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May 4, 2011

Weak building code standards = poor quality=rich builders.


My blog started out due to Mattamy Homes being able to sell me my house even though they used an illegal (code) wiring method to ensure the sale went through.  Even the Town of Oakville Building Department agreed they would never issue a building occupation permit under the circumstances.  But, as time went on, I realized I wasn’t the only person getting the shaft by the “Billionaire Builder”, Peter Gilgan.

I have a gag order on what occurred in my house but, I have been able to pass on the experiences of others in terms of the level of quality and service offered by Mattamy Homes.  I’d offer to tell about other builders but, it seems there doesn’t seem to be many issues with other builders.  Oh, I know there are some real bad builders out there but, in terms of complaints, it appears that Mattamy is mentioned the most.  At least from what I have seen.

Mattamy Homes has had issues with following proper procedures in relation to the environment, quality control issues, using minimal code practices in homes which one would expect a higher level of standards and, a plethora of other issues.

I just received the following comment and I think it really tells it all:

It’s unfortunate how low the standards are for a house that is up to “code”. Over the long run, it doesn’t help the owner(s) or the builder – the seller ends up frustrated and the builder has to deal with complaints. Wasted time, energy and resources to correct issues that could have been dealt with by constructing at a higher level of sophistication. It’s too bad people are more interested cost over quality.

Right to the point.

And, we have Mattamy Homes who continually won awards from J.D. Powers and Associates and most recently, BILD GTA.

Here in Canada, we just had our Federal Election.  One reason we elect people to Parliament is to ensure that laws are in place to protect the citizens of this country.  Laws designed to ensure everyone gets the proper treatment.  In my case, a builder was shown to have broken the law in order to make the sale.

Did the Town of Oakville do anything?


To get rid of the complaint they passed it to the Province, who nicely buried it.  Interesting thing though.  One Town of Oakville councillor voted to have the Province look after it.  After he was elected to the Province, he did nothing on the complaint there.  There is an upcoming provincial election coming up and I will certainly remember his help in this situation.  I just wonder who donated to his election purse?

The comment from my reader only shows that you, and only you, can really ensure you get what you pay for in a house.  The only way to do that is to hire a smart real estate lawyer and, a PROFESSIONAL house inspector.  With this team, you just might survive.

Some people depend on luck and a builder’s reputation.

Just remember, Mattamy got a lot of awards and there are a lot of people pissed off with the quality they got.

Oh, and the reason the Province would not pass a law ensuring that a potential homebuyer had the “right” to hire a house inspector?  Said it would cost the homebuyer money.  Hey, big pension guys, wake up and smell the coffee.  It was optional and if they decided to exercise that option, yes it would cost them money.

Hell of a lot less than what Mattamy did to me and others.

But, based on some of the people elected in this last election (one spent most of the campaign time in Los Vegas), we aren’t necessarily electing them based on their common sense.

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