  Back last February they gave $9300 to the Liberal Party, with a further $7910 come the election.  The Conservatives only got $4800 up front.  But remember, the PC party under Hudak was getting good polls at the start.  They got a further $2450 at the close of yearly donations and a bonus $9300 for the election.  Mattamy I guess, was hedging its bets.  I am sure others did the same and you can compare developers at this link.  There is a caveat to these statistics.  They do not necessarily record all the donations given to a party as warned by those studying the issue.

Also, if you read my October 10th Blog titled: “a dangerous psychopathic personality who led the conspiracy”  Builders friends?” you will see the danger of not only big donations to political parties but also potential links to people with this kind of personality influencing our elected officials.  Some having links to the developer community.

And, some of our elected officials are very open in accepting these donations.  I’ve personally seen the result of donations and politics and the issue of the taxpayer getting the shaft.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small fish in the barrel and having people look after our interests in the building industry isn’t high  for those getting the donations from developers.

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* The above is intended to show the reader examples of how to obtain a house inspector, no matter which builder you buy from. Remember, awards and advertising are designed to make you buy, not ensure you quality. We’ve shown that awards are not the standard on which to base your decision on. My use of my experiences are not made to embarass Mattamy Homes or Peter Gilgan but, are used because they are based on fact and show the larger picture that a house inspector is a requirement when buying a house, new or old from any builder. My experience only shows that in fact it can happen and is a fact of life. Your experiences with Mattamy may have differed.


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