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April 19, 2011

Halton riding has “No Old Boys Club” but, why?


I find this particular blog difficult to write.  I am sure there will be people who will chastise me for doing it but, I really feel it should be said.  Especially with me not being a true fan of Mattamy.

Matt Gilgan

He is the son of Peter Gilgan.  Like they say, you can chose your wife or friends but not your relatives.

I have never met Matt and will not comment on his past with Mattamy except to say he left Mattamy as a Vice President (read high salary here) to pursue a career in politics.  Based on his interests and job skills, he picked the “Green Party”.  He was quickly nominated as the Green Party Candidate.

Although the original has been wiped from the website, his nomination was viewed very positive:  “said Amy Collard, Halton’s Green Party candidate in the 2008 federal election. ” Matt Gilgan is the ideal person to represent the Green Party in the next …”

Why would he be a good candidate?  The following from the Flamborough Review:

“Many environmentalists and residents have publicly accused developers, including Mattamy, of displaying a blatant disregard for nature and the environment in the construction of new homes in Halton.

Gilgan agreed that developers in Halton could be more conscientious of the environment.

“I’m also disappointed in the way things are turning out in north Oakville, Milton and north Burlington and I think there are a lot of opportunities for improvement,” he said. “I think the model right now is people want to buy more house, but sometimes less is more, and we need more efficient housing. I also think there could be more emphasis on making foot and bicycle travel more realistic.”

Gilgan said town planning using environmentally sound practices is one of his priorities.”

I guess what bothers me is that he made a committment to the Green Party and everything on-line points to him as the candidate and then what happens,  someone made a decision to replace him. 

I am assuming though, that it was not his decision to not run.  If it was his decision not to run, then I wish him well in his new endeavours and hopefully he can use his skill set to benefit the community and his family.  Someone can also send me a note if they wish to show this blog is pointing the wrong way if they wish.

Originally, along with Matt there was Connie Bowie-Laurin (Liberal), Pat Heroux (NDP),  and Lisa Raitt (Tory).  They replaced Matt with Judi Remigio.  I have no comment on Judi and will assume she is suitable for the job.  I am not here to chastise her but the Green Party and their decision on this, if in fact they were the ones who instigated it.

Inside Halton.com has a heading: “No old boys club in Halton riding“, alluding to the fact it is an all-girly election race in Halton.  South of the border in Oakville, it is all boys. A “no girls allowed” club I guess.  🙂

I just hope that the Green Party did not decide the optics were bad with 3 women running against one man in Halton and decided it would be best for the Green Party to parachute a woman into the race and thus attract more female voters.  I believe this whole election is a total waste of time and money and the money spent on it could have helped out a lot of people but, since we are in it, might as well try to get the best candidate elected.  I’m in Oakville so, who wins in Halton is someone elses problem but, based on what I saw, Matt Gilgan had good insight into what is happening in our urban envelope and would have made a good candidate. 

If he was in fact booted out to accommodate the optics of an all girly race then, I would be embarrassed as a voter in Halton to think they would use this scam for an election.  Voting based on sex isn’t really the way to go.  Maybe voting for sex but that is another matter. 🙂

And, if I am wrong Matt and you decided to move on yourself, then I wish you well in the future. 

Good luck.

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