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May 2, 2011

I assume “Ethics” not criteria for BILD GTA awards?



Kind of thing you start getting as a kid, especially those who get involved in sports.  You gain a sense of achievement from the awards and people see them as a telltale of just what kind of person you are.  We grow up accepting awards at face value and credit the receiver without question.  They have a symbol of success in their hand.  And, for the most part, we are glad for them and, maybe, sometimes jealous if we lost.

Before we go to a show, buy a car or try a new product, we always look at reviews, ask others and take into account presented awards.  We put value on them.  Talk to some Mattamy homebuyers and they will tell you that they bought their Mattamy home because of the awards.  Must be good if they are getting the top awards.  The others must be less than perfect in their construction.

For those winning awards, you expect they put a lot of effort into winning them.  We know our Olympians strive for perfection and put a lot of work into building their skill sets.  Those striving for building awards, you’d think they’d do the same.  Those who lost – well, not so much effort.

Mattamy used to be top dog with the J.D. Power and Associates awards, even though there were a lot of complaints on unsatisfactory customer service and construction quality.  But, they got the awards.  Well, according to some forums, they got the awards because they front-loaded the results by ensuring those who filled out the surveys got the extra service.  The issues in Ottawa and Bracebridge became very pubic and it was kind of hard for old J.D. Power to continue to stroke Mattamy’s ego with another award.  Dropped them to the bottom based on recent history.  One finds it hard to believe that a company that believes in doing illegal environmental work (Ottawa and Halton) and illegal (code) wiring can still continue to win the awards.

At the recent BILD GTA awards gala they won the coveted ” Home Builder of the Year”.  Now, I have chronicled the trials and tribulations of Mattamy over the past few years and one must wonder just how they accomplished this award based on their history.  If I was one of the losers, I’d consider quitting BILD and forming my own organization where ETHICS is considered a positive feature for awards.  If doing illegal environmental work is considered ethical in the building industry, then we have a real problem.

I’m sure Mattamy is going to donate some more money somewhere and perk up their reputation by flashing another award to some unsuspecting soul trying to buy a house and invest in the largest thing in their life.  I know it will be very visible in the two page spread this Saturday in the Toronto Star.

For those who lost, I’m sorry as I know there are some good hardworking builders out there that do put out a good product.  Too bad questionable quality, questionable ethics, questionable code observance are considered good traits by those giving out awards.  Please don’t follow the Mattamy dream – some of us would like a builder to trust and grow with.

On another note, no sooner do we hear the bad news from the April 29th BILD awards, we are going into our 4th election in 7 years.  To top off this momentous event, on the eve of the election, the press get sideswiped with the news that Osama Bin Laden has bit the dust.  Interesting few days.

If you are going to buy a home based on awards, I strongly suggest you HIRE A HOUSE INSPECTOR to make sure the builder is worthy of such award.  It’s YOUR home and YOUR investment that he will be protecting.  The awards don’t do that – it’s been proven.

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