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April 5, 2011

Even “Sellers” need house inspectors, you know.


So, you’re ready to put the castle on the market.  Yes, it may be a few years old and have a lived-in look but, you’ve spent a fortune on paint, fixed the few cracks you saw and, did a major cleanup – maybe even sprung some cash for a professional clean up.  Just the thing to look good for the buyers.  But, a string of potential buyers will bring in their house inspectors and, your castle will probably start fraying a little at the edges if you are lucky.  Or, the house inspector finds the real deal breaker – maybe something the original builder forgot to do and over the years, it became a real big hidden problem.

What can you do? 

First off, realize no house is perfect, no matter how old it is – brand new to century home.  Next, you may think you looked after the house but, it may have only been superficial and it gave the house a good showing but had no depth.  Even a brand new house can be faulty, as I have shown about Mattamy.  Maybe you bought the house from a speculator who really only wanted something to show good for the quick sale after it was constructed but, really didn’t care about structural defects that might show up later.  Lets face it, who gets a house inspector for a brand new house – never been lived in? 

A smart buyer, that’s who.

So, if you really want to know how your house will show, consider hiring a house inspector to give your place the once over prior to putting it on the market.  Get a lay of the land and some advice on what you should do prior to listing the property. 

Other than a coat of paint or, some fresh coffee brewing for the look-see.

Was the insulation put in right by the builder or, is the insulation installed on the old standards?  Is the wiring correct and the fuse box wired legally?  Remember, Mattamy even wires furnaces to houses next door.  Hopefully it isn’t when you move in but, I know it has happened.

Is your plumbing done right and does the garage door work right?  Are the rafters alright or did the builder do some fancy work to just “git r dun”?

There are a lot of reasons for hiring a house inspector by the seller.  Even if it is “peace of mind” to ensure you are presenting the best product you can.  If the inspection shows some issues, you don’t have to fix them but, expect the price to be altered by the buyer to accommodate the fixes.  Also, from a legal point of view, an inspection by a PROFESSIONAL house inspector will go a long way to helping your case if the subsequent buyer finds a problem later and tries to stiff you with the bill.  You can show you did “due diligence” and tried to ensure the house was as stated in the sale.

I only wish Mattamy would have hired a house inspector to check my house prior to sale.  Maybe I might have been saved the horror of the move.

And one other thing:  the buyer will not depend on YOUR house inspector’s report but will hire someone else.  At least you should be forewarned of any issues, unless you corrected them first.

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