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April 15, 2011

Oakville politics – mirroring Chicago ward battles. Mattamy – your thoughts?


With the Canadian Federal election campaigns going full-bore, one wonders where all the money comes from to pay for all the expenses.  Yes, we have legitimate funding, such as from the Federal government itself but, we do wonder just who donates and who accepts.

In the last Oakville municipal election, former mayor Ann Mulvale, who was running against incumbant Rob Burton, made a point of stating she was not accepting any funding or donations from the “Development Community”.  Although readers of this blog remember a picture of good old Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes standing beside (behind) her at one of her events.  Just a personal friend I guess.

Supposedly, those running for election are to keep track of all monies, donations, etc that come to them for their election campaign and, they must submit this list.  Failure to do so on time results in them not being able to run in the next election.  Supermodel Enza falls into this category for the Toronto elections.

I know in Ann Mulvale’s previous life as mayor of Oakville, she spearheaded a fundraising for Wellspring and Mattamy Homes, a major developer in the area, came to the rescue.  Interestingly, it was the same time my complaint against Mattamy was before the Town. 

Guess what happened to it?

I recently read an article where politicians and donators could get around the reporting legislation. 

Quite easy actually. 

Big boss wants to support a politician but is limited in the amount he/she can give or, doesn’t want to show up as a supporter when they are lobbying for something. 

What do they do? 

Give their employees money to donate as individuals and then reimburse the employee.  Not bad. 

Maybe we should pass legislation that states that those who donate to a politician’s campaign should list where they work.  Crap, I forgot.  It’s the guy getting the donation that has the power to pass the legislation. 

Guess that won’t happen.

Maybe we should be looking into just who supports our federal candidates and to the tune of how much.  Might be interesting to then note just how they vote on matters.

I read one Tweet that alluded to Oakville politics becoming much like a Chicago ward battle.

Boss Gilgan.  Has a nice ring, doesn’t it Peter.

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  1. When I wrote that tweet I was actually referring to Boss Burton, but I get your point.

    Comment by Jason speers — April 15, 2011 @ 9:20 pm | Reply

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