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March 29, 2011

Federal Election donations – where is your $$ going Mattamy?


Well, Canadians are going to the Polls again – 4th time in 7 years, for the Federal elections.  You’d think with all this practice we could get the right bunch in for once and get some stuff done that might benefit the average Canadian.  For me, I don’t know how anyone would expect Canada to forge ahead in the world when we keep having elections.  We’re having more elections than some people change their underwear.

I assume most bureaucracies need some kind of leadership and we know that it is the people working for the various government agencies that make this place work.  Well, 4 elections in 7 years really does discredit the notion that there is some strong leadership out there.  Based on this, why not just let the hired help run our country – they are there for the long term.

But, what really must hurt, are all those people who donate to the various Parties and candidates.  I mean, they are being hit up pretty regular to support these elections.  And, are they getting value for their money?  I’ve never researched who is giving money to whom at the Federal level.  Which industrial magnate is supporting which political candidate?  Who is beholding to whom?

Seems easier at the municipal level and the provinical level.

In one Toronto Star article:

“Municipal Affairs Minister Tony Clement has come under attack for “wining and dining” developers at a fundraiser tonight while Richmond Hill council casts a crucial vote on housing on the Oak Ridges Moraine.”


this quote based on the fact that Mattamy Homes was changing its authorized development from mostly townhomes to singles, even though Pickering only OK’d the townhomes.  Pickering originally authorized the townhomes as they fit their development plan, a plan authorized by the ELECTED politicians but changed by the UNELECTED Mattamy Homes.

“Coun. O’Connell asked which councillors’ 2010 municipal election campaigns Mattamy contributed to, but the City clerk ruled the question out of order.”

Yes, would have been interesting to hear the answer on that one.

We know in Oakville, certain politicians have been blessed from the Mattamy purse.  Some via election donations and others, donations to favourite projects.  It’s one thing for a charity or individual to receive donations but, when politicians arrange for donations or receive donations, there is a possible expectation that they will assist the donator in the future.  I mean, how can you accept $10million and then shut down the donator in a future issue.

Peter Gilgan very graciously donated $10million to the Oakville Hospital Fund.  And, all he wanted was his name on the buiding?  Hey, I got some Mattamy owned swampland in Florida for you.

Funny, but the much argued Development Charge increase in Halton was reduced.  I doubt it was from the busloads of Mattamy workers that turned the tide on this.  But then , I guess getting the money for the hospital helps the community and we can afford to cut the development charges and let the future taxpayer pay the piper.  We’re still doing it for the Milton water pipe, so what’s the difference.

And Wellspring got a rather nice donation from Mattamy Homes, in response to a request from former mayor Ann Mulvale.  Just a coincidence that she was looking into a complaint I had with Mattamy Homes.  The report for which never saw the light of day.

So, in our Federal election, who is going to give what to whom?  If you know that, you will know which way the government will swing once elected.  Maybe Jack will get some subsidized housing locked into the future for when he retires.  Had it once, and why not again. 

I just want to know where Mattamy is going to donate their money.  It will help me decide who to vote for.  Might even have to vote NDP based on that.  Move over Jack, I want some of your subsidized living.


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  1. It’s one thing for a charity or individual to receive donations but, when politicians arrange for donations or receive donations, there is a possible expectation that they will assist the donator in the future.

    Comment by home builders calgary — March 30, 2011 @ 1:12 am | Reply

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