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April 10, 2011

Did Mattamy sell me a “deathtrap”?


Let’s face it. 

Canadians are basement dwellers. 

We naturally go through the process of building recreational rooms or spare bedrooms in our basements.  It’s almost a foregone conclusion that the space in the basement will end up with a bar, big screen TV and maybe even a pool table.  Or, the spare bedroom to stick in-laws in when they visit.  Or maybe your drunken friends from the Stanley Cup celebration.  (sorry Leaf fans but no celebration for you this year – stay sober)

Storage – that’s what the garage is for, isn’t it?

I just checked my basement, with the thought of making a little man cave down there.  My fortress of solitude or inner sanctum sanctorum.  A place the wife knows where I am and handy for chores but, out of her hair.

Checked the windows. 

 I think Mattamy was thinking of someone else when they put the windows in.  This fat ass ain’t getting out that way if there is a fire – even with a fire lit under it.  Trolling the internet and forums I noticed some standards being thrown about.  The figure I usually saw was a window of 3.8 square feet and a 15″ minimum opening.  Mine is 28.5 inches wide and 10 inches high (1.97 sq. ft.).  No bubble butt would get through that hole.  But my house was given the green light by the Town of Oakville.  Must be up to standard.  🙂

Now, I’m not thinking of building an apartment and renting same to someone and, I certainly don’t expect a builder to build a home with windows that would conform to someone renting out their basement but, you’d think they would put in windows that the average person could get through. Twiggy would have a hard time getting through mine.

These even need a step-ladder to get to so leave out Mini-Me. 

I can only comment on Mattamy as I don’t know the size of windows any other builder puts into their basements but Mattamy could have had a little more consideration concerning the safety of someone buying their home and a little more consideration of their children, who tend to be major players in a basement. 

Sorry, I forgot.  Mattamy sold me my house with illegal (code) wiring so I doubt the window issue would enter their minds in terms of child safety.

So, I am kind of stuck.  Do I have a death wish and want to roll the dice and see if I’ll survive in the basement in the event of a fire or, maybe put the wife’s reading room down there?

What do you think Mattamy?

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